That Last Text

The heart-breaking text conversations between Abigail, her friends, her enemies and family.


10. Makeup????

To be honest I don't like makeup that much. Well, except lipstick and lipgloss... I can't live without that.  I found Caroline and Miranda in the lobby, waiting on me. I don't know why I feel so guilty, I'm not late, they're early. "Oh great! Both of you ready?" Miranda says upon seeing me. "EEEE MAKEUP!" Caroline squeals. At this moment I notice how much makeup she wears, it's a lot. I nod and we head toward Sephora. When we got there I noticed that the Sephora and the Forever 21 were connected... that's kinda smart if you think about it, it's also not.

We walk in Forever 21 and Caroline RUNS for Sephora, Miranda just looks at me like she's insane. Miranda goes toward the shorts area and I just wander. I never shop here. Suprisingly I found a cute shirt, but OF COURSE they didn't have my size. So I went to sephora to see what Caroline was doing, and as soon as I walked in I was distracted by lipgloss.   *sigh*


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