You + Me + Him || Zayn & Harry AU

Alyssa Rossi has always been in love with Zayn Malik. Zayn has always been her best friend, but never shared her feelings. Harry Styles was Zayn’s pesky step-brother and has always hated Alyssa because she and Zayn always got into trouble together. They were teenagers, now they’re all adults. Things can change in a blink of an eye. And they did.


3. The one where they got caught…

Fall 2015


“Lyssy… Alyssa…” She heard Zayn through the fogginess in her mind.

“Hmm?” She mumbled as Zayn shook her awake.

“Wakey, wakey,” he breathed in her ear.

“What do you want?” She grumbled, opening one of her eyes to look at the clock.

“It’s… three in the morning,” she said, burying her face back into her pillow.

“I can’t sleep…” He whined and Alyssa felt his hand snake around her waist, caressing the exposed skin on her stomach.

“Okay. Well, I can so… goodnight,” she said, rolling away from him.

“Aly…” He whined, grabbing onto her hip, pulling her toward him so her back was pressed firmly against his front.

“Zayn, I’m tired,” Alyssa whined, feeling extra aggravated because he wouldn’t leave her be.

“Too tired for this?” He said as he trailed kisses up her neck.

“Zayn…” She breathed, trying her hardest not to get sucked in, regardless of how good it felt when he touched and kissed her.

As much as she enjoyed sex with Zayn, she enjoyed sleeping just as much. She didn’t want to be woken-up in the middle of the night to fulfil his misogynistic needs. Sleep, as opposed to sex with Zayn, never left her feeling empty when it was over.

“Come on, Aly Cat. I want you so bad,” he moaned in her ear, his voice breathy and oh so sexy.

Aly Cat – another nickname she wasn’t a big fan of. Although, she could tolerate it, especially if he used it during foreplay or the act itself.

“Zayn…” She whined again.

“Can’t you feel what you do to me?” He asked as he pressed his hardness against the flesh of her backside.

“I think you did that to yourself. You’re addicted to sex, Zayn,” Alyssa said, rolling her eyes.

“I’m addicted to sex with you,” he retorted. But she knew he didn’t mean it – not really.

“That’s because I give it up whenever you ask,” she stated plainly.

“You’re so good to me,” he said as his lips kissed down her shoulder and his hips moved against her bottom once again.

“You don’t deserve it,” she told him sincerely.

“Come on, baby. Are you really going to hold out?” He asked, bucking his hips once again.

“Zayn…” Alyssa said, turning in his arms so she was lying on her back on the mattress. He was breaking down her resolve and it annoyed her. 

He took her flip in position as a green light and wedged himself between her legs. Almost immediately, he bucked his hips into her panty-clad center and she couldn’t help the gasp that fell from her lips. His mouth attached to her neck, sucking so hard she was sure he was going to leave a mark.

“Stop that! I don’t need a hickey when you take me to that charity thing this weekend,” Alyssa snapped, swatting at him. He chuckled above her as he ceased his little suck-fest.

“You’re not a god damn vampire,” Alyssa grumbled.

“Snippy tonight, are we?” He asked, smiling down at her.

“You woke me up from a very good sleep,” she grumbled.

“I guess I’m just going to have to help you relax then,” he said and moved his way down her body.

“Zayn, no…” Alyssa protested immediately as he pulled her underwear down her legs.

Shhh…” He hushed her as his mouth met her womanhood.

“Zayn…” She protested again, but as his tongue and lips worked over her, she lost all train of thought.

Zayn really was amazing with his mouth. Usually Alyssa didn’t get the pleasure of being pleasured by him. He was usually a get in and get done kind of sexual partner. But tonight he seemed to be feeling generous.

Alyssa’s fingers weaved into his hair as his mouth did all the work. His tongue swirled and his lips suckled, making her into a hot writhing mess by the time he was done with her. Her moans came out loudly as she came for him, because of him.

Fuck, Zayn,” Alyssa breathed heavily

“Fuck me,” he said and chuckled as he looked up at her.

“Get up here,” she said, finally giving in. She had no will power to say no after something like that.

He pulled off his boxer briefs and entered her swiftly. And she couldn’t help but register that the get in and get done Zayn she knew was back. But sometimes that was just what she needed. He pushed himself to his limit, pumping swiftly and strenuously to bring them both to their brinks. It didn’t take him long before he was coming, leaving her in the dust. If he hadn’t just gotten her off during foreplay, she might have been irrevocably pissed at him.

“Did you—?” Zayn asked through his heavy breathing as he rolled off of her.

“Yeah,” she said quietly, lying through her teeth.

“Good,” he sighed, settling in the bed next to her.

Alyssa’s eyebrows furrowed when she noticed he was actually getting comfortable in her bed. Zayn was never one to stick around anymore – not since they moved in together, not when his bed was just down the hallway. Sure they’d fuck, but they never actually slept in the same bed anymore. But now Zayn was sticking around and it surprised the hell out of her. Her look of confusion quickly morphed into a smile that she tried to bite back so he wouldn’t see it. She didn’t want to jinx it.

“Remember all the times we used to have to sneak around to have sex?” Zayn asked with a light chuckle.

“Yeah,” Alyssa answered quietly. They did a lot of sneaking back in the day.

“Oh my god. Remember the time we were babysitting Safaa and Micah? We got into so much trouble for that,” Zayn laughed blithely, and Alyssa couldn’t help but chuckle.

“But we never got caught,” she pointed out.

“Only by Harry,” Zayn laughed.

“Ha. Yeah. I remember,” Alyssa snickered.


Summer 2012


“Why do I always get stuck babysitting?” Zayn whined to his mom and Des about being stuck watching his little sister Safaa over the summer.

“Because Doniya is working, Harry is working on his music and Waliyha is at summer camp,” his father stated firmly.

“This is stupid,” Zayn grumbled under his breath.

“It’s your sister. You can do something to help this family, instead of sitting on your arse all summer long,” Mr. Styles told him.

“I don’t just sit on my arse,” Zayn scoffed, crossing his arms tightly over his chest.

“You do two things, Zayn: you sit on your arse, or you run around getting in trouble at every turn. Watching your little sister will ensure I don’t get a call from the local police station saying you and Alyssa have been picked up for something ridiculous,” his step-father lectured him.

“We’ve never got picked up by the police!” Zayn protested.

“Yet,” Mr. Styles scoffed playfully.

“It’s fine, Mr. Styles. Nobody is getting arrested. I’ve got to watch Micah this summer anyway,” Alyssa told both of them.

“See, your partner-in-crime is stuck watching her little brother too. You might as well be stuck in misery together,” Mr. Styles told Zayn with a light chuckle.

Zayn shot a look at Alyssa to say ‘what the fuck’, but all she could do was shrug, and try not to laugh. She was pretty certain that Des and Trisha weren’t going to take no for an answer from Zayn. She wasn’t sure why he tried to fight it. But Zayn was stubborn through and through.

“I’m nineteen years old and I am being forced to watch my nine-year-old sister,” Zayn grumbled.

“Oh, get over it, you baby. It’s not going to be that bad,” Alyssa told him.

“Yes it is. What if I want to go out? What if I get a girlfriend this summer and I want to take her out?” Zayn asked incredulously. The thought of Zayn getting a girlfriend made Alyssa’s stomach plummet momentarily. But she quickly regained her composure, hoping Zayn didn’t catch on.

“You act like you’re going to be stuck watching her twenty-four hours a day, Zayn. Stop being a baby,” Alyssa scoffed at him.

“I’m not being a baby!” He snapped.

“Be glad you don’t have to get a real job,” she told him with a roll of her eyes.

Neither Zayn, Harry or his sisters were ever forced to get a job – their family was practically spewing money. Doniya only decided to get a job because her passion was fashion and New York was only a short jaunt away. Harry, on the other hand, shut himself inside the family’s music room working on countless musical pieces. None of which Alyssa had heard for quite a while, which led her to believe he was doing other things besides just working on music in that room. But then again, she was sure Harry hated her, so why would he share his music with her anyway?


One day in deep into the summer, just after Alyssa and Zayn got home from the beach with Safaa and Micah, Zayn sat the kids down in front of the TV and told them to ‘stay out of trouble’. Alyssa wasn’t sure what the hell Zayn was thinking when he decided to leave two naturally mischievous nine-year-olds to fend for themselves.

“Zayn, what are you doing?” Alyssa asked as he pulled her up the stairs with him.

“Taking you to my room,” he stated plainly.

“Zayn, they’re nine-years-old. We can’t just leave them alone,” she protested immediately as she tried to pull her wrist from his grasp.

“They’ll be fine, Alyssa. Spongebob Squarepants can babysit them,” Zayn told her.

“I don’t think—” She began to protest again.

“Stop thinking so much. All of the doors are locked. They’re smart enough to know not to let strangers in. It’ll be okay,” he said, finally letting go of her arm, only to pull her into his room by her hips.

“Zayn…” Alyssa whined as he kicked the door closed behind them. 

Within seconds, he had her pinned against it as he kissed up her neck.

“Zayn…” Alyssa said as both her heart and breathing sped up. 

“You looked so good in that bikini at the beach,” Zayn told her as he pressed himself against her, attaching his lips to her neck. 

She was melting into him. She couldn’t help herself. There was nothing she enjoyed more than when Zayn took control. Being with Zayn was everything to her. She wanted everything with him, and this was the closest she ever got. In those fleeting moments, she was his whole world. And she would take it with great pleasure.

“What am I going to do when you get a boyfriend, Aly Cat?” He purred against her skin.

“You’ll be fine,” she managed to choke out.

“I might have to kick his ass, just to prove you’ll always be mine,” he chuckled darkly.

That should have been a red flag: ‘Zayn Malik is manipulating you’. But Alyssa couldn’t see passed the part where he said ‘you’ll always be mine’. 

Zayn pulled her up against him and coaxed her over to his bed, lying her down as he took off his shirt. She knew it was irresponsible. She knew their siblings really should be supervised, and it was their job. She also knew deep down that sleeping with her best friend, someone who would never love her the way she loved him, wasn’t healthy. But when she and Zayn got together, they were both mentally defective.

It didn’t take Zayn long to get them both completely naked. He was on top of Alyssa, kissing her as if their lives depended on it, and she was in seventh Heaven.

“Lyss…” He breathed against her lips.

“Hmm,” she hummed.

“Will you be on top? I want to feel you on top of me,” he told her.

She bit her lip and nodded her head, feeling a little uneasy about the sexual position she never tried before. It wasn’t something she was used to. Missionary was all they ever did with each other, which was a direct result of Zayn’s unspoken ‘get in, get out’ sexual philosophy. Alyssa was certain he enjoyed the vantage point in the missionary position. To be completely honest, she figured he liked the dominance. 

Zayn watched as Alyssa straddled her legs over his body, positioning herself above him. He smiled up at her and she couldn’t hide the satisfaction in her smile. Her skin covered in goose bumps as she slowly slid down him, enveloping him completely. The moan that fell from his lips was so pleasing, she could almost feel the need for him being sated by that one little noise. 

“Oh, God. You feel so good, Lyss,” he groaned, her name coming out as a salacious hiss on the tip of his tongue. 

Alyssa steadied herself with her knees against his mattress and her palms flat across his bare chest before she began a slow, sweet rhythm above him. Zayn’s own hands came up grabbing at her breasts, rolling the sensitive buds of her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, causing desperate sensations of need to bloom all throughout her body. 

“Oh, God, Zayn,” Alyssa moaned as her breathing quickened.  

“You’re so beautiful,” he cooed as his hands slid slowly down the length of her abdomen before they settled against her writhing hips.

“Mmm,” she hummed.

“Faster,” he commanded and Alyssa quietly complied, circling her hips at a heightened pace.

When her fast wasn’t fast enough, he began thrusting upward into her, causing deep gasps to escape her throat.

“Fuck, Zayn,” Alyssa moaned. The friction was almost unbearable.

“You feel so fucking good,” he grunted as he thrust deeply into her. 

Alyssa almost couldn’t take it, so she stopped moving altogether. He was doing all the work that needed to be done.

“Zayn, Zayn… Oh, God…” Alyssa hissed, digging her nails into the flesh of his chest.

 “Mmm,” Zayn moaned. 

“Zayn, God…” She gasped hard.

“So good,” he breathed heavily.

“Uh, Zayn—” They heard, and it snapped Alyssa completely out of the sexual daze she was in. Her head spun back, registering Harry in Zayn’s doorway.

“What the hell!? Oh my god!” Harry shouted at them.

“Shit!” Alyssa cried out, grabbing for Zayn’s blanket as she scrambled off of him.

“Harry, get the fuck out!” Zayn yelled, sitting up as he covered himself with his hand.

“Is this really what you two are doing while you’re the two nine-year-olds are downstairs watching dirty movies!?” Harry yelled at them.

“What!?” Zayn asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he tried to steal some of his blanket away from Alyssa to cover himself up.

“Yeah, way to be a good influence, you piece of shit,” Harry yelled at Zayn. 

Seconds later, Harry’s vision fell on Alyssa as she hovered inside a cocoon of Zayn’s bedding. His eyes flared with hatred, but softened for a split second before he shook his head and slammed the door behind him.

“Shit,” Alyssa murmured, feeling like the worst person ever.

“What did he just say about Safaa and Micah?” Zayn asked.

“This was a bad idea,” Alyssa mumbled, ignoring his question.

Zayn quickly got up, pulling his pants up his legs before he started throwing Alyssa’s clothes at her.

“Thanks,” she grumbled under her breath as her bra hit her in the face.

“Get dressed,” Zayn said as he threw his shirt over his head.  

Alyssa quickly got up and dressed before following Zayn back downstairs where Harry was sitting on the couch between the two younger kids watching Rugrats.

“What’s going on?” Zayn asked Harry.

“I came in here and they were watching some movie where a sex scene was playing. Nudity and everything,” Harry scoffed with his arms across his chest.

“Safaa!” Zayn yelled at his little sister, which made her cower slightly.

“Micah!” Alyssa yelled, and he looked up at her with wide eyes.

“What are you yelling at them for when you two were stupid enough to leave them alone to go do… that?” Harry spat at them, shooting them both a disapproving look.

“Just shut up, Harry. I’ll kill you if you say anything to my mum or your dad,” Zayn growled at his younger brother. 

Harry’s eyes narrowed into a challenging look before he quickly stood up and grabbed at his brothers t-shirt, pulling him toward the music room.

“What the hell are you doing?” Zayn yelled at him as Alyssa stood there feeling stunned. 

Harry proceeded to pull Zayn in the music room and slammed the door. Alyssa sat down with the kids on the couch. She didn’t even have to crane her neck to hear what they were saying. Their voices were loud and angered from the get-go.

“What are you doing with her?” Harry asked his older, reckless brother.

“It’s none of your business, Harry!” Zayn yelled at him.

“You’re taking advantage of her,” Harry told him bluntly.

“She’s not doing anything she doesn’t willingly want,” Zayn retorted immediately. Alyssa felt her cheeks heat up immediately.

“Because she’s in love with you!” Harry screamed, and Alyssa never wanted to hurt him more in her entire life than she did in that moment. How dare he say something like that! He didn’t have the right. 

“Micah, we should go home,” Alyssa told her little brother as she quickly stood on her feet, trying to ignore the fight in the other room.

“Uhhh,” both Safaa and Micah whined.

“Come on,” Alyssa said, patting his shoulder as she walked around the couch toward the stairs. She wanted to get out of there. She was completely mortified.

“Just leave me and Alyssa the hell alone, Harry! It’s none of your damn business,” Zayn yelled as he threw open the music room door. 

Alyssa froze in apprehension at the bottom of the stairs. She was scared of what Zayn would say, what he would do.  

“Where are you going, Alyssa?” Zayn asked, his voice softening immediately.

“We’re just gonna… go,” she told him, trying to avoid eye contact.

“I don’t wanna,” Micah whined from the staircase.

“Stay. Just… come on. Hang out,” Zayn said, giving her a small smile.

“Zayn…” Alyssa hesitated, biting at her lip. She didn’t want there to be a chance where he questioned her about what Harry said.

“Come on, we’ll watch Rugrats with the rugrats,” Zayn offered, smiling brightly at her.

“Yeah. Come on, Alyssa. I wanna stay,” Micah whined.

“He wants to stay,” Zayn pointed out. Alyssa let out a weighted sigh.

“I want you to stay,” Zayn threw in, and she was completely reeled in – hook, line, and sinker.

“Fine,” she sighed, giving Zayn a timid smile.

“That’s my girl,” he said, smiling happily as he threw his arm around her before leading her back to the couch.


Once Trisha and Des got home from work, Harry told them all about how Alyssa and Zayn neglected to watch the kids and the movie he caught them watching. But he never said anything about their real-life sex scene, which Zayn and Alyssa were both grateful for. Still Mr. Styles was incredibly pissed with them and they got a long lecture about responsibilities. It was the angriest Alyssa had ever seen him. He was so mad at them that she swore he was about to pop a blood vessel or something. But they got through it, and they learned from their mistakes. Well, she supposed it helped them learn ways not to get caught, rather than really learning their lesson. But that was just life with Zayn. He was always pressing the boundaries, and Alyssa was always happy tagging along.


“Life just seemed so much simpler back then,” Zayn sighed as he nuzzled into the pillow.

“Simpler? What was simple about growing up? We were getting in trouble left and right for everything we did,” Alyssa scoffed, thinking of how ridiculous Zayn’s statement really was.

“Yeah, we were,” Zayn chuckled.

“We’re adults now… with free reign over our lives,” Alyssa laughed at him.

“I don’t know. I guess it was just easier back then,” he sighed heavily.

“Nothing is ever easy with you, Malik,” she laughed freely.

“You act like you don’t love me,” he laughed, giving her a light shove.

“Ha!” She protested, laughing even more.

“You’ve been very insulting lately,” he pointed out, sending her a look.

“Yeah. Well, you’ve been getting on my nerves a lot lately,” she told him with one last light laugh before she focused on him completely. He sighed before wrapping his arm around her middle, snuggling up to her side.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed against her shoulder blade, making her whole body tensed.

Holy shit. Zayn Malik just apologized? Someone call Ripley’s Believe it or Not – because damn it, she couldn’t believe it! 

“Thank you,” she said quietly and sincerely.

He kissed her lips sweetly before nuzzling his nose against her arm. It didn’t take long before his breathing evened out, and Alyssa was sure he was asleep. But she was left wide awake with only one thing on her mind – him.

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