I Love You and You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi and Mako Jhasmin.

Finally, peace. The combined forces of the Zhann Alliance commanded by none other than Kixi Rajki's alter ego Kay Blade, stand victorious against the once powerful government of President Drex. Toppled & defeated, along with its main protagonist, the corporate giant Skycom, the United Systems of Sol is on the verge of forming a new government.

With Mako in the running for the presidency as Chief of State all but a formality, & humanity's role as a space fairing nation set in concrete by the Zhann Alliance, not all however is what one would have one seemingly believe.

A new war is looming on the horizon, one much different than humanity is yet to ever have faced, inevitably bringing tough new challenges that will await both Kixi & Mako in their new pivotal roles. However, with peace at least a temporary reality for now, & the turbulent turmoil of old long past them, the fresh beginnings sees the opportunity for Kixi & longtime fiancée Mako Jhasmin finally marry in a grand ceremony.


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11. Chapter 7

Chapter 7.


In the early evening of the same day after the presidency announcement...



"The Drunken Huntsman?" I asked incredulously, as I shifted my shoulders under my new leather jacket that was so unlike my many sleeveless jackets that I was more accustomed to wearing. I stared up at the huge industrial size building with the smoke billowing from it. I wouldn't have been surprised had it once been a warehouse. "I don't know, Chris, I've heard some bad things about this place."

Some bad things was an understatement. I had heard more about the place than I really wanted to. I was uncomfortable about the place, and there was a feeling of apprehension with each step I took closer to the building.

"Kixi, would I steer my girl's best friend wrong?" Chris returned innocently.

"Maybe, Chris, if you didn't know what you were getting into yourself." I looked doubtful, but I didn't contest him any further.

"You gotta be here," Chris said as he urged me forward.

"Right," Jak said with a grin, "it's a tradition, a proud one..."

"A Celestian one," I finished before Jak could.

Chris looked down at me with a look that made me nervous. "We would have gone for the New Roman equivalent, but it isn't easy to find a tavern like The Stumbling Sabrecat in Celestia City."

"Is that what you would have preferred?" Jak asked as he followed me down the steps. One native to Celestia City in front and one behind me, almost as if they were trying to keep me from escaping their grasps until it was done and over.

"I'd have proffered that you didn't let Kajtia pick out my clothes," I glared at both of them and uncomfortably pulled at my clothes. I swore that I must have looked like some teenage vixen in them. I wanted to be in my usual sleeveless tops or jackets, coupled with my fabric pants or skirts, and not this all black leather clothing. These clothes felt tight on me – uncomfortable – I had no idea how people actually felt any comfort in them at all. Given the nature of the environment I was about to bury myself into, one that would most likely range from typical rough heads, scoundrels, drunkards and losers of all sorts, my leathery attire would probably serve me well if I had felt the urge on playing the role of a smooth talker. Kajtia had claimed them to be in style, but I just thought them to be uncomfortable. I knew that Chris letting Kajtia dress him up was something he just laughed at. If Jhasmin tried to don me in such incredulous clothing as Kajtia put Chris in, I swore that even if she were my beloved that I would...

"And here I thought Kixi wore black because she dressed in the dark. Kixi you should promote me to be your fashion adviser, and then we can both lead ourselves to interstellar domination." Jak said sarcastically.

"Damn race drivers." Chris said as he laughed at his employer's sarcasm. "They're always stuck in the fast lane, that they often forget on knowing how to have a good time."

“Ex race driver." Jak corrected. "And Kixi knows perhaps better than most, on how to make the most of an occasion and have a great time. She just whines too much Chris.”

I brought my hand up to my mouth to hide the grin that split my face. "How did you get everyone here if you don't mind me asking?"

"Why that's simple Kixi. I explained what was going on to everybody. In other words, I told them this is your quick equivalent of a bucks, if we can call it that," Chris said with a smirk as a group of people crowded around us.

"And being Jarvis as well as Jak Zed, it meant that as that, some of your guests are under my command so to speak, so I gave those that I could orders to be here. Not that it was really necessary, as they were all eager to come along all the same." Jak finished before Chris.

I brought my hand down, and my eyes sparked with wonderment and excitement. "Wow!"

Zasalamel Xiz’te’menel, one of Jarvis' right hand men of the now defunct Arjan Resistance, practically roared as he lifted up the huge keg of ale. Braj'tec Qarr, the other of Jarvis important men, who along with the former names mentioned, would without a doubt be integrated in the USS's revamped military once President Mako Jhasmin officially took office. Braj'tec grabbed the valve, and then pulled his mug away letting a puddle drip onto the floor before he got it closed and he took a swig.

"Miss a party for a comrade? Not possible." Ālrai clapped Kajtia on the shoulder as Kajtia grinned, "Once they told me no Stumbling Sabrecat, I was in."

Kajtia and I shared a smile at the response of the others to the topic, 'Stumbling Sabrecat.' For a pair of humans not originally from Earth, it was nothing new to us.

Kajtia raised up a glass with a sly grin, "I was honoured to be asked by Kixi, to be her maid of honour."

"Honoured?" I said with a grin, giggling.

"You do realise I'm stealing your girlfriend Chris, even if its only the one day tomorrow."

"You're not stealing her, and she would skin me alive if I insinuated it!" Chris responded meekly.

"Well... anyway, it will be a great honour for me to see my closest bachelorette friend off." Kajtia raised an eyebrow at me, and ironically I understood exactly her thoughts, letting out a smirk like laughter.

Many years ago I had actually been chasing Kajtia myself. I remembered the many occasions when we both would train or spar at the gym, and I'd deliberately let her fall on me so I could touch her breasts and get a good feel for her body in general. In fact, even after she had made it abundantly clear that she wasn't into same sex relationships like me, and even after I was already dating Jhasmin, I would never cease at any opportunity I had to feel her body – especially her breasts. The last incident I could recall me doing it immediately entered into my thoughts. It was only as long as two years ago, during a high speed track test of what would eventually become our championship winning Formula Zero race car. To cut a long story short, Kajtia my co-driver at time, had to virtually unstrap herself from her harness, lean over on top of me to take the controls of our fast moving vehicle to avert certain disaster, as I, due to injuries sustained in my covert double life as a then Resistance agent, momentarily lost all feel and movement in one of my arms. Despite the immediate danger we were in, I had felt in heaven with her breasts practically shoved in my face! Of course once she started dating Chris, I had permanently forced myself to cease any temptation in arousing myself with wanting to touch her body, not only because Chris wasn't prepared to tolerate it in any shape or form, but more the less because Jhasmin was going to permanently cuff me to her body if I did. Despite that being only a figure of speech, understanding what she meant hadn't required an Einstein to figure it out.

"Kixi Rajki! I'd never thought I'd see the day!" Kajtia threw her arms up at me in a congratulatory gesture, before gently wrapping her arm around my shoulders.

"What day?" I said jokingly. "You're standing right beside me and already making yourself all cozy bestie."

"Oh Kixi," Kajtia began, her slurring of words, evidence that she had already had a few drinks before she had even arrived here. "I swear you never grew up, or gained anymore brains from as far back as I remember meeting you for the first time. You're getting married, and to Mako Jhasmin Zaneca... Not me." Chris stared at her, but wasn't concerned by either of our remarks. If anything my bestie had always made for the best of drinking partners and this afternoon was by no means any exception. We were just doing what we did at our finest once we were a little intoxicated, which was otherwise known as nonsense talk. "It's awesome though, as Jhazzy has tamed you... a little."

“Yeah maybe, but you're forgetting something... No one's tamed her." I laughed as Kajtia raised an eyebrow.

"Jhazz is like a wild vixen in the bedroom, especially if she thinks I've been... let's say naughty, or not giving her enough of my full and undivided attention. But I love it!”

“Yeah that's my girl Kiks, you're da woman." Kajtia said as she kissed me on the side of my cheek and took her arm off me. "You two are perfect for one another. It's a match made in heaven.”

"I second that." Chris said lifting his drink up as a toast.

"Me too... and me as well... and us too..." A series of other voices immediately followed almost in unison.

I nodded my head in an appreciative acknowledgement and also lifted up my own glass to my own toast. "Yes to Jhasmin and me. May we prosper forever with such great friends as yourselves by our humble side."

"Miss a Züncålazin send­off?" Kashia ke Hanadi said as she slapped me on the back. I had met Kashia earlier on during our Resistance days, and not on best of terms. I had thought she had been a Skysec Secret Service agent, despite her patience in advising me otherwise. My somewhat arrogant reasoning and refusal to believe her made her beat me to a pulp, almost kill me, and later on when I had come to train with her at the Züncålazin Academy and become a Züncålazin, we became good friends.

A smug grin spread across Klorel ke Soul's face, one that made me worry. "Miss a party. Never."

Uh­oh, there was something about the look on Klorel's face that I didn't like. There were so many things Klorel had pulled on me before at the academy, that I knew the look of trouble on Klorel's face. I had once thought Klorel ke Soul would be the death of me, now I wondered whether Jhasmin would beat him to it.

"I figured some one would have to keep you out of trouble." Came Ālrai's familiar and distinct voice.

"And you're supposed to be doing it? Ālrai! I swear you're responsible for half the trouble I get in." I admonished my fellow... let's say partner in crime shaking my head slightly. Ālrai and I went back a long way. Further than our beginnings with the Arjian Resistance. We had been close friends as far back as when I joined ZRT racing as a race driver, and have had each other's backs ever since.

"Ālrai," Kajtia said with a grin, "everyone at this table attracts trouble."

"I didn't have to be ordered to be here," Paige said as she leaned back into a chair. She like Kajtia, Kashia and myself were the only women here. Given they were closer as friends to me, it was only fitting that they spent the occasion with me, and of course all the men who were more than yearning to get me trashed.

"To see my friends here," I said with a timid smile, "I don't know what to say."

"Saying is for other times, Kixi," Chris said as he raised up his glass once more along with everyone else. "This is for fun... A toast to the woman who saved us from the clutches of evil, oppression and tyranny, on the eve of her greatest adventure— marriage!"

We all gathered around the table and they forced me into a seat handing me another glass, this time something that smelt a lot more potent, but I couldn't yet tell what it was. I for one was definitely one who could hold my drink, so in the end I didn't mind the alcohol, having drunk many a time with Chris, Kajtia, and the many others in my presence this early evening. In fact I had even been so drunk in the past, that I now vividly recalled the one time where Jhasmin had to order the barman at the Moon Deck Bar to call a hovercab and send me home. I had gotten drunk enough so many times now, that it didn't matter any more.




I had lost track of all sense of time, when a crowd of tattooed men crowded around our table, and one of them angrily banged his fist on the table.

"Can we help you with something?" I asked as I brought my hand out, offering help. However, the man aggressively grabbed me by my jacket's collar instead.

"What? Hey I didn't do anything!" I knew I was in for trouble.

Zasalamel, enraged, grabbed the man and threw him towards another table. The now enraged parson whose table had been hit furiously rammed into the first person he saw, which unfortunately was me.

I could feel myself hit a sheet of glass as the shards fell around me. As I hit, my head was smashed against the wall and shards of glass dug into my back.

Adrenaline high, Braj'tec and Zasalamel punched the first two men they had seen,
with Chris and Kajtia leaping over their heads. The riot had started and glasses began flying and crashing against the walls. I winced as I tried to crawl away, but the shards of glass were hurting more and more.

Klorel raced towards another man along with his wife Kashia and threw him down. Braj'tec turned around and attacked again, but his attention was caught across the room, as was the attention of others but too late. I was clutching my head in pain and it was obvious that there was no way I would be able to concentrate, much less fight, as a large ugly man, who judging by the length of his beard hadn't shaved in weeks – probably not showered either, eyed the helpless me, and charged towards me lifting up a table.

All of them knew I was helpless and when that table were to land, given my size and my fragile feminine body, that it would probably kill me painfully and quickly. They all knew what it would do to me. None of them wanted to be there when Jhasmin had to see the battered and broken body of her fiancée – my body.
"Kixi!" Some one yelled.

I saw the huge beard man and tried to pull myself out of the way. As he was lifting the table up, Chris put his foot out and tripped the beard man letting the table drop on himself.

I propped myself up and stared at the body of the unconscious beard man, knowing how close it had been to being me. If it had been,
I wouldn't want to know what Jhasmin would have done to Chris and the rest of the gang had I been killed.

I winced in pain as I brought a hand to my temple, my head was pounding and I was in so much pain.

"You okay Kiks?" Chris asked as he helped me up.

"Sure, but next time, let's go for a place that isn't so damn rough and hostile. Something similar to The Stumbling Sabrecat perhaps?"

"You're marrying Mako." Chris pointed out to a very disoriented me. "Do you really think there will be a next time?"

"You're help?" An unfamiliar voice of a man on the floor said ludicrously. "I didn't need your help nor the trouble you brought in here."

"Well we were actually minding our own business, but I'll graciously accept your thanks for my saving your establishment from those goons..." I half heard Braj'tec begin as he responded to that same man that I then realised must've been the owner.

"You'll what?" I said still seeing stars. In the middle of it all was a mass of people unmoving.

"That Kixi," Chris sighed since Braj'tec had fallen on deaf ears, while at the same time he glanced at his girlfriend. "You can dress her up, but leave the brawling for the—"

"Everyone seems to wants to take her out." The older and wiser Jak interrupted. "Probably a good idea for us to get her out before the scandal holoreporters get here." He finished.

"Great idea." Chris agreed. "Hey Proprietor?" He called out to the man bleeding at my feet. "Bill please." His voice had a hint of sarcasm in, completely inappropriate considering what had happened, but then again it wasn't our fault and the owner knew it.

“You might want to also call the authorities as well to pick up these goons while you're at it. Oh and if you need help to foot the damages, this lovely girl that was the unfortunate victim of this unprovoked violence is actually the First Lady to the President, or will be once she is married tom—”

“Just get all your butts the hell out of here! The lot of you before I tell the authorities you had something to do with starting this. And don't come back here again— ever!" The way his eyes squinted when he glared at us reminded me of a pit viper's slit like pupils. The man gulped nervously. A burning animosity was developing in his amber orbs, and I could tell I was likely the root cause of his problem. "And I couldn't care less if she is the First Lady. As far as I'm concerned our new so called president's selection was precisely that, a selection and a rigged one too. It was no real election. I don't like her, and most certainly couldn't care less about her First Lady either.”

We got the impression that it was him that had sent those goons over in that first place, lost all bets on them actually winning, and now preferred for us to get out to clear his name, rather than have to explain any involvement on his part to the authorities. Logic suggested we just let it be and leave, which is precisely what we did.

This went down as the quickest bucks party I'd known to date – and one with an unusual ill abrupt ending. And just as well too. I don't think I would have lasted the night. Even if the unfortunate violence had not occurred, I doubt I would still have been in one piece for tomorrow's grandest day of my life, had this party continued uninterrupted.

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