I Love You and You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi and Mako Jhasmin.

Finally, peace. The combined forces of the Zhann Alliance commanded by none other than Kixi Rajki's alter ego Kay Blade, stand victorious against the once powerful government of President Drex. Toppled & defeated, along with its main protagonist, the corporate giant Skycom, the United Systems of Sol is on the verge of forming a new government.

With Mako in the running for the presidency as Chief of State all but a formality, & humanity's role as a space fairing nation set in concrete by the Zhann Alliance, not all however is what one would have one seemingly believe.

A new war is looming on the horizon, one much different than humanity is yet to ever have faced, inevitably bringing tough new challenges that will await both Kixi & Mako in their new pivotal roles. However, with peace at least a temporary reality for now, & the turbulent turmoil of old long past them, the fresh beginnings sees the opportunity for Kixi & longtime fiancée Mako Jhasmin finally marry in a grand ceremony.


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12. Chapter 8

Chapter 8.


At around eight thirty pm that same night, on the eve of the wedding day...


"I'm worried. Kixi was in bad shape when she came home with Kajtia and the boys. She was so bruised and her back was so cut up. She wouldn't do anything for the pain. Ooh, she's so annoying. I don't care about her, 'I'm a warrior' ego if she's going to let herself get killed because of it." Mako Jhasmin sighed as she crossed her arms and leaned on them.

She had never much before forced herself to relax, so she had never really taken much to spas. She flicked a piece of hair out of her face. She used the towel wrapped around her hair to swipe some of the sweat off her face. As she relaxed she felt ready to fall asleep.

Shizuka gave a small smile at Jhasmin's desperation. " No, I bumped into Chris at around the same time Kixi would have come home, and he was the same way. His hands were cut and bruised."

Miyuki smirked as she eyed Jhasmin. "We should have booked them into this spa."

"And we could have mopped up those hoodlums," Jhasmin murmured, half to herself.

"With our charm and good looks? Nuh, I highly doubt it that those dirty thugs would even have understood or known what charm and good looks are." Shizuka scorned at the thought of having had to confront those goons.

"But even if we had done that, they'd be out on the SlamBall court getting very hurt." Zenon said with a grin as she sat up.

Miyuki leaned forward onto her hands as she sighed. "I'm more concerned about how they are managing with being left alone with finalising their fittings at around now... Well everyone but Kixi, who along with her bestie, Paige and Kashia have already sorted out what they'll be wearing. In fact Kixi should have already sorted hers out along with Kajtia and those other girls, who seem content in wanting to hangout with the boys more often than not."

Shizuka scowled as that thought hit her. "Kajtia has the fashion sense of a brown pale-fronted Capuchin monkey."

"All of the men, took care of their own fittings? So much for Kixi telling me anything about that. Its gonna to be a disaster!" Jhasmin said trying hard not to curse, and doing well not to in the end.

"And I don't even know yet if Kixi will wear an actual suit tomorrow, or a wedding gown of her own?" Jhasmin continued, her voice expressing genuine curiosity.

“Well, she did want to surprise you with that, but if bets are on, I think she'll be in the gown." Came Miyuki's response with a tiny hint of confidence in her voice. "Matches her better cos in the end, she may act like the boys do, but she's a lady through and through.”

"Umm yeah, I'm leaning towards your guess as well Miyuki. Although I wonder who she got to design her gown, assuming she wears one. I hope it wasn't that Álvaro Gutierrez!" Jhasmin scrolled.

"Well I'm sure she'll look ever so beautiful for you tomorrow, no matter what she wears and who the designer is." Miyuki said lifting an eyebrow as her mouth curved into a smile.

"Why definitely! Kixi is always beautiful because she's Kixi." Jhasmin said proudly, plastering a huge smile on her face.

Jhasmin finally had enough of lying down and got up, wrapping the towel tightly around her. The others came towards her shortly afterwards.

"I found a wonderful old ballad to sing in the ceremony."

"That's great, Zenon. Jhasmin, have you and Kixi finished writing your vows?" Responded Miyuki as she asked her proceeding question.

Jhasmin sighed as she stepped into the mud bath and set the towel on the side, going in deeper. It felt soothing and Jhasmin began to wonder why she had never done this before, and then she remembered. Even if it was for a very short while, the closest she had ever gotten to a mud bath, was training on Gamma Delta IV, a secret Arjian Resistance Cell base on the remote Kerguelen Islands while in the middle of a rainstorm. 

"Yeah it's done, despite all the distractions we had along the way."

"I wonder why," Miyuki muttered.

"What's tough?" Shizuka asked. "Love, honour..."

"... protect each other from Secret Service Skysec agents, admirals, directors..." Zenon continued.

Followed by Shizuka again. " ... kidnappings, assassination attempts, and the classic try to lure you into a trap attempt."

Jhasmin shook her head and sighed. "You're not helping. It feels like we're marrying democracy and a rebellious revolution together."

Present was also Natasha Carabajal, who had been friends with Jhasmin for almost her entire life, with the two having practically grown up together. In the case of Natasha, she'd been long since aware of Jhasmin's involvement with the Arjian Resistance, which included knowing the secret of her alter ego as eM Blade – an exception or rarity in her case, given that she had not been within the inner circle of the Resistance, that the privilege of such knowledge had been given to her.

Natasha frowned as she shook her head. If things kept up this way, she foresaw that there would be problems later on. "No, Jhasmin, you can't put that sort of pressure on yourself or your marriage. Besides not many know that Kixi is also Kay Blade, the leader of the Zhann Alliance. For anyone to claim you're marrying democracy to a rebellious revolution is a little far fetched don't you think?"

Miyuki nodded her head in agreement with Jhasmin's best friend. "Natasha's right. That would crush anything you and Kixi would have together."

If that happened, despite Mako Jhasmin now being the President of the entire USS, Miyuki knew that I would more than likely take the brunt of the problems. I had strength, but after all that I had been through from the very beginnings regarding my involvement with the Arjian Resistance, to leading the Zhann Alliance in taking down the might of the powerful Skycom Corporation, I had endured so much pain and suffering. Miyuki had been surprised I had been able to withstand it for so long.

"Only those in the Arjian Council know the true identities of KnM Blade save for Paige, and then those outside of the Council who know are a select few. Clear your mind of such fears, for they will not have any bearings on your ability to govern as a leader my young Mako. As far as everyone is aware, you're marrying an ex Formula Zero System Champion. Nothing more than that, thus your marriage becoming a political one will not be how anyone will view it. Your wedding is about you and Kixi and that's it." Miyuki said expressing the last part of her sentence with renewed emphasis.

Jhasmin leaned forward and dipped lower into the mud pulling one arm out slightly. "Just an intimate little affair to be simulcast to thousands of cities and habitats spread across many worlds," Jhasmin said a little longingly.

She had before never thought of marriage as having to be such a huge spectacle. All she just wanted was a peaceful private wedding, but then again she hadn't more than paused on that thought. She wasn't going to kid herself. Despite the fact that 99.9 percent of people didn't know that I was both Kixi and Kay, two contrastingly and completely different personalities, she was however still marrying me, hero of the Resistance, Züncålazin and founder of the Zhann Alliance. With Jhasmin herself now the President or Chief of State, peaceful and private did not exist. My life as far as she knew, whether I was Kixi Rajki the race driver or Kay Blade the revolutionist, seemed to be a holospectacle with cameras always around me. She never understood how I always seemed able to deal with it. How she would deal with it, not only because she would now be married to me, but also because as Chief of State, she would now be under the spotlight as well as more scrutiny than I would have ever have faced. As far as how she would deal with it, she didn't yet know. However there was the one thing that as far as things did go, went above everything else and beyond... Her unparalleled love for me. I was the love of her life, and that counted above everything else in the end.

Shizuka leaned heavily on the ledge of the pool next to the mud bath. "So people know there is a future. They need that."

"They'll be happy for you, not looking for something from you." Zenon pointed out.

Jhasmin sighed and leaned on the ledge staring across as she felt the cool concrete. "I believe that, I really do," Jhasmin paused as she continued softly, almost reminiscing. "But all my life I've been in the shadows. Whether as the girlfriend and then the fiancée of a famous race car driver, or the sidekick of a fearless and determined Resistance fighter turned Züncålazin. Being at the centre of the holo as a leader will not be easy for me, and it won't get easier."

Miyuki grinned trying to ease Jhasmin's worries. "Holocams are like bureaucrats. They're everywhere. Can't escape them, so you ignore them."

Jhasmin turned back towards Miyuki as Miyuki came closer until she was up to her neck in the mud. "But the demands made on Kay Blade and the Zhann Alliance. Kixi may be laying low in the media with as far as her alter ego goes, however in the background the pressure has been building. Like for example, people will distressedly ask, where have the remnants of Skycom Corporation gone? Will they return? Is there the potential for other threats looming? " Jhasmin shook her head. She had seen all the pressures I've had to deal with. Her work was only about to begin. As President she would be experiencing all this first hand, and many a time directly at her.

I had always found time for her, even with such a busy life on multiple fronts, primarily because we'd always been together whenever and wherever missions would have us taken. But now Jhasmin quietly wondered to herself, on how I would find time for her, and her for me given she'd be busy with her presidential duties, while I continued to ran across star systems trying to do good in my role as a Züncålazin.

There had to be a better way she mused, considering a possible solution to herself. Perhaps the time for somebody else to take over the reigns of the Zhann Alliance, and for me to step down had come. Instead, perhaps I as Kay Blade could become her personal bodyguard, her protector. Given that my other self as Kixi had become the First Lady, transitioning between the two would be easier, if I the First Lady were needed somewhere that the president needed to be at, something just not possible if such event were to arise, and I as Kay Blade found myself in a star system light years away from where the president were at – and supposedly the First Lady. Jhasmin's eyes glistened at the idea. It would be something definitely worth looking at.

"There are times I just want to grab her and run off with her and hide." Jhasmin sighed. If it was like that during our engagement then what would it be like during our marriage? Just what Jhasmin would dearly desire above all else.

"Jhasmin, we all want to do that with our close ones and our families. Wanting to shield them from everything and spending as much time with them is natural." Natasha encouraged her as they all noticed Jhasmin seemed more troubled every moment.

"As romantic as it sounds, that seldom solves the problem." Zenon said as she turned her back towards them.

"As long as the love is there, the problems are insignificant." Natasha pointed out with a small smile.

"Love we have, and passion. And by temperament, I'm not really one to hide. I prefer action." Jhasmin said dismissing the thoughts of running off. "Not that I realistically could anyway, nor would it solve the problem." That left eloping out of the question. "Kixi would never have stood for running or eloping though. What was I thinking?"

As Miyuki headed out the others soon followed.

"Well," she said, conspiring. "I do think we go out for some quite drinks of own. Just us real girls. After all Mako, you'll be staying the night at my place and getting ready from there tomorrow."

"Yeah let's do it for a bit. I'm not ready for an early night either. By the way, we can't tell the men, nor those tomboys who constantly hang about with them," Zenon said with a sly grin.

"Why not?" Shizuka asked and all of them except Jhasmin turned to stare at her.

"Then they'd have to come and have trouble find them, causing another bar fight." Natasha pointed out.

"And they'd moan about their aches and pains for days. Deal, ladies, let's go." Shizuka said smugly.

Jhasmin glanced at them still in confusion.

"You're not going to tell Kixi, right." Miyuki prodded her.

"She's going to find out anyway."

"Not if you don't tell her."

"Miyuki, she'll find out. I can't lie to her."

"Then don't say anything."

"Sure," Jhasmin sighed knowing I would instantly know the truth through our bond. There was nothing that could be done about it.




"Kixi," Chris said as he eyed me. "What is wrong with you all of a sudden?"

"I'm not quite sure Jhasmin trusts me to stay the night with you lot . Jhasmin looked at me as if I'd deliberately been out baiting for trouble. It wasn't that bad, was it?"

I shifted my shoulders uneasily as Chris began laughing. "Barely bruise a knuckle and Kajtia wants me to take a dip in one of those healing tanks."

"She does? But she was with us at that blasted Drunken Huntsman." I immediately responded, surprised at my bestie's concerns over the current state of her boyfriend. 

"And I got the, 'Do you want your nephew and niece to know what you were doing this afternoon?' look." Chris continued to grumble on.

“Well the arrangement was," Klorel who seemed more annoyed at Jhasmin than anyone else began, "because the wedding is tomorrow, that neither of you could stay at your apartment tonight. You'll be getting ready separately, and you're not supposed to see each other until the actual ceremony sometime tomorrow. So we all agreed that because you both have to be separated for the night, that you Kixi will be staying at Chris' and Kajtia's apartment, and Jhasmin with Miyuki at hers. Jhasmin will get over, her not trusting you with us tantrums. Besides you've both fought formidable enemies before, as agents, warriors, and in your case Kixi, Züncålazin. I can't believe she's gone a little funny over a lousy bar fight.”

"I'd say it's cos she actually wants me in one piece for tomorrow." I sighed.

Chris continued to grumble on as he also glared at the holoprojection of Alicia Em, ready to permanently delete her program. He glared at the clothes that he had been forced to wear. 

"Those other women just don't know how to have fun." Ālrai pointed out regarding me, his worried expression had turned into a smug grin.

"Really," Klorel said a hint of mocking in his voice. "Off being pampered. Just lying around doing nothing but sweating."

"Klorel, women glow, not sweat." Ālrai pointed out.

“Yes we indeed do," added Kashia, "but some are just wanting too much of the, 'being treated like a princess thing.' I personally don't see the point of that.”

I shook my head. " I think it was good for Jhasmin to go with them to do something relaxing. She's been very tense, especially with all that presidential stuff happening only one day before our wedding." I regretted saying it as soon as I heard Jak's voice from behind me.

"Oh, and you're not Kixi?" Said the older man raising an eyebrow.

"Züncålazin know no fear." Kashia said with a grin.

"Sure. But there are a lot of big changes happening in our lives right now and on multiple fronts." I told them with and earnest look on my face.

Chris glared at Alicia Em and then began questioning her. "Who told you I had to wear this?" He paused, but before the holographic AI answered, "Kajtia said it, did she?" He said with a scowl on his face. As the AI started talking, Chris waved his hand dismissively at it. "Yeah, this will be fine, thanks."

"There is right and wrong. Get used to being wrong," Klorel said as he slapped me on the back. "Have to remember Kixi, that being in a marriage isn't as easy as saving us from the oppression of Skycom Corporation."

"Next," the holographic AI asked as Chris stood there stiffly in the clothes he had been given, the vest was burgundy red and the boots were stiff.

"I can't remember the last time I was right." Chris pointed out, and then paused. "Oh, wait, it was before I met your mistress." He said referring to Kajtia.

I eyed Chris dressed in my more preferred sleeveless styled tops and knee length shorts made of fabric, having ditched my ruined all leather attire in favour of those clothes. Although I had definitely been grateful now that I had been wearing all leather at The Drunken Huntsman, as my injuries from that unexpected and very unfortunate bar fight probably would have been by far worse. Even if the resulting bruising would have been the same, the thicker leathering and less exposed body flesh, meant less glass fragments cutting into my fragile body.

"I knew you then," I whispered walking straight up to him, "Chris, think further back."

"You have to be a partner, confidant, lover, healer, and worst of all, you can't always fix things. But you would already know this Kixi, since you've been living with Jhasmin a long time now. In reality your wedding will just be ceremonial, and make your union official. Everything else you are already doing." Klorel pointed out and I nodded my head.

"Right. The toughest job is to let her find her solutions, even though it kills you waiting for her to do it." Chris said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Kajtia and I might as well be married already." He further said, giving his girl a lopsided grin. Kajtia returned an approving nod and grin, much to Chris' relief.

"Of course," Klorel began a sly look in his eyes.

"Jhasmin's solutions are likely to kill something."

"Most likely me. I know. I just hope I never disappoint her, because I know that she will punish me in the bedroom."

"Well that surely can't be a bad thing Kixi?" Chris said bursting out into laughter.

"Good luck in that Kixi. That never changes in every relationship. Married or not married." Klorel said his eyes gleaming.

"Although you're a mind reader. Just read her mind, do it subtly of course, and you'll always know what you're supposed to do, and therefore disappointments won't happen." Chris pointed out.

“Yeah, well, she sort of knows when I do that and hates it. I remember one time when I read her mind, that she got so upset, that she dragged me into bed by my neck, tore off all my clothes, and sexually made out with me like a wild animal gone berserk.”

"Really, I'd be reading her thoughts all the time then and making sure that she is always aware of it." Ālrai commented plastering a huge smile on his face.

"Yeah that's definitely a positive. It's not like that will kill you. You damn like every bit of it, surely?" Said Klorel.

“Yes but she is rough on me when she does that. She hurts me, but I don't say anything to her.”

"Ooooooooooh so feisty! Seems to us that your a whiner. I wish Kajtia could do that to me more often when I'm being a bad boy." Chris said winking an eye at his girl who in turn rolled her eyes back at him.

“I have to agree with Chris on this matter." Klorel said grinning lopsidedly. "And c'mon Kixi, you are a Züncålazin. You've battled assassins, warrior agents and combat droids. In combat, you would kick Jhasmin's butt. You clearly like it, cos you obviously let her do that to you because you know that a bit of rough sex shouldn't hurt you, right?”

"Neither of you are helping. But you're right, I do like it when she does that to me."

"Of course you do my little Kixi. You're a little vixen too when your alone with her." Ālrai said chuckling.

“Yet I go out of my way to not hurt her. We're so used to being together a lot.”

"You sure you are the same Kixi that is Kay Blade the Züncålazin? Hang on... wait..." Klorel's eyes narrowed and then squinted. "I can read your thoughts. You are... scared? I sense some fear in you. Fear that you will be apart from your sweet love. Ah, you do well to shroud your most inner concerns. I see that I have taught you well back at the academy. Yet your strong yearning and lust that you have for Jhasmin reveals all. You worry that because she will have her responsibilities as Chief of State and you as a Züncålazin, that you'll be separated a lot more, and thus no longer have much time for each other? 

"Hey get out of my head! And how the heck did—"

“Oh Kixi, your passion for her runs so strong, that it's practically inscribed all over your face and body. You really don't have to be a psychic mind reader to work it out. Any of your close friends or family can see right through you, just like I have now.”

"Oh! Really!" I said then glancing away from Klorel, turning towards Kajtia's direction. My face flushed as I suddenly blushed.

"I'm sure you'll work things out as they happen. Don't think too much about it Kixi." Kajtia said, her whole face lighting up.

"Yeah," Klorel paused. "Besides sometimes time out is good. I sure need it from Kashia here and then. Compared to her, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what Jhasmin wants. She practically wants you to herself always."

"And I don't!" Came Kashia's voice with a warning look.

"Umm Klorel, from the look on your wife's face, it appears that she wants to—"

"Yeah, kill me, beat me up, kill me, make me look like a fool, kill me, argue with me, kill me, and basically kill me."

"Hey! She better not give Jhasmin any lessons!" I yelped in concern.

Chris, Klorel, Ālrai and Jak glanced at each other and just started laughing.

"Züncålazin," Chris muttered.

"You're all making it sound like trying to hit a moving target." I sighed.

"Tougher." Said Chris.

"Much tougher." Nodded Jak.

"Oh, yeah." Ālrai immediately added.

"No doubt." Said Klorel, the smile on his face huge.

I sighed and shook my head.

“Jhasmin... I can't live without her. I'd say if anything we're clarified that fact this evening. Thank you everyone, your all great friends and like family to me.”

“Well, you did know that the Züncålazin have been ousted from the USS for centuries." Klorel began almost sounding as if he were about to give me a history lesson. "However with Jhasmin being the new president, she will undoubtedly have that law changed. From what I have already gathered, Jhasmin might be on the same page as me regarding who should be her personal bodyguard. A Züncålazin would make the perfect protector, and I will most certainly have no problem in assigning yours truly 'Kay Blade,' to that assignment.”

My eyes lit up. "Yes! Yes! I would really, really love that Klorel..." I said sounding like an excited little kid.

"I believe thank you Master Klorel ke Soul are the words your looking for Kixi?" He said in a soft and gentle tone as his mouth curved into a smile.

“Yes. Thanking you Klorel, thanking you a million!”

"Klorel. You could even have, 'KnM Blade' be the President's protectors. In other words, have Paige in her team of protectors, and dare I say it, eM Blade too." Chris further suggested.

"Are you suggesting the President turn into eM Blade and go out battling with Kixi and Paige?" Jak questioned scratching his head, not too sure if Chris had been kidding.

I immediately burst out into a sudden unexpected laughter. " I wouldn't encourage Jhasmin with that idea cos I know she would, but then again if she ever were left no choice why wouldn't she."

"Jhasmin's worth everything to you Kixi. You're both madly in love with one another and that's an indisputable fact." Klorel said as he clasped a hand on my shoulder, further encouraging me.

"Just keep doing for Jhasmin what the spa did for her today, and you're set. Just keep reading her thoughts when she doesn't want you to, and she'll give you awesome sex. Don't worry or fear being away from her. Your bond for one another will keep you close together, always. Seriously Kixi, by taking the next step in marrying Jhasmin, you're definitely set for life."

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