Throne of Chaos

Evelyn, a princess whose only stress is what miserable suitor she's to marry. That is until that fateful night, where her life is altered in a whirlwind. Having her life shatter around her she must come to terms and become someone she never expected to. Thrust into a world of deceit, intrigue, and revenge. She must make unexpected alliances to take back her kingdom.


1. Prologue


She stood in the middle of the ballroom, Juko, her large black panther, sat beside her, his sleek black coat shimmering in the dim lighting. Today was Evelyn’s sixteenth birthday, and a ball was being held for her to choose a husband out of two suitors. Neither one of which she had in mind. Dominic was the taller of the two, a nobleman, cocky and otherwise unlikable. Braxton was the second, a little shorter, a little stouter, with long blond hair which was pulled into a pony tail at the base of his neck. He was abrasive and crude speaker, who normally kept to himself. 

 The day had begun with various performances and entertainment for the guests. Evelyn sat there, already bored with the juggler. Its been an hour and all he’s managed to do was knock into the decorations and step on Juko’s tail. Which earned him a growl and barred teeth, it’s a wonder that he didn’t soil himself. She knew her father meant well, and wanted everyone to have a chance to prove themselves, but come on! This guy couldn’t juggle even if his life depended on it. A few more minutes passed and finally the juggler was done with his act. Though he must be new to his job, Evelyn thought, because he leaves his hat and some colorful balls on the stage.

The announcer exclaimed that the next act is to be the “Dance of Dread.” Everyone in the ballroom cheers as several people stride onto the stage. The young princess scooted forward in her seat, drawn in by the performers, who were all dressed in black. Five of them have their faces covered, only one has his face on display. He is deathly pale with ebony black hair, and his eyes are so enduring. The audience jumps as the music starts to play. The dancers began to timidly and gracefully move around each other. Trying to grab onto the man with ebony hair. As the man runs, the others follow, the music gaining speed and getting louder and louder. The princess’s fingernails ached from the strain as she dug into the chair, afraid of what would happen to the man if the five caught him as he ran towards a dead end. “Look out!” She screeched as he trips on the juggler’s hat. The others seize him as the music swells. Everything goes black and silent.

When the lights come back on, the audience peers at the dancers to find them standing in some kind of liquid.

Juko growls low, and Evelyn felt her heart tighten as the performers stand there in a pool of blood with rictus grins on their faces. Pandemonium erupts. Women and children running towards the exits, men going for their swords. All cut down before they even had a chance. Juko lunged for the closest performer, the one with ebony hair. More guards entered the ball room, rushing towards the performers. The young princess still sat towards the middle of the ballroom, terrified of what was going on around her. The king rushed towards her. “Get out of here!” then to some of the guards, “She needs to go now!” The guards surged towards the girl, slashing at anyone who got in their way.

“No! I want to stay and fight! I need to stay! I’m not leaving without them!” The princess screamed, leaping up from her chair before trying to budge past the guards, only to have one take her by the arm forcefully, his other hand up in a fist.

“I’m sorry, Princess.” Was all she heard before the world spun and went dark.   



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