Something There - A Beauty & The Beast Story

Belle thought she was happy. A loving family, an adoring kingdom, what more could the girl who longed for adventure want? But when Belle suddenly falls ill one unexpected night and The Enchantress arrives, Prince Alain finds out his beloved wife is far from happy. Can Belle save her beastly fate and the life of her unborn child before the last petal falls?

Title of Story, Chapters and quote comes from assorted songs and lines from the 2017 production of "Disney's Beauty And The Beast"
AMAZING and absolutely beautiful cover credit goes to @NightShadeCreepyPasa, who has also given me some amazing feedback and support in writing this story! Thank you :)


5. "A Childhood My Father Made Secure"

Belle awoke to the sounds of Maurice moving around in the small cottage kitchen, trying not to wake his daughter. She could hear him rock and sing softly to Rosalie as he went. 

Belle lay back on the pillow, and tried to close her eyes. There were many times during her childhood when Belle had sat up on the edge of her bed, frightened from a nightmare, crying. Her father had always come to her, held her, and stayed with her until she fell asleep again. Sometimes, when the nightmare was too horrid and Belle was inconsolable, he would simply take her into his arms, and sing. Belle would sigh and listen to the melodies swirling around her. Some were unfamiliar, some she knew. Some were of her mother, some were of her name. "My beautiful, innocent, sweet darling Belle, close your eyes my love, I promise all will be well..."

Oh, how she wished her loving father could just sing all her troubles away again. But this was a nightmare Belle could not be wakened from.

​Sighing, Belle swung her feet off her childhood bed and slipped on the most comfortable pair of loafers she had owned since before she was brought to the castle. Tiptoeing down the creaky wooden stairs, she could see Maurice busy at the hearth, warming a bottle for Rosalie and holding her at the same time.

"Papa, there's no need for you to do that. I'll take her."

Maurice spun around. "Oh, good morning Belle! It's quite all right. Remember, I held you and fixed you a bottle many a time when you were an infant."

Something inside Belle snapped. "Even your own father knows how incapable you are of raising your helpless daughter." ​The Voice had returned. It continued to whisper aggressively, "He wants control. He wants the twins to come and live with him. That's why he didn't wake you when Rosalie was crying. 

"But she's my daughter," Belle was partly shutting out The Voice but mostly contradicting her father, "and know how to care for her!" She frustratingly grabbed Rosalie from Maurice's arms, placed her in the cradle, and slumped into a chair. The white rose, its case safely resting on the table, had lost its very first petal. It slowly glided to the bottom of the glass before it turned brown. Shrivelled. Dead. Belle sighed loudly and thumped her head down on the table. She began to sob.

"I'm sorry, Papa, she whispered softly before she continued to cry as if her heart would break. I'm so sorry, for everything..."

Maurice cleared his throat and slowly made way towards his terribly distressed daughter. "My dear Belle, you've got absolutely no reason to apologize. But tell me, sweet girl, what's troubling you? Have you returned for another reason other than just seeing your old Papa in action?" He let a sly smile escape his lips.

Belle lifted her head, her face streaked with tears. "Can I explain to you later, Papa? I just want to rest."

Maurice's face scrunched with concern for his daughter. It was only the morning hours, and the Belle he raised was always full of energy, eager to finish her chores so she could visit the library and read until all time was lost. But as he looked into her eyes, he realized that old spark was missing. Belle was indeed exhausted...

"Of course, ma cherie. I shall bring you some tea later.

"Can you sing for me?"

That was a request Maurice had not heard from his daughter in a long time. He took her into his arms, like he used to do when she was younger, and though his voice had not been the same as it was ten years ago, he sung with all his heart until Belle was at peace, calm, and very much asleep. 

Maurice kissed the top of his daughter's head, and carried her back up the stairs to her bedroom with surprising might. His head was spinning with questions. For now, they would have to be put aside so Belle could rest and get her strength back, and he would be able to spend more time with Rosalie, but Maurice could not wait to find out what mysterious thing was happening to his poor little girl.

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