Throne of Chaos

Evelyn, a princess whose only stress is what miserable suitor she's to marry. That is until that fateful night, where her life is altered in a whirlwind. Having her life shatter around her she must come to terms and become someone she never expected to. Thrust into a world of deceit, intrigue, and revenge. She must make unexpected alliances to take back her kingdom.


2. Chance Encounter


‘Just calm down,’ was all Owen thought while a woman ahead of him was complaining about the price of some necklace she didn’t need. He was beyond tired of nobles whining about useless things they only wear to impress others. All Owen wanted to do was get a warm meal and sleep in a comfortable bed.

After spending the last week traveling, Owen’s companion Shasta, a golden hawk, was getting aggravated. She fidgeted around, about ready to attack the woman. “Don’t Shasta.” The man spoke quietly, “you will only make a scene.” Shasta squawked before taking off into the air, her feathers ruffled. The action to Owen seemed as the hawk was saying ‘what if I want to make a scene.” Thankfully she didn’t.

The wind washed over Owen, and he breathed in the familiar ocean scent of salt and faraway places. All around were vendors selling their wares and sailors telling their stories of their latest voyages, a few of them already drunk with women on their laps. Owen enjoyed walking through the hustle and bustle of the people, smiling as he walked through the streets. Grabbing an apple from a basket while the vendor wasn’t looking, the man turned and walked through an alleyway before climbing a cliff. His hidden spot, overlooking the ocean, calm and secluded hidden by the tall trees that were native to this land. It seemed to remind the man of a life he could have had.

The wind grew, waking Owen from a day dream. He pulled his coat closer against his chest. It was a lovely navy blue like the ocean waters. The wind blew again, harder this time than before, and below Owen’s hidden spot people grew frantic, pushing into each other, trying to pack up their little shops. The young man didn’t think there was going to be a storm, but he still hurriedly got down from his cliff and wound through the crowd. His head whirled as multiple people bumped into him, turning him this way and that. Hands wandered over him as faces flew through his vision. Struggling through the crowd, he finally got to his house and entered quickly. Shasta flew silently through the house before landing on a small perch near the ceiling.

Owen went to empty his pockets, but found there was nothing there. “What the fuck?” he exclaimed looking around to see if his coin bag had fallen on the floor while he took off his jacket. It wasn’t there. “Stay here.” He said to Shasta as he opened the door and exited his house. She squawked flapping her wings, but didn’t make a move to follow her companion.

Once Owen was outside he looked around frantically. There was a woman with her child, a man packing up his shop, an elderly man and woman walking as briskly as they could down the street. No one seemed suspicious, nothing seemed out of place. Of course Owen knew better than to base things on how they looked. The woman with the child could be someone who steals to get money for her family, or she could be exactly how she looks. The man packing up his shop could be someone who cells illegal substances. And the old woman and man could be crime lords, but of course, none of that was correct.

The young man raced down the street, checking under everything and anything that the coin bag could have fallen under. He also scanned the people in the streets. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure, running through the alleyway, hands clenched with beads and money sticking out of them. Jumping up, Owen ran after the figure, knowing that this man must have his money. He made sure his foot falls were silent as he stalked forward, corning the figure. He could easily take the man, judging by the gait in the walk and the figure was smaller and shorter than him. Good, no one else in sight.

Unsheathing his rapier, Owen took a step forward. The figure froze.




“What the hell!” the woman exclaimed as her body stopped moving, her mind panics, willing herself to move. A man walks into her field of vision, he is handsome and taller than her, but she could easily take him. He stood as though he has already won, a mistake, even if she was trapped in place. “What did you do to me?” she asked.

“I got you to stop, that’s all.” He replies with a sly grin on his face.

“Let me go and we’ll see how long that grin stays on your face, bastard.” Evelyn snapped back, still trying to move. He walked up to her and pulled the hood from her face, revealing a tattoo on his wrist, identical to Evelyn’s. Magic. His fingers would have been snapped by now if she could move, and then she would be on her way while he cried in the alley.

“A woman? How odd that a woman would resort to crime in the harbors.” He said as though it surprised him. “Strange that a woman on the streets as beautiful as you isn’t in some whore house.”

Fury raged through Evelyn and she snarled at him. “What do you want?”

Laughing the man says, “Oh, you know what I want, I want my money back.”

“What money?” is all she said. A shot of pain as he grabbed her chin.

“Don’t play coy with me. Give me back my money.”

Huffing she replies, “Well I can’t damn well give it to you if I’m locked in place now can I?” Slowly Evelyn felt the control filter back into her bones. He is going to die for taking away my control, but not today, not until she got to a safe place, not until she had answers, she thinks. Marking his face in her memory she reaches inside her coat.

“Don’t try anything stupid now.” The man said edging closer. Snapping she throws him against the alley wall, not with her arms, but with her shear will to control the wind. She ran, hoping the blow would render him unconscious, or at the very least shock him into stillness. 

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