Throne of Chaos

Evelyn, a princess whose only stress is what miserable suitor she's to marry. That is until that fateful night, where her life is altered in a whirlwind. Having her life shatter around her she must come to terms and become someone she never expected to. Thrust into a world of deceit, intrigue, and revenge. She must make unexpected alliances to take back her kingdom.


3. Realization


Good, all he noticed was missing money, but she got what she really wanted. It was hilarious to see how many people fall for the classic trick of stealthy taking one thing and then blatantly take another. Evelyn finally got the ring she needed. Legend says that it’s very powerful, so powerful that it can build and destroy kingdoms. “Okay this better work, I need my kingdom back. Just concentrate, focus on the ring.” Three… two… one… nothing happens. “Come on! Do something! Show me that you actually work! You stupid thing!” she yelled about ready to throw the ring to the ground when she stopped. This ring was a nice ring, it would be worth something, and maybe enough to get Juko back. She pocketed the ring before continuing down the street.

The sun began to set as Evelyn made her way through the small city. She had been in this city for sixteen days now, and it seemed like a smart move to come. The young princess had made a small fortune by pickpocketing off of the people. For two years now, Evelyn had lived on the streets, hoping one day, she would have enough money to get Juko back. He was taken that night on her 16th birthday. It ached not having her companion with her, and she wondered if he was alright.

Evelyn walked down the dark and crooked alleyways. Hood drawn and weapon at the ready, keeping an eye on everyone she passed. By now most people don’t bother with her, after losing her family and home she went berserk. Especially when Juko was captured. Fighting anyone that got in her way was the only way to get to the top. Being one of the best meant better jobs and it only took her a year to do it. She came to a familiar lamp post, dingy and barely working, before whistling high twice and then once more low. A door slipped open behind the woman. “Psst Ev, is the coast clear?” A man asked.

“If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be whistling now would I Ruben.” She replied, “If you’re gonna be so jumpy than don’t be a fencer. Also, don’t call me Ev, people might get dangerous thoughts in their heads.” She added.

“Oh…. Right, Ayla. Sorry.” Ruben responds. “Come in, come in.”

“I would if you would get out of the doorway.” She remarked snarky. Passing Ruben she entered the building. The usual smell of smoke and alcohol crashed into her. The princess looked around seeing various faces in the bar. Some playing cards, all drinking. “I’m glad your second business is as lucrative as your first.”

“Yes, quite well indeed. Once they have a taste of the alcohol they keep coming back, sometimes with friends.” Ruben responds. Evelyn bought a drink as to not raise suspicion as she asked if any rooms were available. “Oh of course there are! Here, we’ll go and see what ones are and you can choose what one suits you best.” The two walked up the stairs and toward the rooms. “What would you like in a room, miss?” the man asked looking back at Evelyn.

“Oh, any will do really, I’ll only be spending the night, but one with a view would be nice.” Evelyn said with a slight smile.

“Ah, I know just the one.” Ruben replies as he walks to the farthest room to the left. “How’s this one miss?” He asks opening the door to let her in. She stepped into the room and looked around before replying.

“It will do just fine.” Ruben nodded before closing the door and sitting on one of the wooden chairs. “I have this ring I need sold.” The woman started, taking the ring out of her cloak. “It looks like it will fetch a pretty penny for the right buyer. It has real rubies in it.” She handed it over to the man, he took it and looked it over.

“It has rubies alright… are you sure you want to sell it?” Ruben asks “After all, you know what this is right?”

“Of course I want to sell it, I need the money and have no use for jewelry.” Evelyn retorted. “What do you mean do I know what it is?”

“Well, from what I’ve heard, it is the Ring of Blood. It was created when a mother tried to save her son.” Ruben said holding the ring up to the light, red reflected onto its surroundings.

“That’s what I thought it was, but it won’t work!” Evelyn exclaimed leaning against the wall. “I tried to use it after I stole it, but nothing happened, it’s a useless piece of crap.”

“I wouldn’t be so quick to say that. Legend says that since the woman used her blood in the spell, only her ancestors alone can use it.” Ruben announced handing the ring back to the princess.

“Well shit!” she yelled. “Never mind. I’m not selling, but don’t say a thing to anyone, if you do, I will not hesitate to kill you.” She warned glaring at the man.

“Don’t worry Ayla, I won’t say anything.” Ruben said before standing, chuckling and exiting the room without another word.



Authors Note: So there is a new language in this chapter, one that Caitypaige and I have created so here's what they say :D 


Gratha numel retcha-ofom? -- Want some pastries? 

Kafa, rafiel tunaka sharra luthea? -- Yes, do you have anything for hawks?

Kafa, Kafa, lupea retcha-ofom. -- yes, yes, little pastries

Moffakrath -- Thank you 




Owen made his way through the vendors, Shasta perched on his shoulder, watching the crowd. The companion and her owner stopped at a bakery. “Gratha numel retcha-ofom?” An elderly woman began, smiling up at the young man. He smiled back, recognizing the language immediately. It was an old language called Alnali. Owen had learned it when he was younger due to growing up in multiple orphanages where the caretakers would only speak it.

“Kafa, rafiel tunaka sharra luthea?” Owen said with a smile and the old woman glanced at Shasta.

“Kafa, Kafa, lupea retcha-ofom.” She picked up two small donut like pastries. The man nodded and the woman put them in a bag as well as a larger one for him.

“Moffakrath.” He said before paying the woman and taking the bag. Owen opened the bag and picked up one of the small pastries before handing it to Shasta who squawked happily after eating. He made sure all or most all the vendors liked him, that way he got better service and prices at the stores. He brought down his hand and was about to grab another pastry as he noticed there was no ring on his hand. “Wait! Where is it? Where is my family's ring?” he exclaimed under his breath, raising his free hand to his head. “No, no, no, no, no, no! This cannot be happening!” the man paced back and forth now, and people started to look at him, not realizing what he had lost.

He thought back to the last time he had it… That – that – that woman has it! The one who took the money. “That little-----“ the man tried to speak but failed as the words refused to form. “She’ll be sorry she ever stole from me” Owen whispered stalking off down the street.  

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