Something There - A Beauty & The Beast Story

Belle thought she was happy. A loving family, an adoring kingdom, what more could the girl who longed for adventure want? But when Belle suddenly falls ill one unexpected night and The Enchantress arrives, Prince Alain finds out his beloved wife is far from happy. Can Belle save her beastly fate and the life of her unborn child before the last petal falls?

Title of Story, Chapters and quote comes from assorted songs and lines from the 2017 production of "Disney's Beauty And The Beast"
AMAZING and absolutely beautiful cover credit goes to @NightShadeCreepyPasa, who has also given me some amazing feedback and support in writing this story! Thank you :)


3. "Now I Know She'll Never Leave Me..."

"Farewell, mon amores. Hurry home soon."

Prince Alain watched with great despair as his one true love and only daughter disappeared through the castle gates. How long they would be gone for, he did not know. The only thing he was certain of was the pain, tears, and confusion that would soon follow. How could he manage without Belle? How could he raise their son on his own? Why was all of this happening? 

When Belle had finally awakened, Alain wasn't prepared to tell all that the Enchantress had foretold. He was fearful of Belle's reaction once she knew that she was expecting again, and he was uncertain of whether she would even agree to return to the village. Belle's mood was unpredictable these days. If she was not persuaded to go, what then?

Kneeling by her bedside, Prince Alain squeezed Belle's hand and let the tears come. He explained the darkness in her heart. He told her she was expecting. He presented her with the small white rose, kept safely under a glass case. And when he had told all that he could, he finally had the courage to look up at Belle. But her eyes did not soften. She did not kiss Alain, or cry on his shoulder. She simply said,

"If that is what The Enchantress says I must do, then so be it." Her expression remained stony, cold. Almost heartless.

Trying not to panic that his beloved was already too far gone, Prince Alain arranged for appropriate clothing and provisions to be packed. He then suggested that Belle take Rosalie with her, in hopes of bringing some tenderness and compassion back into heart. She solemnly agreed.

Their goodbye was short, with only a touch of sweet. Prince Alain kissed Belle on the cheek, then turned to face Rosalie, snuggled up in her mother's arms, innocent of anything chaotic going on in her parents lives. 

He leaned over, whispering, ​Au revior, cherie. Please look after your Maman for me. Be strong. She's going to need you, more than ever before. Bring her back to me. I beg of you, my sweet Rosie, bring her home.

Prince Alain's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Antoine's sharp cry. He turned away from the window, lifted him from the cradle, and tried to rock him back to sleep. Nothing happened. Alain strode around the room, sang sweet lullabies, swayed slowly, gently bounced him up and down. Antoine continued to cry. Alain sighed, feeling helpless.

"I know, I know, little one. You miss your sister and Maman as much as I do. They have gone away for a long while. But until they return, we have to be strong for them. Promise me?"

The only reply Antoine gave was continued sobbing. Defeated, Prince Alain sank back into a chair, held his son close to his chest, and cried along with him, until long into the night. 

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