Throne of Chaos

Evelyn, a princess whose only stress is what miserable suitor she's to marry. That is until that fateful night, where her life is altered in a whirlwind. Having her life shatter around her she must come to terms and become someone she never expected to. Thrust into a world of deceit, intrigue, and revenge. She must make unexpected alliances to take back her kingdom.


4. Seeking and Searching


"Thee days and I've found nothing, absolutely no leads." Owen whispered, stroking Shasta's feathers. Three days going to slums, alleys, and rat's nests trying to find this mystery girl. Three days of talking up drunks and criminals and nothing to show for it. All that's become of these past few days is the loss of his coat. He lost it gambling in one of the halls, having thought it would look strange just standing in the corner. Despite Owen's lack of gambling knowledge, he somehow convinced himself betting was a good idea. Of course he thought wrong. Cursing his stupidity as he walk down the streets hugging myself to keep warm.

He'd keep going to these run-down dens until  he got even the tiniest of leads. The man heard of a thieves guild, but had no information about any of it.  No idea where to look, who to ask, what to search for, who would steal if they weren't from that crowd? Nothing made sense to Owen. All he could do was ask around some more, and hope someone knew who he was talking about and where to find the woman. The woman who perplexed him more than anyone in the entire world. Her face flew through his memory again, raven black hair,  forest green eyes, full lips set in that expression that said 'I'm the queen.' 



Her legs were cramped because of the long hours she'd spent scanning Duke Sandon's house from a nearby rooftop. Watching who came and went, and what times of the day they arrived and left. Evelyn looked at the few guards he had patrolling. They were lax and lazy, not searching dark areas or checking around corners. That's what she'd be counting on. A man called Poison and Evelyn were to steal an item tonight. They hadn't been told what yet. She hoped the item was expensive, whoever steals an item gets a portion of the profit. But its not always the profit people want, its the reputation, the respect that comes with it. She didn't know Poison's real name, no one does, he got his name from well...that should be explanatory.

Evelyn started to climb down from the rooftop when something flashed by and then it was gone. The young woman chased after the figure as he rushed down the street, darting around obstacles. Passerbyers moved to get out of his way, some grumbling to themselves. Ev barreled past them, almost careening into a carriage. Quickly she examined the area for someone wearing a navy blue coat. Turning around to go back the way she came she glimpsed the tail end of a navy coat going into a store. Sprinting towards the store front, labeled The Modest Tome, she burst through the doorway. Scaring the shoppers in the book store as she frantically looked around.

"Where did he go?" Evelyn ask the room," The man with the blue coat that just came in."

Nobody answers.

"Where did he go!?" She ask more fiercely this time.

After a few seconds a quiet voice breaks the silence. It was a small girl, she was clutching to her mother's hand. "He we- went that wa- ay." She held out a shaky hand, pointing to a door behind a row of shelves. Ev tossed her a silver in thanks and walked towards the door.

"Where does this door lead?" Evelyn asked.

"Into the store room I'd imagine ma'am." A man says eyes wide.

She nods in acknowledgement and paced towards the door, drawing a dagger before easing open the door. The room was dark, packed full with various sized crates, smelling of old parchment and ink. Upon looking around she sees a light in the far corner.

Grabbing the dagger tighter the woman snuck toward the light, and there he was. He was shorter than she remembered, but it was a while ago. He was searching through the crates, taking inventory if she had to guess. Evelyn was in arms reach, how can someone be so engrossed in something. In a blink of an eye, Evelyn's dagger pressed against his back and a hand covering his mouth.

"Don't make any noise and turn around slowly." she commanded, keeping the dagger close to him, making sure he couldn't get more than a few steps without being gutted.

Wait what the--- 

"Who the hell are you?" Evelyn demanded "Tell me before this dagger finds itself in your stomach."

Stammering the man says " I am-m th-e--"

"Out with it" she said annoyed.

"My name is Merak Hymso. I own The Modest Tome. Which is this store, but you know that because you are standing in it. Actually you are in the storage room, but--." He rambled.

"Shut it. Where did you get this coat?" she ask gripping the dagger harder.

"I won it gambling" Merak says. " I mean I wasn't, don't let anyone know that."

"What gambling hall Merak?" I ask pointedly.

"Th-e um uh....Lucky something." He says "Or was it? No, It's It's". 

Growling she responds "Lucky what? You have ten seconds" Ev pressed the dagger into his gut more, drawing blood.

Shaking he mumbles to himself. His eyes widen.

"I've got it. Its the Lucky Cards Hand" He states. "That's it."

The woman smiled, "Good, now you're not going to speak about this to anyone. Else your gambling habit might just get out. hmm?" The man nodded, eyes wide in fear. Evelyn turned, cracking her neck before she used the wind to push her faster. Scattering the man's papers on the floor.


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