Something There - A Beauty & The Beast Story

Belle thought she was happy. A loving family, an adoring kingdom, what more could the girl who longed for adventure want? But when Belle suddenly falls ill one unexpected night and The Enchantress arrives, Prince Alain finds out his beloved wife is far from happy. Can Belle save her beastly fate and the life of her unborn child before the last petal falls?

Title of Story, Chapters and quote comes from assorted songs and lines from the 2017 production of "Disney's Beauty And The Beast"
AMAZING and absolutely beautiful cover credit goes to @NightShadeCreepyPasa, who has also given me some amazing feedback and support in writing this story! Thank you :)


12. Epilogue

Four Months Later

The day of Belle's long awaited cornation was also the day she and her husband decided to christen Auguste Maurice Gaston, their two week old son.

Dressed in her finest, Belle marched down the long corridor, receiving three red roses thrust at her by her two other children, not quite a year old, and their equally proud Grand Pere, who blew her a kiss of encouragement. Belle blushed and smiled, but continued to make her way toward her beaming husband, the priest, and her loyal servants, equally as proud and privileged to serve their adored Queen for the rest of her days.

Prince Alain stretched out his hand, and she took it. Planting a quick kiss on her cheek, he whispered, 

"Are you ready, my love?" 

Belle chuckled, and glanced around at the millions of subjects in the church pews, watching her.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

The priest put on his spectacles, cleared his throat, and began.

"Do you, Gabrielle Liliane Marie of Ville De Ville, swear to look after the people, your children, and your faithful prince for as long as your reign allows, so help you God?"

Belle took a deep breath, nervously bit her lip, and managed to utter three little words that would change her life forever.

"I am willing."

She knelt down before the priest, who placed a large golden crown upon her head, decorated with diamonds, amythests, and pearls. It was heavy, but Belle could only acknowledge one thing, 

Pride. She was proud of the great obstacle she had overcome less than five months ago. She was proud of her husband, children, and father for standing by her. But most of all, she was proud of her self, and the amazing kingdom she could hardly wait to lead.



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