~Depressing Poems~

A list of poems, all wrote by me, about suicide, depression, bullying, etc.


2. Are you happy?

Are you happy?


I know you won't leave me alone until my heart stops beating.
But I know that the day it does, it'll be freeing.
So let's make that day today,
You can call me gay
It's not an insult
And you can kick me around
down on the ground,
Down on my knees,
as much as you please
Because you don't know it, but tonight I'll be dead.
You'll regret all the things you said.
But it's too late.
For weeks, i had nothing on my plate.
because you made me think I was fat.
For weeks, I was cutting my wrists and all that,
because you made me think I had no worth.
But now, I have left this Earth.
So, you're welcome. For finally getting out of your life.

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