I Love You and You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi and Mako Jhasmin.

Finally, peace. The combined forces of the Zhann Alliance commanded by none other than Kixi Rajki's alter ego Kay Blade, stand victorious against the once powerful government of President Drex. Toppled & defeated, along with its main protagonist, the corporate giant Skycom, the United Systems of Sol is on the verge of forming a new government.

With Mako in the running for the presidency as Chief of State all but a formality, & humanity's role as a space fairing nation set in concrete by the Zhann Alliance, not all however is what one would have one seemingly believe.

A new war is looming on the horizon, one much different than humanity is yet to ever have faced, inevitably bringing tough new challenges that will await both Kixi & Mako in their new pivotal roles. However, with peace at least a temporary reality for now, & the turbulent turmoil of old long past them, the fresh beginnings sees the opportunity for Kixi & longtime fiancée Mako Jhasmin finally marry in a grand ceremony.


Author's note

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9. Chapter 5

Chapter 5.


The very next morning, one day before the wedding.


I awoke to a sudden pounding, throbbing, like toothache in my brain, right between the eyes, even though closed, migraine, visual disturbances, excruciating, debilitating, soaring. I shivered a moment under the silky blanket sheets, my stomach growling due to a lack of sustenance, and opened my eyes.

Warm daylight illuminated the objects in the bedroom, floating dust particles in the stale air made visible through the intruding sun rays. As I lifted my head with a groan, and a hand through my sleep mussed air, I caught sight of the fact that I was alone in the bed. I blinked my bleary vision away, and was immediately hit with the understanding that Jhasmin wasn't there.

Thoughts of yesterday rushed at me, with mixed emotions. I was smiling amusedly, and I felt a rush of jubilation and relief at the knowledge that having to face Dekker face to face alone, was well and truly behind me now. Although I had been very thorough of the execution of my actions involving the general and other members of Skycom Corporation the day before, that to ensure Jhasmin the presidency, there had been an irrepressible doubt in my mind that had only lessened with sleep, and even then I had been haunted by nightmares of Jhasmin dying. Jhasmin pale, attacked by the assassin Kes En'jusek, strangled and barely breathing, a ghostly cackling Cerberus overseeing everything. Shaking away those thoughts, I rolled myself out of bed and wobbled to my feet as I got up, looking rather sorry doing it, due to the current pudding state of my knees.

I stood with a pleased smirk on my face, thinking about the fact that the new president would be announced today, that Jhasmin would officially be declared president. Then brooding that I needed to tell her the truth regarding my weighty adventure yesterday, I felt my mood plummet drastically.

I plodded over to the large rectangular mirror in the bedroom's ensuite, glaring back at the person in the reflection, trying to convey all the betrayal and anger and hurt I felt into that one look. Yet I managed a miniature smile immediately, and I couldn't help but feel some perverse satisfaction, pondering that she rightfully deserves to be president. Although my brow still did furrow in concern as I took a step back from the mirror.

I shot myself a look that could've curdled milk, and wisely looked away from the mirror. I plucked a loose strand from my hair and tried to ignore all the aches and pains that had suddenly decided they needed my attention. I stretched my arms upward then braced them on the bench.

Moving quickly, I brushed back out of the ensuite, and let out the breath I'd been holding since the previous day. I had to have a talk with Jhasmin. It had to be now, before the announcement regarding the presidency was made by around midday today.

Trotting down the stairs, the feeling began to seep back into my bones, that being both a good and bad thing. Now I could feel every sore, bruise and scrape that had accumulated over the course of time from when I had hastily left Dekker and co yesterday. I'd hit my elbow on some hard surface when I had been doing the parkour thing from rooftops, catwalks and other tall elevated structures, and now it swelled and throbbed. I'd scraped my legs none too few times on the walls of several buildings too, a true sign of sloppiness on my part due to a lack of continuous training due to laziness. Last night's polishing off of two bottles of champagne couldn't have helped either, despite being known for being able to hold my drink. My head pounded with a blistering headache, and my stomach was empty of food, only to be filled with resentment and disbelief and, even, dread. It was all hitting me now!

Wallowing in dark thoughts, I walked robotically until I found myself on the downstairs part of the apartment that I shared with Jhasmin. This area was predominantly an open living area, with minimum or no walls and doors between sections, giving the impression of being larger than it really was.

I turned to see Jhasmin seated at the table, a small, fond smile playing against her carefully schooled features. I noticed that she was already dressed too, wearing a velvety dark blue draped dress featuring a red line running across it horizontally the length of the dress on one side, and a similar line running vertically across her hip and waist sections. It looked totally sexy on her. Well what didn't look sexy on her I regarded my own thoughts.

"Sit down, Kixi," Jhasmin said, gesturing at the chair next to her. "I'm glad you're up now. It's gonna be a busy day today. They're gonna announce the new president at around midday, and then there are all the last minute stuff before tomorrow. I so can't wait until tomorrow Kiks." Her voice rose with much sparking enthusiasm at the mentioning of our wedding day.

I silently plopped into the seat at Jhasmin's left, and stared down at the table, unable, or, rather, unwilling to look her in the eyes.

"Ah? Is something up Kiks?" She said suddenly alarmed, her eyes tight and giving me a worried glance.

"Well remember how I had those bad dreams last night?" My voice was hushed, my gaze growing, penetrating.

"Yes.. Are... Are you okay Kixi?" Jhasmin said as her brows drew together and she bit her lower lip.

“Yes... Indeed. Um it's... well—”

"Kiks?" Jhasmin's eyes glistened with emotion, pulling her eyebrows down, wilting like flowers in the autumn. Her lips trembled as if she were to let out a sob, but she never did. Her nose twitched as her mouth suddenly became agape, and she drew in a breath of air sharply, turning her neck.

"Yes, yes, I'm okay. I know why I had those nightmares last night. There is something really important that I need to tell you..." I said ducking my head with a remorseful expression. Remorseful, but not ashamed. A rather sour taste filled my mouth, as I began explaining my surreptitious meeting with our foes from a war we only recently stood triumphant against.


Some ten minutes later...



“But I—”



"No! This is serious stuff, Kixi. What were you thinking? Do you not realise the consequences of your actions?" Jhasmin said clearly irritated, as she raised her arm to move back the velvet drape, her bangles cascading down her soft smooth sexy arm.

"You're welcome... Jhasmin! Even with all we've been through during the last few years, despite you having matured fast, you can still be a little brat!" I responded, also irritated, but in my case it was for her not being thankful over anything else.

"Gee don't thank me in a hurry Jhazzy!" I retorted.

Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, soon to be sworn in as the USS's new chief of state, my soon to be wife, sat at the far end of our long, rectangular dining table, giving me a disappointed look. I sat before her at the table, still in my pyjamas, my hair tumbled like beached kelp after a storm, ruffled, and certainly not in a way you'd see on the cover of any magazine. My facial expression very much said that I didn't care about anything or anyone, that was anyone except the very person I was speaking to.

Lines of several large neon lights inbuilt into the high white ceiling, ran in horizontal lines in parallel to the outside windows above our heads. Those glass clear windows surrounded the spacious room, glinting in the bright sunlight, into our spacious luxury apartment hundreds of metres up, the view of the infinite busy fast paced Celestia City air traffic, flowing gracefully in the background.

I hadn't bothered to get changed, nor make myself look fancy, opting to cut to the chase and immediately, like I had promised myself the night before, to go tell Jhasmin the truth of what I had done. The moment my words had exited my mouth, Jhasmin had, and unlike what I was expecting, vented her anger out on me, cursing angrily in the seclusion of our apartment's living room. I, on the other hand, was relatively calm however.

Mako Jhasmin had all but blown a gasket. She had risen from her seat when I relayed the news of my treason to her, and had started asserting herself hoarse, absolutely enraged that I had committed such a horrendous act. I also got up from my seat, and stood there a moment not having so much as muttered a thing.

However my glare spoke louder than my words, not happy at her reaction given I had done all of what I had done solely for her. I had thought about trying to joke around at first, to lessen the tension, but decided the better and not to, as my fiancée gave me a warning look. 

"I realise the possible consequences, consequences that will never come to fruition my deer sweetheart." I said finally breaking the awkward silence.

"How can you be so sure? And why that heck would you do such a thing?" She lowered her arm in an subconscious strike, venting her disgust, sending the bangles on her arm crashing down to her hand. Before she could splay her fingers, two had hit the tiled flooring.

"Because you are my precious love." I smiled devilishly. Jhasmin was so cute when she got angry.

"Yes, I understand that Kixi. In fact you make it so blatant that anyone that is acquainted to us knows it." Jhasmin said folding her arms, and giving me that look of I know what she's talking about and to stop treating this as one big joke.

"And you are not pleased about it Jhasmin? I mean after all it's what you've always wanted from the very moment you laid eyes on me. You not only wanted me, but you also wanted all that special treatment and so forth." I felt a flare of annoyance in my gut, although I didn't make that feeling obvious to my fiancée.

"So now you've gotten more than what you've bargained for." I forced a tight lipped smile and nodded in her direction, all the while looking at the floor.

"Yes but this time you've gone a tad too far don't you think Kixi?" Jhasmin looked down at her hands, which she clenched and unclenched nervously. Her face was as red as a sweet strawberry, so much that I wanted to nibble her cheeks gently and tell her how cute she was. After a moment, I looked up at her again, still unsure of what to say, but slightly amused by my own ponderings.

"For you it's never too far. I find no limits or barriers when it comes to doing things for you Jhasmin." I grinned, the corners of my mouth quirked upward.

“Yes but—”

"Do you remember when we first met years ago, when I was going about my own business doing my usual morning jog? Then I saw that older group of young men and women picking on you in the park. I came to your aid, we became friends and for some time you kept annoying me. I kept telling you that you needed to go find your own friends. But no Jhasmin, you were so in love with me weren't you? Of course your gradual persistence which eventually lead to our first kiss won me over. From there I practically fell in love with you. It's like you were some Godsent gift sent to my by some divine intervention. Now I virtually wanna worship you." Joy tugged at the corners of my lips as if invisible elves were playing tug-of-war while I spoke.

"I know Kiks, I know." Came back Jhasmin's voice. Almost child like, sincere, loving and caring. "I'm still madly in love with you too incase you've forgotten." She did manage, somehow, a slight chuckle, and before the laughter came, its anticipation flipped her expression. Dry, labial hills eroded into wet-licked lips of imminent joy.

“Ahem... but still you committed—”

But what? Stop being a spoilt little brat and be grateful for all the things I do for you dammit." I contemplated belittling her, just to spite her, but decided against it. I simply couldn't make myself do it. Not to Jhasmin, not to my love.

"Oh Kixi do you seriously not realise that you're way in over your head on this one? It's not that I'm not grateful. You know I appreciate all that you do for me. However, if anymore finds out what you did, my presidency will be a farce and short lived." She said, finally spilling out the obvious, her face holding sadness and confusion.

"Oh c'mon Jhazzy, I've been in deeper waters before and gotten myself out." I immediately responded, pulling my shoulders back, chest out, and lifted my chin in pure confidence.

"Kixi this is treason!" She exclaimed, as one eyebrow fell heavily onto her eye, the other shot straight up, and she gazed at me in disbelief regarding my reasoning.

"And so it is." I shrugged. "I frankly couldn't give a damn. You my sweet love are above everything. You're greater than the world or worlds that we live in. Thus it's only fit that you're its leader." I returned a half shrug and a grin that secretly conveyed agreement to the fact of treason. I then ran my hands through the hair and flipped my hair, deliberately flirting with her, somewhat trying to now dodge the subject of treason.

"Kixi, I'm flattered, I really am. But whilst you may see me as your everything, and of course don't get me wrong, I see you as my everything too, others will most definitely not see things in the same light. No one person is greater than the society in which we live in." Jhasmin took in a deep breath. Inside, she felt her heart beating more quickly, her breath coming more quickly, her hands shaking, all of which she was trying to hide.

"One needs to be reasonable. If our own alone find out what you did Kixi, you'll be in serious trouble. You will be trialled and possibly jailed or exiled— you the hero of the Resistance. You just can't do what you did." Jhasmin said starting to tap her fingers on the table and biting her lip. She sighed at the situation, cried out in frustration, and then sighed putting both hands on her forehead.

"Like I said before, I don't care." I simply responded sounding very antagonistic towards her before frowning deeply myself. I was aware that by no means of the imagination, that what I had done was ethically correct. Yet it was entirely for her benefit, and seeing her upset over it made me feel somewhat very defeated. I was sort of baffled at the situation too, but what was done was done now. There wasn't anything I could do to change the fact, and if I could rethink my actions and go back in time to erase what I did, I still wouldn't.

"Kixi! I'm trying to be serious here." The corner of her mouth tipped up, and her eyebrows sank into a disbelieving gaze.

"I don't doubt that, I'm just as serious too." I chewed on one of my hangnails until it stung and bled. Anything to take my mind off my own incessant actions, which at the same time began building pressure in my lower abdomen.

"Oh my God Kixi. Please tell me you've been kidding me the whole time. Please tell me that."

Beads of sweat and ripples of chills came over me like a stadium full of fans doing a wave. Everything around me seemed to grow larger and more ominous as my bladder filled to the tipping point.

"I would be lying if I did, and I don't lie to you." I chuckled darkly.

"Oh I just wanna worship you Jhazzy. Look at you. You have the best body in the world, and that's a fact put simply because it's your body. Oh Jhasmin, oh yes Jhasmin." I stretched out and took her hand, and then slowly kissed it gently on its top side several times.

Despite her current unease, Jhasmin did not protest in any way. I turned her hand around, slowly taking her hand in mine and kissed her palm, breathing in her smell. I felt my energy crackle at her artificial scents causing me to shiver for a fraction of a second. As if she had forgotten everything that had happened in the last twenty or so minutes, she grinned and then kissed me, gently, on the lips, adding as she drew back, her hand sliding from my mouth to my chest.

“You know I would be happy to do this to you all day long Kiks." She added, her light brown almost hazel coloured eyes glowed with the depth of universal love, casting off stardust as a diamond casts fire. Her eyes smouldered like embers of a fire in a desert night, glancing at me, focusing back into my own eyes.

I couldn't help but blush. “Well if you put it like that, then you won't hear any protests coming from me."

"Kixi please just listen to me. Listen to me your divine goddess." She jerked back just a little, and pursed her lips allowing her eyelids to slowly open and close. Much like a mother would to a child.

"Our victory over Skycom Corporation was to end tyranny and corruption. It is quite obvious to me that you've essentially made a deal with the devil so to speak. You're going to fund the very same organisation we toppled, and effectively help them rebuild their power. All that just so I can be president. Its an extremely high price to pay. It's spells corruption, deceit and lies everywhere. Also the Zhann Alliance is important, Kixi. The ties between the USS are loose enough as it is. How will they ever begin to trust the USS anymore than they did under its former rulers if they ever learnt of this treachery?" Jhasmin had a strange look on her face, her mouth slightly open, and now that we had returned back to the subject of treason, her eyes were wide with shock and confusion and a strange hurt, unmoving with one hand grasping the end of the table.

“Because Kay Blade commands the Zhann Alliance, and last time I checked that was my alter ego in which very few people know it's me—”

"No Kixi, it won't work. The few people who know us as KnM Blade will not go lightly on you if they found out what you did." Jhasmin was seething. Despite our couple of minutes of romance, the betrayal she'd felt before regarding my dealings with Dekker and Skycom that had morphed into disappointment toward me, was now rapidly turning into anger. Somewhere in the back of her mind, not withstanding that I had done it solely for her, the reality that I had committed a serious act of treason still lingered in her mind.

"The only real threat is General Dekker. But he's now in another star system and can't talk. Simply put if he does, his much needed supply of credit will cease. Everything will be fine," I said without much conviction.

"And what of the politicians he bribed on your behalf?" Jhasmin asked the next obvious question twitching her eyebrows, her facial muscles strained.

"They won't talk if they want to keep their seats. Besides no one would believe them if they spoke up, and Dekker didn't give them the full details of the hows and whats. In a nutshell he did not tell them that I'm involved, and as far as you are concerned, you are oblivious to all this." I grinned and looked so completely nonchalant, that Jhasmin had to resist the urge to hit me.

"Look at you Kixi, so very confident of yourself like always aren't you?" A glint of annoyance continued to flash in Jhasmin's eyes, as she leaned forward a bit, her eye expression ballistic.

I closed my eyes, tired of our arguing. Truthfully, this was the first in a very long time that I had found myself at odds with my fiancée. "Look Jhazzy, I believe the words you should be saying are thank you Kixi." I finally said opening my eyes again and wiping a hand on a sweaty forehead.

"Oh thank you Kixi. Thank you for virtually making me the next president, and in the process, going against everything we've damn fought for these last few years. This goes against every single value, principal and belief Kixi. Furthermore, even though inadvertently, you have betrayed all your friends for your unethical actions." Jhasmin responded clucking her tongue in annoyance. "But you clearly fail to understand anything beyond the realm of my existence." She said as her lips formed a straight, dissaproving line.

"Well yes, we've all been through something of an ordeal these last few years, and now that's all behind us." I said with a twitch in irritation, doing my best not to scowl.

“Kixi I—”

"Please, let me finish," I swallowed and studied my hands. But I was just grinning so easily, my eyes glinting so expectantly. I knew that Jhasmin would let this go. I knew that in the end, Jhasmin would be okay with what I had done, even if she didn't like it because in the end what I had done was solely for her, and it wasn't exactly a minor thing. Simply put, I was Kixi Rajki and she was mad about me from the moment she laid eyes on me. Thus anything I did for her, even if it involved treason would always be okay. Or so I thought...

White hot fury pounded in her chest, and Jhasmin, literally, felt herself snap. Just a little.

But she snapped, nonetheless.

"Well," she said, drumming her fingers on the table and meeting my confused gaze, "This is all very well and good that I'm going to be the president, we can't reverse what you committed in the process either. So now... genius, what are you going to do about Dekker in the long term." She pursed her lips while her nostrils seemed to flare in anger.

"What do you mean?" I asked, frowning and, seemingly, surprised. "After our honeymoon is up, it's back to work. Skycom Corporation is obviously looking at rebuilding elsewhere and our own intelligence is gonna wanna know where. It would be a matter of national security so to speak. As an agent, its part of my duty to help find where they could be. In working together we can find them. Once that's done, I'll embark on my own little mission, bring Paige along too, and we'll hunt Dekker down and send him off on a permanent holiday." I said making it sound ever so easy, dismissing everything possibly bad that could possibly go wrong, just as I always did.

"Kixi that's not exactly safe. Going at it alone deep in enemy territory." After a few moments of silence, I forced my hardened eyes to meet Jhasmin's. It was clear that there was more to my last comment than met the eye. She did not approve of me going at it alone in enemy territory, but there was another factor involved – one of jealousy – Paige, she couldn't stand the thought of me and her being alone together, and all the while, she did not trust her one tiny bit.

"Well okay, I wouldn't just go with Paige. We would go in with a team. Say an infiltration mission or something, and then while I'm there I can secretly divert from the main mission to find and kill Dekker." Perhaps after years gone by, I may have gotten sloppy and overconfident with my thinking, however this was more a case of the bashfulness in me. In all honesty I didn't have any interest in Paige. Sure she had been fun and had been a friend with benefits, but since she had been partially lobotomised, she was nothing more than just a member of my team, and as far as missions went, she was formidable and trustworthy. All I wanted to do was fix things and make things straight, and to do so as quickly and as humanity possible. That meant that at some point in the not so distant future, that General Dekker had to be silenced— permanently.

"Okay Kixi that's enough! I don't wanna hear it anymore. What's done is done. You are way overconfident my good friend. That Kixi, if you do not change your ways and get rid of your devil may care attitude, will eventually lead to your ultimate downfall." Jhasmin sneered, her voice cracked. "I don't wanna lose you and become widowed." She shook her head, inevitably causing me to produce a slightly guilty expression across my face.

Jhasmin spun on her heel and began heading upstairs for our ensuite, no longer thinking of my unspeakable actions and feeling something akin to numb.

“Can we please finish talking about this?”

“What is there to talk about?” Her shoulders slumped as she glanced over her shoulder, but not completely turning back. “What you have done cannot be undone, so now I have to play along I guess.”

I furrowed my brow. “You guess?"

"Well what I meant was that clearly I can't report you, so I'm just gonna go with the flow and... well... gee Kixi you should be grateful that I, your soon to be wife puts up with all your unintelligent behaviour. You know at times you can be such a lamebrain?" Jhasmin walked back to me, not holding back the choice of words she suddenly decided to unleash on me.

My blue eyes shone with fury. I reached out with one of my hands to cup one of her breasts, although I stood in a way that only half of my body faced her. My face contorted with failed words until I pulled my hand from her breast, and flicked it toward the right side of my face throwing my head back, laughing.

Jhasmin instinctively yelped, then breathed deep to stifle a giggle. “I’m sorry, Kiks.”

“After I risked my neck out for you to get you the presidency and you call me a lamebrain? I wonder if you'll ever mean it.”

Jhasmin snorted. "Well in all honesty, I don't get how someone so brilliant as you could be so dumb at times. Your ways of achieving things aren't exactly always very orthodox idiot.” A bubble of laughter escaped. “Oh and Kixi, I really like your face. I like your face a lot. Especially when you're all peeved."

"Really Jhasmin. So why are you still staring at it?" I said immodestly grinning at her.

"Um what do you mean Kixi?" Her face contorted into a puzzle of confusion.

I turned over my shoulder, my one visible eye narrowed, but then I turned slowly toward her. "Well look who's the dumb one now hey? What do you think I meant silly, kiss me!"

“Kixi Rajki, you are one crazy girl,” she sighed, leaning down taking my cheeks in her soft hands, and then pressed her lips to mine. From there, my arms naturally wrapped themselves around her neck, kissing her back.

A moment later she was then the first to pull away, wiping my lip gloss off her lips. I stared at her, a moment panic squeezed at my chest.

“Oh for the love of— thank you Kixi— I mean for the love of God, thank you for the things you do for me, which in this case I'm referring to the shifty strings you pulled to get me the presidency."

She stopped herself in her tracks as I raised an eyebrow, and then the rest of it to come tumbling out.

“Blasted, I love you Kixi. And I’ve never loved anyone before you. I love you for who you are, your courage to go above and beyond, your caring toward me, your love and devotion, man I think I'm scaring myself with my own words." She chucked to herself. "Oh and we're getting married tomorrow. It can't end any better than that, except that it won't end there, cos it's gonna be you and I together forever and ever baby."

I wore a smile as dazzling as my eyes. My broad shoulders bobbed with quiet mirth that hit Jhasmin like a boot to the gut. She’d poured her bleeding heart out to me and I was laughing at her.

Jhasmin shut her eyes against the sting of tears and buried her face in her hands. “Kixi... What's so amusing?”

My hand pulled hers away from her face. Warmth like sunlight radiated from my smile. It was all she managed to see before I kissed her. She felt a moments weightlessness as I scooped her up from the ground, and pulled
her into me. Putting her down again I curled my arm around her waist, tugging her closely next to me. "I had you worried there for a moment didn't I Jhazzy?"

"Oh please so don't joke around like that again Kixi." Jhasmin sighed like a slight spring breeze, soft and gentle, almost lost against the drone of the busy air traffic outside.

Just the sight of Jhasmin's priceless facial expression as she said those words, was enough to release the breath that I myself didn't even know I was holding. With the sigh, my shoulders relaxed and my face lit up into the person my love knew. "Jhasmin you should know that I love you so so much for you to ever believe such absurd things. You're the best thing in my life, so thank you Jhasmin... thank you for your existence."

“I love you so much Kixi. The things you do for me, only you would do them. Despite what this may seem at the moment, I'm forever grateful for it too. You're one extraordinary woman Kiks. That's all that really matters.”

After having let go of my hold on her, I bowed my head slowly to her, but couldn't help with the flirtatious smile. "I'm glad you appreciate it dear. You in turn drive me, you give me motivation and will power. You rock my world Jhasmin. Yes I so can't wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a day that will live in our hearts and memories for all eternity."

"I know you've always been there for me. But what you did doesn't make things easy for me. Please understand why I got so upset about it. Next time you decide to do something of the sort, please consult me first. I deserve some trust Kixi, and what you did was clearly playing with fire." Her voice trailed off just a tad, her shoulders showed signs of trembling but didn't. Her anger had completely melted away, replaced by an odd eccentric feeling.

"Tomorrow Kixi, it's going to be the happiest day of our lives. Nothing can be better than for me to be with you for the rest of my life. Not the presidency, not money, just you. I don't want to think about this treason anymore. In fact I want to forget you ever told me. At least for the time being. We'll just like you said before, have to deal with it later." She gulped those last words, dreading what would happen if my scandalous treason were ever discovered, but at least now she knew about it and thus, I would not be hiding a lie from my sweet love.

"However please promise me that if you ever try pulling a stunt like that again, that you'll speak to my first about it?" And then she gave me a smile that just seemed so genuinely sweet, with just the right touch, allowing an unexpected warmth to rush through me.

"Okay Jhasmin, I promise and I'm sincerely sorry too." I glanced to the adjoining terrace balcony, gazing out toward Celestia City's buzzing sky traffic and beyond. I thought about the embrace I had just shared with Jhasmin. I could still feel her pressed against me, our hearts racing wildly, my lips tasting her sweetness. I had meant every word regarding my apology to her. The bond we shared between us was a special one, made stronger by our devoted love for one another.

"Let's get ready Kixi. We have a busy day ahead of us. I need to fix myself up and you need to get out of those pjs and do your hair. The presidential announcement is at midday for starters. And seeing it's gonna be about me, then we best both make ourselves look presentable. I take it after that, that I'll have to make a few speeches, sit a few interviews— umm... just great." Jhasmin's not so enthusiastic tone of voice as she finished, unquestionably indicated that she wasn't very thrilled at that prospect at all.

“Then we have a few things on tonight, less formal thank the stars." She sighed yearning. "Tomorrow please just come already.”

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