What if?

What would of happened if Hermione didn't end up with Ron and instead ended up with Draco. What struggles would them and there children have to overcome. Will Rose like Hogwarts or will everything be a massive mistake. Find out in this story.


3. Chapter 3

Albus' POV

"Where are they, they said they'd be here." I shouted over the load crowd on platform 9 and 3/4. "Don't worry they will be here" Dad tells me. "I can see them, over there" Teddy pointed to the end of the platform. "Yay!" I screamed. "Hello everyone, Harry, Ginny, James, Lilly, Albus and if course Teddy." She said giving each one a hug. "Harry." Draco said nodding his head to him. "Draco." Harry said back, also nodding his head. Ever since Hermione and Draco have got married Harry and Draco have had to be civil with each other, even though they still really hate each other. Suddenly the train whistle blew in the background. "It's time to go," Ginny says. "See you soon, I'll send you an owl" Rose said hugging her parents and gave scorpius a kiss. "Come on Rose, we are going to have so much fun." I grabbed her hand and helped her onto the train with her trunk and bag.

Rose' POV

Albus ran off with his friends and I was left alone I the corridor. "Well that lasted long," I whispered to myself. I found an empty carriage at the end of the train and pulled my trunk onto the seat readying myself to pull it onto the rack above my head. I grabbed the handle on the side and tried to lift it up, I failed many attempts. I tried one more time. I was about to lift it when someone came into my carriage, it was Teddy. I have only met Teddy a few times at family events, even though he technically isn't related to me. Neither is Albus, James or Lilly but both my parents haven't got any brothers or sisters so I don't have any related cousins. They are the closest friends we have and practically family. "Hey, can I sit with you please" Teddy said in his cute low voice. He was in third year at school and he had really cute blue hair that sometimes changes colour. "Yeah sure, if you want." I answered. He came in and shut the door behind him. "Do you want some help with you trunk?" He asked noticing me holding the handle. "Yes please" I was so glad he asked otherwise I would of made a fool of myself trying next time. He quickly grabbed my trunk and heaved it up with ease. I stood there watching his muscles flex and relax. "Thanks" I said once he had finished. I sat down and he sat opposite me. "So are you excited for school?" He asked me looking strait into my grey eyes. "Yeah a bit, I'm just nervous I won't make any friends" I said turning to look out of the window. "I'm sure you will be fine, anyway if that does happen you've always got me" he said putting out his hand for me to shake. "Deal" I said and accepted the hand shake. Sparks flew through my body as our hands touched. I think it did the same in him because his eyes lit up like fire and he just sat there looking at me. I cleared my throat and brought both of us back to reality.

The rest of the coach ride was in silence, but not an awkward silence, and we occasionally looked up into each other's eyes and back down to our books. It was quite comforting sat there with him. "We better go and get into our robes" Teddy said. "Ok, I will stay in here and you can go to James carriage if that's ok?" I answered. "Yeah of course" he got up, grabbed his clothes and left to go and find James. I got my clothes out of my trunk and locked the carriage door. In a few seconds I was changed and I could hear Teddy outside waiting to come back in so I shoved my dirty clothes in my trunk and shut the lid tightly. "You can come in now" I told him, unlocking the door. "Ok thanks" he came in and sat down back in his seat opposite me. We still had a couple of hours left on the train and I was starting to get very tired. Without thinking I went over and sat next to Teddy. He could tell that I was tired so gently placed my head on his lap for a pillow for me. "He is so sweet" I thought to myself and I drifted off into a deep sleep.

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