I Love You and You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi and Mako Jhasmin.

Finally, peace. The combined forces of the Zhann Alliance commanded by none other than Kixi Rajki's alter ego Kay Blade, stand victorious against the once powerful government of President Drex. Toppled & defeated, along with its main protagonist, the corporate giant Skycom, the United Systems of Sol is on the verge of forming a new government.

With Mako in the running for the presidency as Chief of State all but a formality, & humanity's role as a space fairing nation set in concrete by the Zhann Alliance, not all however is what one would have one seemingly believe.

A new war is looming on the horizon, one much different than humanity is yet to ever have faced, inevitably bringing tough new challenges that will await both Kixi & Mako in their new pivotal roles. However, with peace at least a temporary reality for now, & the turbulent turmoil of old long past them, the fresh beginnings sees the opportunity for Kixi & longtime fiancée Mako Jhasmin finally marry in a grand ceremony.


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13. Chapter 9

Chapter 9.


The 16th of December 3018, the day of the wedding...


In the morning, at the residence of Chris Orton and Kajtia Xiz'injhürek.


I stood in front of the long mirror, my reflection staring back at me.

Kajtia reached over from the side, messing with my wedding dress' high collar around my neck.

After about a moment of that, I made a face and pushed her arms away. "Will you cut it out?"

"What!" Kajtia exclaimed, looking completely confused as to why she was being scolded.

"It looks fine!" I grumbled, shuffling my feet to move even further away than I already was.

"It's your wedding day, don't you want it to be perfect?" Kajtia asked.

Deliberately ignoring Kajtia's question, I stated, "I think my gown's high collar looks fine."

"It's crooked and uneven!" the brunette cried, her hands becoming extremely grabby.

“No it's not!”

“Yes it is!”

I smacked her fingers away, somewhat irritated. Kajtia, Sparkles, come on, there's nothing wrong with my gown's high collar."

Kajtia shot me a look, then pulled her hands away. "Ooooookay, get married in a dress with an uneven high collar," she responded.

I rolled my eyes.




At the same in the early morning at the residence of Miyuki Kazama.


Miyuki pulled and fluffed out the bottom of Jhasmin's dress, trying not to let the big bottom scrunch up.

Jhasmin was staring at the long mirror in front of her, her reflection gazing back at her. Her veil covered her flaming locks, but since it was mostly transparent her hair was visible anyways.

Miyuki beamed at her, a huge smile spreading across her cheeks. "Mako?"

"Yeah?" the blackhead asked, sighing heavily.

"You look beautiful," she said, pulling her hands away from the exquisite dress and looking at her friend in pride.

Jhasmin breathed outward, smiling as she did. "Thank you," she responded.

Miyuki reached her arms out, pulling Jhasmin towards her. She encased her in a tight hug, both women smiling hugely. "I'm so happy for you!" Miyuki said, her voice partly muffled since her mouth was pressed against Jhasmin's veil.

Jhasmin just anxiously breathed deeply again, hugging her maid of honour even harder.




Later on in the early hours of the afternoon...


The skyline of Celestia City was beautiful, dotted with passing hovercars and other hovering cargo carriers. The incandescent walls of skyscrapers covered the skyline of the upper levels, giving Sol's capital a ghastly appearance. Through Earth's thinner upper atmosphere high above the skies of Celestia City, the Zhann Alliance's fleet, as well as the large capital ships of the USS who's admirals and captains had defected from Skycom Corporation, could be vaguely seen as small flecks of light against the backdrop of the city's clear blue sky. It was humbling.

I sighed as I leaned against the small metal rail of the large roof top garden terrace hundreds of metres skywards. I was alone, dressed and ready in my wedding gown. It wouldn't be long before the others would arrive, yet for this very small brief moment, I was alone, glancing outwards, watching the bustle of Celestia City's busy life buzz pass beneath me, around me and above me. I was so lost in thought, that the footsteps behind me went totally unnoticed.

"You getting wet feet?" Kajtia asked jokingly, walking over. "The others have arrived and are waiting. Your beautiful bride will by here shortly. It is time Kixi." She said fluttering her eyebrows, her eyes gleaming as if it were her that were sexually attracted to me.

"Just thinking— I feel so overwhelmed with joy that this day has finally arrived, words just can't describe it." I responded, timidly smiling back at her, reminding her of a younger me from memorable years long gone by.

"I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be Kajtia." I said with a confident nod.

"I don't doubt it Kixi," Kajtia responded, smiling warmly as we both slowly made our way back to the large canopy of our awaiting and honoured guests.

As I walked with Kajtia, I glanced around the immense area. The roof garden seemed even larger now, with the single event that was about to happen that would change my life. It would change my life forever, or so it seemed. I was marrying Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, and this was where it would happen.

"Marriage Kixi. I suspect it isn't by any means as daunting as our old foes and nemeses from Skycom, but it will have as profound a change on your life, that, despite you already cohabiting together." Kajtia commented as her eyes wandered the area.

I clenched my hands together and glanced down. "But that was a focus for hatred, Kajtia. Here we will celebrate love and union."

Kajtia shook her head. "Don't worry, Kiks. We've gotten you through all sorts of adventures. We'll get you through this."

“I can make it through this day fine, Kajtia. I'm not afraid of me or Jhasmin not making it through the wedding, no anxiety there.”

Kajtia eyed me uneasily, "The way you say that, you do have anxiety."

“Vague and unfocused.”

“Back when we all first met, I'd never have guessed we would find ourselves here." Kajtia mused, "not at a wedding— especially not yours.”

I nodded slightly. "Even after I met Jhasmin, I never imagined this." Especially seeing as when I met her, I was trying ever so hard to avoid her and had found her a nuisance."

"But here we are." A corner of Kajtia's mouth lifted.

“Yes here we are." I smiled vigorously. "Yes indeed, here we are.”



The bright light of the sun shone over the large canopy on the roof top of the one of many two kilometre tall mega skyscrapers in the heart of Celestia City, as friends and relatives gathered from all around. Slipping back inside from a side entry, and into a small area of the canopy secluded from where my guests awaited that could pass for a room, I turned around to look at myself in the full-length mirror that sat in the room. I had to admit, I looked good in white and did not regret having worn a wedding gown over a tuxedo or suit. Despite me having to deny experiencing any level of anxiety, it wasn't precisely the truth. I had tried numerous times to relax my emotions, practicing simple Züncålazin meditative techniques, but my body simply refused to listen, so I gave up and let it be. I knew that it wouldn't bother Jhasmin, as she had once told me that she liked the soft human side of my innermost self.

There was, however, a small issue with the gown I was wearing. It was slightly too tight for my taste. I turned slightly annoyed at my bestie standing behind me. "Are you sure this is all Álvaro had that fits me?" I asked.

Kajtia chuckled. "Actually, Kixi, you said it was the only one that fit you."

"Well, I know it was one of us," I replied with a smirk. "No matter. It's too late to change now, or else we will have to cancel and there is no way that's gonna happen." I took a deep breath and adjusted the high collar of my dress.

Walking out into the stand at the awaiting reception, I took in my breath sharply and stopped. The crowd had gathered around, and the guests to the wedding smiled kindly, most turning to look into my direction. With all their attention momentarily focused on me, my cheeks unexpectedly flushed to the colour of scarlet. My pale face turned as red as a rose. Red leaked into my cheeks as I nervously smiled and bit my lip.

Immediately spotting some familiar faces, I returned a wave after they waved at me, but then looked away nervously. I couldn't at this moment hide the red glow that came over my face.

Kashia had already been waiting at the part of the raised area that resembled an altar, where I would await my bride. She urged me over with a quick wave, twitching a finger and beckoning me over.

"Greetings Madam First Lady. Please take up your position there." Kashia said with a huge smile, pointing to the spot where I would stand and await the entrance of the bridal party and then Jhasmin.

Complying without any hesitation, joy tugged at the corners of my lips as if invisible elves were playing tug-of-war. Kajtia then took her place next to me as my maid of honour, while Kashia assumed her place behind Kajtia, and then Paige behind Kashia as my only two bridesmaids, forming a row of four. Turning my head to face the other three women, I chuckled, and before the laughter had come, the anticipation of it, flipped my expression. Dry, labial hills eroded into wet licked lips of imminent joy.

Kajtia probably knew better than most, how nervous and excited I was about all this. "You have nothing to worry about Kixi," she said, knowing exactly what was still going through my mind.

I took a quick glance at my now mostly seated guests who were conversing amongst themselves, and then looked back over at Kajtia. "I know, but hey... everyone gets nervous before their wedding. And as you worked out already while we were outside alone earlier, I'm no exception."

“You do have a point, Kixi," Kashia jumped in, "but really, what's to be afraid of? Skycom Corporation is defeated, President Drex is dead, and your— our arch nemeses Gabriel Skyhawk, Director Kristy Langley and Kes En'jusek have fled into exile. This is just a wedding. Trust me Kixi when I speak by experience, all will be fine.”

I smiled, knowing she was right. "Thanks Kashia." The rivalry between us two had long eased off. After I had completed my training as a Züncålazin, in a way we had practically become family.

Kajtia who stood in between us, then looked up at the large 3D holo-clock floating up high in the middle of the canopy's high raised ceiling. "Well, looks like Jhasmin's bridesmaids will be making their entrance in the next few minutes."




Covered by a thin non transparent plastic sheeting that acted as a wall inside Miyuki's apartment suite, it acted as a temporary barrier to separate and shield Jhasmin's preparations, from any who needed to use the rather squishy apartment's kitchen and bathroom facilities. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca was being fussed over, as her friends tried to make her just right. Intan was trying to make a few final adjustments on her dress, while Shizuka and Natasha were trying to put some final touches on her hair, that had been done by her stylist earlier on in the morning. None of them seemed to be satisfied, with whatever it was they were trying to do, and whenever it seemed they were done. Therefore, Jhasmin's preparations were taking longer than usual for her and the others in her bridal party to make their way to the venue.

"You guys, I'm sure I look fine," the black haired girl insisted once again, but her friends didn't listen and continued their work. Jhasmin smiled and gently shook her head out of pleasure.

"If you move, we have to start all over!" Natasha warned.

Jhasmin instantly stopped moving. She knew that if she had to start over, they would be late. She turned her eyes to Intan down by her feet. "Are you almost done down there, Intan?"

“Just a few tiny stitches," she replied, "and we'll be done with the best wedding dress you'll ever see. Much better than anything Álvaro could ever make you. I'm calling it, 'The Undying Angel.'”

Jhasmin smiled. The name fit rather well.

Soon, Miyuki and Zenon came in. Both of them were marvelled at what they saw.

Miyuki was the first to speak. "Mako, you look wonderful. It reminds me of the day your Aunty Cherry got married," she said with tears in her eyes.

Jhasmin, the president-elect, couldn't help but blush. Ever since she was taken in at Zed's Performance & Auto Care Centre, and subsequently in secret by the Arjian Resistance Cell after that, Miyuki had truly become the older sister she never had growing up.

"You don't look nervous at all," Zenon commented.

Jhasmin almost shrugged, but knew better now. "I am, Zenon. Trust me," she said. "But I've been dreaming of this day since I very much first fell in love with Kiks, so I'm more excited than nervous. Besides, what's there to worry about?"

She was right. While there were a billion little things to get anxious over, she wasn't the least bit concerned over anything going wrong between her and me. We both shared a bond so strong, and after all we had been through and all we had lost, it seemed only right that we were here now to become one in matrimony.

“What Kixi should be worried about is when you guys have an argument," said Intan. "I hear you're a real vixen in—”

"Oh, shut up, Intan," Jhasmin teased.

"Make me, Jhazzy," the wedding dress designer replied with a laugh, and stepped back to admire her work.

"Grrrr, you made it crooked," Natasha complained, going back to start on fixing Jhasmin's small headband all over again.

Jhasmin sighed and stood as still as possible, looking back at that memorable night in Venusville during Richter's party where I had proposed to her. She was one really lucky girl she silently pondered to herself.




Jhasmin had just managed to get comfortable in the hover-limo that was to take her and her bridal party to the venue, when Jak Zed who would be walking her down the aisle, noticed her nervously playing with her engagement ring.

"Are you okay, Jhasmin?" Jak, who'd treated Jhasmin like she were his own daughter asked.

"Yes Jak, I'm wonderful. I wasn't nervous before, but I guess now as we get closer to where it's all gonna be happening, that— well— it just wouldn't be natural if I wasn't a little nervous on my wedding day. So now get in the limo so I can go and get married." Jhasmin replied with a powerful tone to her voice.

Jak laughed at her and got into the car. He knew she was ready, he couldn't be more proud of Jhasmin, who through their own relationship was like his little girl. Over the years he had known her now, he had seen her grow and mature from a teenager, into a beautiful young woman, and there was nobody in the entire universe that he would rather see Jhasmin marry then me. He looked over at Jhasmin, and saw just how much she had changed. He saw the beautiful woman she had become, and he couldn't help but let a tear escape his eyes, which didn't go unnoticed to Jhasmin.

"Please don't cry Jak" she almost whispered for fear of her own emotions taking over.

"I'm sorry Jhasmin. I'm just so happy for you. It seems like yesterday when you were that shy quiet teenager that had come to my workplace, and now look at you." Jak beamed.

"I know it is kinda scary, but I just want you to remember one thing, I appreciate you being like a father to me, hence why I've given you the honour of walking me down the aisle. I'll always be your little girl, however old I am." Jhasmin said as she took Jak's hand.

"Thanks Jhasmin, that means a lot to me" he replied

The two sat in a comfortable silence, while the others chatted quietly amongst themselves until their thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the driver.

"We have arrived." He announced, as the hover-limo carefully negotiated a landing sequence on the approach of a rooftop so high in the sky, that it seemed as if it were the actual entrance to the gates of heaven itself.

The hover-limo drifted down, its twin anti-grav engines pivoting and firing against the deck of the rooftop to slow down its approach.

It settled down, and once it did, the driver climbed out of the limo and opened the main side door. All the bridesmaids stepped out first, one by one. Then followed Jak who craned his neck and cracked his knuckles. Intan Kim, Jhasmin's wedding gown designer who was not part of the bridal party like the other girls, followed after. Last off, Jhasmin, who managed to almost trip on her own feet despite carefully placing her feet on the ground stepped out. The driver offered her his hand, helping her to stand up. Jhasmin stood on the ceramic path and adjusted her dress, slowly taking Jak's arm to walk up to the entrance of the closed canopy which later, after we were done with the ceremony, would be opened up to allow for the full backdrop of Celestia City's busy majestic urban surroundings, be swallowed in.

They walked for what felt like hours, until they finally reached the double doors that separated Jhasmin from me. Jhasmin looked at Jak and took a deep breath. This was it. Her friends and family, along with me, were now sat inside the large canopy awaiting her arrival.

"You ready?" Jak asked for the final time as he covered Jhasmin's face with her veil.

"As I'll ever be," was her simple response as the double doors slowly began to open.




I breathed in and out heavily, my eyes scanning down the aisle, even though no one had started walking yet.

"You look nervous," Kajtia remarked, standing on my right.

"I'm fine, Kajtia," I answered, looking away.

No matter where I focused my attention towards, my eyes always seem to wander back to the middle of the aisle. I hadn't been permitted to see Jhasmin since yesterday afternoon, Miyuki had sternly made that clear. Kajtia of course, had to follow Jhasmin's adopted older sister's commands, and keep me from seeing the bride.

“You've been saying you're fine all day," Kajtia pointed out, "Are you really?”

"Yes," I said.

“Are you sure?”

"Yes. Now will you quit asking me that?" I said.

Kajtia held her hands up. "Okay, okay."

Chatter still echoed everywhere, but I looked out into the small opening behind me. That part of the canopy had deliberately been left open, to allow a part of Celestia City's busy Skyline, to be seen in the background as our honoured guests witnessed our grand special moment.

My anxiety was knotting in my gut, making my eyes look off at every which way.

I brushed my fingers against the metal railing on the elevated section in which we stood at, waiting. I couldn't wait to see Jhasmin, my bride, especially since not seeing her all day was killing me, as I kept imagining how beautiful she would look in her wedding dress.

Miyuki suddenly came speed walking down the aisle, picking up her dress and trying to keep herself from tripping over it. Immediately, I presumed she was coming to inform me that something had gone wrong, or worse, something had happened to Jhasmin. But, she was just telling everyone that the music was about to start and they all had to get to their places.

I turned back to the railing, looking down on all of the perfectly organised chairs and rushing people, hurriedly trying to take their seats. I briefly caught sight of Chris and Ālrai, who both flashed me brilliant bright smiles of joy.

Jasmine Jeffrey, the name of the celebrant who would be officiating the ceremony, stepped up on my left side. She gave me a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder, before switching her attention to the awaiting guests.

"Friends, family, peoples of so many diverse worlds, we are gathered here to witness and celebrate the union of two young individuals who love each other immensely, and wish to spend the rest of their lives together," Jasmine began.

All of the guests had stopped talking, and Paige's friend, Talim, who was playing the piano, began. The instrument was located farther on the left of where the celebrant and I were standing, not in the way of the upcoming wedding party, but still very visible.

A soft melody hummed out of the big black piano, as the sound of opening doors at the entrance of the large canopy filled the room, signalling Jhasmin's arrival. I, along with my maid of honour and bridesmaids, remained standing at the opposite end of the large hall on the raised altar like looking section, giving everyone a perfect view of us and the celebrant.

I heard the muffled noise of voices saying, 'doesn't she look beautiful', and 'Kixi's a lucky woman.' I knew that after hearing that, that my sweet love had entered the room. I took a deep breath and turned around.

Zenon, the first of Jhasmin's bridesmaids began walking down the aisle to the piano's tune.

Then entered Shizuka, and following immediately after her, Natasha. They walked slowly, but eventually reached the front where I awaited. It was impossible not to smile at one another as they then separated.

Miyuki, Jhasmin's maid of honour came out last, accompanied by the page boy and flower girl, Olcadan and Isilda, Kajtia's nephew and niece respectively. Despite the kids being teenagers, it was quite acceptable in the thirty first century to have older page boys and flower girls. By now, I couldn't stop staring, knowing that would be where Jhasmin was waiting.

Taking their places on the opposite end of the aisle, Zenon and Shizuka moved to stand behind and to the right of Natasha, while Miyuki walked closer towards the celebrant, behind where Jhasmin and I would be standing. Kajtia then moved from behind me to take her place closer to the celebrant to directly face Miyuki.

Whilst everyone were taking up their respective positions, I tried to focus on the flower girl and page boy, however focusing on my bestie's nephew and niece, couldn't draw my attention away from the place where my fiancée was about to walk out of.

The music tempo suddenly slowed down a bit, and my heart began racing. It pounded in my chest, beating against me. I saw my first glimpse of her, and suddenly, she came into full view.

The sight that met my ice blue eyes was breathtaking, for a split second my whole body went numb. There, walking towards me was my stunning bride. She had never looked so beautiful then she did wearing that dress, she flashed me that winning smile that made my heart skip a beat, and I knew right now and here that whatever happened in my lifetime, as long as she was with me every step of the way, nothing else mattered. She completed me.

She walked arm and arm with Jak Zed, her arm linked in his, she held a bouquet of flowers at her chin level. I was... breathless.

The top of her dress suited her torso perfectly, displaying her curves fantastically. From her waist downwards, white lace ran across the poof. It was layer upon layer of frill, unfortunately for me, not showing off her legs. Her black hair draped across her shoulders, although some of the front pieces were pinned underneath her veil and on the top of her head. Luckily, her veil didn't totally cover her face, so I could still see her dazzling eyes sparking back at me. We made eye contact, even that far apart, and shared a loving smile between the two of us. Jhasmin then looked at different people scattered throughout the area, although I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I didn't even bother trying.

It seemed like an eternity before Jhasmin finally reached me, Jak planting a long kiss on her forehead, before sitting down next to Chris, Ālrai and other close friends and family.

Jhasmin reached her place for the ceremony, directly across from me. We were both glowing with excitement and joy, although Jhasmin was definitely the more smiley.

I couldn't get over the sight of Jhasmin. She looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown that looked very distinct from anything I'd ever seen before, making me wonder in awe who it's designer was. The nearly pure white of the gown enhanced the creaminess of Jhasmin's skin instead of washing her out further, while the pink of the cherry blossom complimented the slight pink of her cheeks beautifully. Her hair, like smooth honey dripped over her shoulders. She looked like an absolute goddess to me.

I felt my throat go dry as I stared into Jhasmin's beautiful eyes, her hands still filled with a bouquet of pink flowers. Not taking her eyes off me, she handed them over to Natasha soon after, who in turn gently placed them on a nearby empty chair.

Jhasmin smiled brightly as she saw the awe-struck look upon my face. Even upon realising that my gown had been designed by Álvaro Gutierrez, I still looked incredibly stunning in it. The fact I was wearing it, made up for any short comings that she had seen in Álvaro's designs. My hair seemed to shine in the sunlight that entered through the clear parts of the canopy's ceiling, my bangs almost obscured my eyes like they would a sheepdog. My eyes looked like liquid pools of amber, she felt like she could drown in their depths as clichéd as it sounded. Finally she stood next to me in front of Jasmine the celebrant, and all our assembled guests. Miyuki and her bridesmaids stood to her left, as Kajtia, Kashia, and Paige stood to my right side.

"Hey," Jhasmin said shyly as she looked at me.

"Hey," I replied, smirking slightly. I slipped my hand into hers, squeezing it gently.

The celebrant cleared her throat before she began. "Friends, family, and welcomed guests, we are gathered here today to join Mako Jhasmin Zaneca and Kixi Rajki in holy matrimony. The love they share for one another is immense, the bond they share unique. Bonding and love, it is rivalled by nothing else. These are the ties that bind, now, tomorrow and for the rest of their lives." Jasmine grinned broadly at both of us and chuckled. "Other than that which really sums everything up, I don't have much more to say, so why don't we just get on with the vows?"

Jhasmin turned back towards Miyuki while I faced Kajtia, our respective maid of honours, each giving us our own particular holo projecting notecards.

Once we both had our written vows in our hands, Jasmine said, "Mako Jhasmin, would you like to do the honours?"

The black haired woman nodded, then gave me one last smile before facing her head around towards the floating holo writing.

“Kixi," she began, her voice a little shaky, but more steady as she read on, "I'm not quite sure where to begin. There's a lot to say, but if I said it all, we would never actually get married.”

A couple guests laughed slightly before she continued, "We've been through a lot in the past eight years, but I wouldn't take any of it back."

Now Jhasmin would begin to speak in a subtle sense, making references to our adventures as KnM Blade, our fight against our foes from Skycom Corporation, but never mentioning literally that we were Kay and eM Blade – and that I had lead the eventual victorious assault against the forces of oppression and tyranny. The people were simply put, not ready for that yet.

“I was with you, so why would I? Through all that has happened in that time, even through our toughest and darkest moments, you always remained by my side, loyal and never deserting, putting my health and safety even above your own. You made every fight easier— of course not in the literal sense," Jhasmin carefully and wisely added even thought it was in reality in the literal sense! "Knowing you were by my side forever and always, was the only strength I ever needed. You were, and still are, the greatest support system I've ever had. Every time, whether it be literally or figuratively, that I fell, you helped me get back on my feet. I can't thank you for everything you've done for me, because like I said, we'd never actually get married. But I hope you know that since you've become a part of my life, everything has changed. I find newfound strength in myself every day, and more courage than I could've ever imagined I would have. Your determination towards everything, and your evolution into becoming the wonderful person you are today, always make me fall deeper in love with you than I was the day before." Jhasmin reached up, and cupped her hand around my cheek and ear. "So, Kixi Rajki, I am so thankful every day that we fell in love, because my world wouldn't be the same without you. Although, really, you are my world.”

I looked absolutely flabbergasted, breathless, like my jaw fell down past my feet. My eyes were lit up with so much love and respect, and as Jhasmin turned back from handing her holo notecards to Miyuki, I reached out and pulled her head towards me. Our lips made contact, and suddenly we were having a passionate lip lock before we were even married. Jhasmin reached up and placed her hands on each of my cheeks, but then gently and slowly pulled away.

"I think you're supposed to do that after I pronounce you wife and wife," the celebrant said with hardy laughter.

Jhasmin and I both looked a little bit red in the face, partially from the heated moment we just shared, and partially from everyone watching us.

"Kixi, I think it's your turn," the celebrant commented, nodding towards my floating projecting holo notecard.

Without saying a word, I looked to the side across to the small floating texts of my holocard. I cleared my throat before I began. "Jhasmin, I um, well I'm not as great with words as you, but I tried to do my best to make this sound good. Look, I'm not really sure how many different ways I can say I love you. Because I do love you, Jhasmin. I love you more than I have loved anything, any race-car, any piece of tech included, or anyone in my entire life. I never believed in falling in love, I never believed in soulmates, and I never believed loving someone like this was possible. That was all until I met you. How things have changed. As I started spending more time with you, I changed. I learned. I evolved. I changed into a better person, I learned that there's more to life than money, deals, tech, race-cars, winning, and I evolved into a more mature, less self-absorbed person. Believe it or not, despite me being the older between us, despite you seeing me as your role model and a hero, everything about you just made me want to become more like you. I hated myself, but you helped me find some good in me, and the good in the cosmos. You believed in me, when no one else in any of the known star systems did. I will forever owe you for everything you have done for me. Not only did I go on a journey to help myself, but I went on a journey that led me into falling in love with you. Jhasmin, you are so intelligent, so generous, so selfless, and so freaking beautiful. I am the luckiest girl in the entire Sol System for getting you. I love you. There wouldn't be a dimension where I couldn't love you. Thank you for agreeing to spend the rest of your life with me. Thank you for existing. I really, really am lucky."

Jhasmin's smile couldn't have been any bigger, or else her face might have exploded. She was grinning even larger than from ear to ear, clearly unbridled joy a very visible feature upon her.

"Let's hang on this time so we can get you two married. Let's do the rings, please." Said the celebrant.

Once again, both Jhasmin and I turned to our respective maid of honours. Then we each faced other again, sliding a ring on our dominant hand ring fingers. During our exchange of the rings, our thoughts were only on each other.

"The rings are a symbol of your love, unbroken and shining. They show the world and beyond the vows you make here today." The celebrant Jasmine now began the all important formal part of the ceremony.

“Mako Jhasmin Zaneca," Jasmine said, "do you promise to take Kixi Rajki and freely bind yourself to her, to be her companion, aide, and comfort, in sickness and in health for all the days of your life?”

She smiled breathing hard, while making eye contact with me, the woman she loved. This was it. "I do."

“And you, Kixi Rajki, do you promise to forsake all others, to be Mako Jhasmin's comfort and confidant, friend, lover and companion, in sickness and in health, for your mortal days?”

"I do," I said softly.

Jhasmin smiled brightly at me as the excitement grew. "For a relationship that started with you simply being a Good Samaritan and coming to my aid— me nothing more than a total stranger all those years ago, this has become more than I could have imagined. I have never felt more complete than now, knowing we will be together for eternity."

My gaze didn't divert from hers as I leaned in closer. A mysterious smile crossed my lips. "You are more than I deserve, all that I desire, and all that I need to feel whole, I love you, Jhasmin."

"You have exchanged vows and rings. By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you wife and wife. Kixi, now you may kiss the bride." The celebrant announced.

Jhasmin and I reached for each other at the same time, pressing our lips together as our arms slid around each other. I kissed her deeply, the one single kiss meaning more to us than anything else ever in our lives before.

We pulled away, and I whispered, "I love you," into Jhasmin's ear.

"I love you too," she said softly, going back in for another kiss with me, trying to keep her tears of joy from overflowing.

Just then an old ballad began to play in the background, through the many surrounding speakers and holoscreens, one that Zenon had chosen for the ceremony. The sound of the music, it surrounded all, embraced us, adding to the vibe of the moment. The song from the late twentieth century, made Zenon's selection over a thousand years old, by a man who was known as Eros Ramazzotti, the ballad called, 'Più Bella Cosa,' — 'Most Beautiful Thing,' in an old world language known as Italian, a language similar to the modern day language of Latinova. It played in a perfect synchronous harmony in the background.


Com'è cominciata io non saprei
La storia infinita con te
Che sei diventata la mia lei
Di tutta una vita per me


We both turned back toward the celebrant who smiled happily at us, and then in turn we hugged and kissed on the cheek our maid of honours, and then our bridesmaids.


Ci vuole passione con te
E un briciolo di pazzia
Ci vuole pensiero perciò
Lavoro di fantasia


We then turned back around towards our guests, raising our hands in the air waving, and they in turn cheered and applauded us. We simply stood there, soaking it all in, a feeling of amazement and admiration, while the music continued to play, with the bustle of the busy Celestia City backdrop behind us. It completed the perfect fairytale wedding, in a perfect photo that would live through the ages.


Ricordi la volta che ti cantai
Fu subito un brivido sì
Ti dico una cosa se non sai
Per me vale ancora 

Ci vuole passione con te
Non deve mancare mai
Ci vuole mestiere perché
Lavoro di cuore lo sai

As we stepped down from the raised area, I took Jhasmin's hand and led her down the aisle.

Cantare d'amore non basta mai
Ne servirà di più
Per dirtelo ancora per dirti che
Più bella cosa non c'è
Più bella cosa di te
Unica come sei
Immensa quando vuoi
Grazie di esistere


The audience before us cheered, as the smiling faces of both Mako Jhasmin and I were displayed on the screens for all to see.


Com'è che non passa con gli anni miei
La voglia infinita di te
Cos'è quel mistero che ancora sei
Che porto qui dentro di me
Saranno i momenti che ho
Quegli attimi che mi dai
Saranno parole però
Lavoro di voce lo sai


"Do you remember?" Klorel ke Soul asked his wife Kashia as she stepped off the stand behind Jhasmin and me.

"Always and often..." she said with a laugh.

"Were two people ever meant more to be together?" Chris glanced at his beautiful girl Kajtia.

"Just like us, dear. I would imagine our wedding would be next." Kajtia winked at her man sending a subtle hint his way.


Cantare d'amore non basta mai
Ne servirà di più
Per dirtelo ancora per dirti che
Più bella cosa non c'è
Più bella cosa di te
Unica come sei
Immensa quando vuoi
Grazie di esistere


Jhasmin smiled as she accepted congratulations from all our guests with me. She was overjoyed as she stood by my side, as well as the sides of all our maids of honours and bridesmaids, shaking hands with everyone that approached her. Ālrai had been the first person to congratulate us, wrapping her and me in a quick hug. Jak followed after, jumping into Jhasmin's arms and shaking my hand. Chris and Klorel were after him, and then the many other guests in turn came over to offer us their congratulations.


Più bella cosa non c'è
Più bella cosa di te
Unica come sei
Immensa quando vuoi
Grazie di esistere

Grazie di esistere
Più bella cosa non c'è

Di te

Grazie di esistere

"Congratulations Kixi and Mako," Braj'tec and Zasalamel shouted as they approached, and the song was about to end.

"Thank you Braj'tec, thank you Zasalamel," Jhasmin said, smiling at the two large men.

"I'm glad you could come today. I'm glad all of you could come today." I then said my eyebrows raised slightly.

"I love you," Jhasmin said, tugging on the high collar of my gown to pull me close to her, pressing her lips gently against mine. She began to smile as she felt my lips curve upward in a smirk.

"I love you too Jhazzy," I replied, scooping her into my arms.

I held Jhasmin close as I heard the soft music end. We were meant to be together, I knew that. We would always be together. Nothing would change. We had each other, I with her and her with me, in our lives forever and ever.

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