I Love You and You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi and Mako Jhasmin.

Finally, peace. The combined forces of the Zhann Alliance commanded by none other than Kixi Rajki's alter ego Kay Blade, stand victorious against the once powerful government of President Drex. Toppled & defeated, along with its main protagonist, the corporate giant Skycom, the United Systems of Sol is on the verge of forming a new government.

With Mako in the running for the presidency as Chief of State all but a formality, & humanity's role as a space fairing nation set in concrete by the Zhann Alliance, not all however is what one would have one seemingly believe.

A new war is looming on the horizon, one much different than humanity is yet to ever have faced, inevitably bringing tough new challenges that will await both Kixi & Mako in their new pivotal roles. However, with peace at least a temporary reality for now, & the turbulent turmoil of old long past them, the fresh beginnings sees the opportunity for Kixi & longtime fiancée Mako Jhasmin finally marry in a grand ceremony.


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7. Chapter 3

Chapter 3.


Two days before the wedding after having spent time away from Earth in Huygens Tāun on Titan.


Jhasmin walked down the paved walkway between her friends, as she glanced around at the bustle of busy Celestia City around her.

"I hope this designer you've found is very good," Miyuki commented from beside Shizuka as she eyed Jhasmin, who had just told them about the designer, Intan Kim.

"She'll do fine, she'll do more than fine. And the attendants' dresses will be special too." Jhasmin assured her when Zenon leaned forward grinning.

"Everything better be good or there will be trouble, Jhasmin." Zenon then added meekly.

“C'mon Zenon," Jhasmin mocked as she shook her head. "They're fashion designers. What can they do to us?”

Zenon grinned as Jhasmin got into a hovercar before her, and glanced back at her waiting for an answer. "Well since I'm a presidential candidate, they declare we all look like a group of chicks fashioned in a fancy political like look."

Although the comment had only meant to be a joke, Miyuki still shook her head in total disgust at the mere thought. "If you think I'm doing my hair in buns and pulling on a white robe or kimono, you all have some serious rethinking to do."

Miyuki moved up beside Jhasmin, with Zenon sitting behind her. "But the female politicians here weren't always that boring. I do recall some having long braided hair for example, while others that had close ties to the military or Skysec wore tight dresses down to the knee height, some with long boots, and or fancy military lookalike berets. I do recall elegance too girls." Jhasmin continued pointing out.

Miyuki dropped her head focusing on the controls before her, before answering Jhasmin. "I remember it too, but only in the upper echelons of society. In the strata that had insulated itself from reality."

“Yes," Shizuka pointed out from behind them. "It all seems like something that is worlds away now, different times I guess. However let me remind everyone that we're drifting off topic here. Clearly we won't be wearing military style clothing at a wedding, and for the record, on the topic regarding the dress code for the senate and so forth, it's not really appropriate attire. Sure when Skycom Corporation ruled the roost, it was. However things have changed now or perhaps to sum things up more precisely, change is in motion. With a liberal and democratic government set to replace the former, donning that form of wear in parliament, just isn't appropriate.”

“Yeah, the liberation which we were all a part of freed everyone to celebrate, and to enjoy life." Zenon pointed out. "Any changes should reflect that fact.”

Jhasmin nodded her head in agreement, "and back to fashion designers, there is no denying that a talented young lady such as Intan Kim, can definitely produce me a very special and unique looking wedding gown that will fit perfectly for this special occasion."

"Though the clumsy efforts of our fancy race car driver and her crew to plan their little celebration tomorrow night, smacks of total bumbling," Miyuki said with a sly grin considering how frenzied I would be after that. I was known to be able to hold my drink, to a certain point that was – just like anyone else human, but finding myself mostly with a group of male petrol heads and their hot head egos in a bar, I guess I would just have to be relieved once I got back.

"You don't think that they think we don't know what they're going to be doing?" Shizuka asked knowing as well as Miyuki just what they would be getting me into that night.

"No, they're just hoping we won't think they're being entirely childish." Answered Miyuki.

"Yeah, and poor Kajtia who will be the only other female present having to have to deal with it all." Shizuka pointed out solidly.

“Well, at least we know that Kajtia will be looking out for her. Isn't that what a bestie is for?" Zenon asked as she leaned over towards Shizuka. "Getting her to stop drinking before she totally intoxicates herself, and ultimately becoming so hungover on her wedding day?”

"Ha right!" Miyuki admonished. "Who are the lot of you kidding. Trust me, Kajtia will end up just as intoxicated as Kixi." Miyuki assured her little adopted sister­ who was glancing around a little worried. "She's not exactly the most mature woman around either, and her boyfriend friend Chris, along with all the other blokes, will ensure she along with the bride gets drunk too.




I glanced around the grubby room as I listened to their complaints. The high and mighty freedom fighters of what had been known as the Arjian Resistance living in their city, controlling it, as well as the rest of the planet and the entire Sol System for that matter. How the mighty had fallen I contemplated, a sardonic grin began to form across my face, as I could hear them indirectly cursing under their breaths regarding me as they noticed my presence. That mighty Skycom Corporation, coupled with the tyranny of President Drex that once ruled, were no more than scum now.

I felt tension in the air. Standing there in silence, waiting for my contact, who most likely was the one in charge of the lot currently in my presence, and doing everything humanly possible to intimidate me. And who could blame them. After all, I had been the one who had primarily lead the successful assault that had lead to the demise of Skycom Corporation's stronghold and rule in the Sol System.

Finally I heard the squeak of a door opening. The men suddenly rose to their feet as the murmurs and chatting immediate ceased at the presence of General John Dekker, the once commanding overseer, second only to Director Kristy Langley, head of Skycom's military division of Skysec, and heir and successor to the late Cerberus, her mother, who's brutal slaying had been orchestrated by none other than me, and her defecting younger daughter Paige Langley.

Dekker signalled for his men to remain at ease, as he and the man closest to him exchanged a few words that were unintelligible, before he glanced over into my direction. The floor creaked at the movement of his heady boots walking across the worn out flooring.

"It's been a long time since we last spoke Kay Blade," he said, his voice and facial expression brittle, offering no apologies for the behaviour of his comrades.

“It most certainly has been." I said keeping my lips pursed. Clearly I wasn't happy being in his presence, however we were here for one sole reason. To seal a prior deal, a secret deal of utter importance for both of us, thus why he and his men had still been allowed to remain in Celestia City and even on Earth for that matter. "I suggest we conclude our business quickly. It's not safe for you to be here, and I can only do so much to hide your presence, meaning you and your comrades should get off planet and then off system once we're done.”

The downfall of Skycom Corporation's control over the Sol System hadn't been all that long ago, however after so many years of undisrupted and unchallenged power, to those still loyal to the once mighty corporation, it had felt like an eternity since the downfall. Yet General Dekker, the once right hand man to Skysec's ruthless and merciless Director Cerberus, and then to its successor, Cerberus' eldest daughter of two, Kristy Langley, today, he had more than a good reason than he had ever felt to feel on a high. Today he would win a small victory that would help lead to the eventual resurgence of the once mighty Skycom Corporation – and give back rule to what in their minds, was rightfully theirs.

If the remnants of Skycom had their way, the people of the USS would hate me. In other words, wanting them to have a loathing desire for Kay Blade, formerly of the Arjian Resistance, and then the leader of the Zhann Alliance, as much as the people were falsely persuaded to hate those loyal to Skycom. They would despise me, would want my head. Furthermore I had become a Züncålazin, a dedicated and extremist so called warrior of the peace, in which my order in reality, sought nothing more than to control the majority of the people whom we saw beneath us, totally blinded and arrogant, set in our own closed minded ideals. Centuries ago when the Züncålazin Order had been exiled to the Sajnen Confederate, the then heads of Skycom Corporation should have killed us all off as far as Dekker was concerned. The Züncålazin should be hated, because we thought that we were so mighty and important. I would fall first, after my first act of treason that I was about to commit, and after that, the others would fall after me. We would plunge into despair, as we deserved, Dekker silently contemplated all this to himself.

"You seem rattled Kay Blade. A few extra minutes here and there will make little difference to the grand scheme of things. We'll be well on our way, and out of the presence of your wretched scum soon enough. Right now all I really care about is concluding our business." Dekker said, his voice portrayed nothing but an unforgiving sense of coldness and grimness.

"That's fine by me General. Then we'll start by me fulfilling my part of the deal first." I got straight to our business, ignoring the man's total resentment toward me, not even waiting for an acknowledgment of any sort from him either.

Tapping on one of several sophisticated gadgets on my wrist, my face became highlit by the blue glow of what was a small holotab computer attached onto me. On it, a series of numbers ran across the floating screen, binary data, encryption codes and so forth.

"The funds are being transferred to your nominated account, that is the one you gave me when we first discussed matters. You are receiving payment as we speak. I've learnt a thing or two about hacking and hiding my steps in the cyber world from none other than slicer extraordinaire, my partner in crime eM Blade. Thus illicit transactions such as this cannot be traced." I blinked my eyes and peered down at the time on one of my other wrist gizmos. My heart nearly felt like it would leapt out of my chest. It was official now. I had just committed a serious act of treason against my very own. All I wanted to do was get this over and done with, yet a minute felt like an hour. "All done!" I said as I quickly turned over a couple of switches on my wrist gadget, cutting the connection, and causing the screen to first go dark, and then vanish in thin air.

"You may check that you have the funds now." I said waving my hands in the air dismissively. Although despite my seemingly calm and apparent composure, inside of me, my stomach rolled over at the thought of what I had just committed. Feeding the very same people I had brought down and defeated, with funds that would inevitably go towards rebuilding their resources. I waited and stood on what felt like weak knees, forcing myself to stay firmly on my feet, feeling totally overwhelmed.

With a quick turn to one of his comrades, the man closest to him gave him a slow quick nod after having glanced down on one of his own devices, confirming the successful completion of the transaction.

Straightening to my full height of 170 cm, I projected no apparent signs of nervousness to the general and his men, but rather the opposite, as I held any signs of tension buried deeply within me. "Now General, time to deliver your end of the bargain." I quickly spat out the words, getting the general to focus his gaze and attention back to me.

“Yes my dear Kay Blade. Patience...”

He paused, shrugging in what almost seemed an uncomfortable gesture. "Your part of the deal has already been secured."

I was studying him closely now, my detached gaze replaced by something more intense, as if I were turning an unexpected thought over in my mind. I was preparing to speak that thought, when the other man, the one who had confirmed the funds, got up and strode toward his general to the stand by his side.

“Kay Blade," I'm Colonel Robert Magnus, the man greeted after a quick nod from his superior giving him the approval to speak. Barely able to contain his excitement, that more a result of the massive funding I had just given them, rather than the news he was about to inform me about. The colonel nodded quickly and then straightened himself fully, towering a good six feet in height, very much identical to that of Dekker to his left. "Mako Jhasmin Zaneca has been nominated to succeed the late Atul Drex as chief of state!”

Magnus' smile was contained and deferential, and his voice carefully modulated as he spoke. "You will understand why this is going to be a shock surprise to many. However with a little inside work from yours truly here, we've ensured that her nomination which as a result of our gambits within the current interim government, will lead to her in being elected. Furthermore we are anticipating a welcoming result by the vast majority of the others."

"Who else has been nominated?" I asked abruptly, cutting him short.

"Gareth Sanders of Sydney and Alex Sanchez of Buenos Aires," Dekker answered, as I avoided looking into his eyes.

Colonel Magnus was quick to recover from the unexpected interruption of his speech. "Kay Blade, the nominations are merely there for show." He said pausing slightly before continuing. "We're more than confident that our part, in which we have played to convince and persuade the strong support needed for Mako when the voting takes place tomorrow within the senators and bureaucrats, will ensure a majority vote in her favour." He paused meaningfully. "Mako will be president, I promise you."

Whatever means of bribery and corruption these men had done, it had surely impressed me. I moved past them to a small window and stared out at the bustle of the city as the lights slowly began to brighten with the fading of the sunset. "For this I am sincerely grateful for your services." I said with a flattening smile. "When will the official announcement be made?"

"At around this time tomorrow afternoon." Answered Dekker

“Excellent. Then your work here is done. By the time we have taken full control of the government, real democracy will have been fully restored to all citizens of Sol." I turned from the window to face both Dekker and Magnus. My eyes were bright with anger and determination. "Mako is sincere and compassionate. She will be loved by the people, and come the real elections in four years or so time, when the people do the actual voting, they will reelect her. What I've done for her here is given her that opportunity to get in, a head start so to speak, be known and do what she was so much born to do.”

Both men looked taken aback. "We understand your desires and your vision for the governance of this nation, however you must understand when we tell you that none of us here actually gives a damn. The unfortunate fact cannot be denied. Your Zhann Alliance of criminals such as yourself, has seized possession of this planet, along with all others that are part of the Sol System, that in essence rightfully still belongs to Skycom Corporation. I'm sure you can understand our not so very optimistic view over the matter." Dekker said sounding somewhat dejected.

I walked back to where they both stood again, shifting my glance quickly from one to the other, remaining calm and composed. "Our taking of this star system I do not condemn. This was no invasion. It was clear that the rule of the former president along side your corporation, had no interests for the good of the people. You were all nothing but tyrants. The people now that they no longer fear you have backed us up to confirm it. All they ever did was despise your rule." My eyes locked onto Dekker's, my voice was edged with iron. "Now finally this place is safe, governed by those who care about the interest of the people."

"Safe? You speak so prematurely Kay Blade, and you and those that stand with you lack the experience to rule effectively. Crime, disorder and chaos will increase now that our presence is gone." Dekker said sneering.

"Ahem." I cleared my throat now having had enough of being in the despicable presence of these men. "On the topic of presence, yours here is well overdue. I needed you for something, and likewise you needed me. However what is done is done, meaning that our business is now long concluded." I moved past both men in a smooth, gliding motion, toward the door on the opposite side which was the main exit. "Oh and all of you have an urgent need to be off world in the next ten hours— that to avoid facing certain arrest and imprisonment." I said dryly, although as I glanced back at Dekker, I was surprised to catch the barest glimpse of a smile on his shrewd face.

"I'm not quite thinking so." Dekker's words came out sounding ever so deviant.

"You're not quite thinking so? I questioned, raising an eyebrow in surprise at his daring defiance.

One of Dekker's comrades muttered something from across the room. "You gutter slime." The words were obviously directed at me, although wisely I chose the ignore them.

"Let's step outside a moment Kay. Just you and I. I wish to discuss something away from the presence of my comrades." Dekker said with a slight evilish grin.

"You don't trust them?" I asked in a very skeptical manner.

"No it's not that. Of course I trust them, I trust them with my life. However it's in your best interest that what I'm about to discuss with you stays between the two of us." Dekker said smirking.

I nodded, sighing at the same time, knowing that whatever Dekker was likely up to, would be sinister in nature, and that things were mostly likely not looking to favour my interests.

Sensing no signs of betrayal or a trap, we both made our way to the exit, with Dekker nodding to Colonel Magnus, politely excusing himself. Walking outside from the rooftop of the building, where we were hundreds of metres above the ground, I glanced well beyond the many other sky high structures, and looked at the bay that lead to the ocean feeling a little stressed.

"Why do I sense foul intentions." I said turning around.

"I'm not exactly in a position to harm you in any way, even if I wanted to, and I assure you that at this present moment, I don't. I wish to discuss the deal we had made just after your conquest of this system." Dekker said.

"How is it that General? We had a deal. I gave you a once off funding to help your Corporation rebuild its arsenal, and you swayed the senate to make Mako Jhasmin the new president of the USS. That was the deal. I've fulfilled my part and you have already confirmed that you have done your part. Given that your job is done here, I strongly advise that you and your men leave the system before you are spotted and arrested." I said scoffing.

"The deal... yes that was the deal. However I'm altering the deal." Dekker said with a conspicuous grin.

"Why am I not surprised, regarding any malicious intents you may still have had. From the sound of your tone, it tells me you want something else from me. However I should remind you, that it was Skycom Corporation that was defeated, and defeated by a Zhann Alliance lead by me. You're not exactly in a position to make any other deals with me, nor demand anything from me, nor in a position to give me orders. In fact you're only standing here because you are the only one that can ensure the next presidency for Mako." I said, growling at him almost demon like.

"Indeed Miss Kay Blade, however unfortunately for you, you have made some misguided assumptions along the path to your fallacious ascendancy." Dekker said.

I crossed my arms in anger as I forced myself to listen to the very same man whom had played both Cerberus' and Kristy Langley's right hand honcho, and whom I had only spared given he, unlike Kristy and many others, were not able to escape once I had seized control of the USS capital. I had spared him solely because of his strong ties and connection within the senate, and had made the deal with him in order to get what I desired so much.

Despite the fall of the tyrannical Drex government that was backed by Skycom Corporation having fallen, the new government that would replace it would be a democracy – and hopefully without the corruption that generally became associated with the vast majority of democracies. Although it was the right of the citizens of the USS in being the ones voting for their president, given the sudden change in government, the possibility to allow each citizen of the Sol System to vote, plus allow for others living abroad and beyond the borders of the same system to vote within a short time span was simply put, not possible. So it was decided upon unanimously, that the first president of the newly reformed USS would be decided upon the existing senate, the majority not ever having ties with Skycom Corporation, and senators once loyal to former President Atul Drex gone, long since leaving the planet for their own safety.

However things were not that simple as they should have at least been in theory. General Dekker had his ties in the senate, strings that he could pull, favours he could make, despite him now being a criminal in the new society of the USS. In exchange for him forcing and persuading the necessary senators to allow Mako Jhasmin to win their votes and become president, I had offered him an extravagant amount of funding for his now ailing Skycom Corporation to rebuild – an act of treason on my own behalf, but necessary for realising the dream to have my beloved Jhasmin as the next president, at least for the next four years when by then, elections would be held allowing the people to vote. So much for not being corrupt I mused ironically.

"It's not that I don't trust you, it's simply that I just don't trust you." He continued, snapping his fingers in an 'A-ha' like fashion.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I turned first giving him a death glare, but then shook my head.

"You're Kay Blade, one of the heroes of your illegitimate rebellion. You may have won the war, the old war now, you may have won the hearts of the many... but most certainly not all. There are many who would rather see you dead, and not only you, but also your contemptuous friends." Dekker smirked as he replied.

I remained stunned and silent for a few seconds and then shook my head as I responded in saying, "The old war?"

A shallow smile with deep piercing eyes and an evil mind, immediately portrayed the general's face, betraying all sense of innocence, had he ever had any. Now he would exercise his true intents, now he would have me cornered into a trap, where I would be given little or no choice but to comply with his long term sinister plans.

“President Drex may be dead, and Skycom Corporation's stronghold on the Sol System may be gone— no thanks to your own pitiful efforts, but do you really think all your enemies from Skycom Corporation are gone?" Dekker said putting on a typical realisation look. "Gabriel Skyhawk is still alive, as are Kristy Langley and Kes En'jusek... and the list goes on.”

""Agh! And you're point is?" I stomped my foot, snarling in anger.

"Why it's simple, or are you too blind to see it?" Dekker calmly responded, knowing that the tide was about to shift considerably in his favour.

"You think I'm worried that you or even they will build up a force powerful enough to take Sol back?" Even with this shady little deal, none will help you in that futile quest in the long term!" I retorted.

Dekker simply smiled at me the way a wolf would smile at a lame lamb. "On the contrary, the funds you generously donated will go towards weapons that will help reestablish Skycom Corporation in a star system in which I will not disclose the name of to you. With that, I give you my many humble thanks, not just for your scrupulous efforts with the latest deal we had, but the subsequent ongoing ones that will follow."

"Ha! Some vivid imagination you have. But last time I checked, we didn't have any deal, and I'm not exactly prepared to make anymore with the likes of your villainous scumbags." I said covered in a look of total disdain toward the general as we continued in our discourse.

"Oh how so ever touching. So blinded you are for love, that you even betrayed your love and your own people in dealing with us already." Dekker countered, knowing he already had full control of what would ultimately be a very unfortunate situation for me.

"My love for who? What are you implying. Get to the point Dekker?" Hmm?" I hummed nervously when my curiosity kicked in, and looked up at him directly so our gazes could lock.

"For who else? The one you have already sacrificed everything for so that she can lead, so that she, a total nobody can be guaranteed the presidency. The one you will be wedding in a few days in grand ceremony." Dekker responded dryly, finally deciding to get to the point and delivering the blow that would without any question of a doubt, make me comply to his new set of demands.

“Mako Jhasmin? She is marrying Kixi Rajki so I totally fail to see your—”

"You are her Kay Blade!" Dekker said abruptly cutting me off mid speech.

"Why that's totally absurd, I don't look anything remotely like her." I immediately said brushing his claim off, swinging my right arm to the side as I denied his allegations.

"Yes and your facial implant or mask, what is it called again... Ah yes, your Nanotech Facial Veil or NFV as it has been come to be known as, could have fooled me just like it has countless others. Except for one thing. I suspected things not being quite right when I took a closer look at the body compositions of both you as what you are now, and Kixi Rajki, and apart from your faces, everything is a 100 percent DNA match, as are your body compositions and weight." Dekker said firmly, grinning spitefully, knowing that he knew of my ultimate secret.

“And how would you have been able to pull that off? That is—”

“Easily. When we captured you and eM Blade, which by the way I know is your fiancée Mako Jhasmin who carries the same facial implant as you. Now when you were both captured and had to fight in the gladiatorial arena—”

"Yes I remember that very unfortunate event, get to the point Dekker." I snapped back at him.

“We scanned both your bodies thoroughly. Now of course no one including I suspected the link to Kixi... you, and your fiancée then. In fact this discovery of mine was only made due to careful observation on my own part.”

“Yeah, I'm still not buying your ridiculous claims Dekker.”

"No? Oh you will in a moment young lady, that I can assure you." Dekker's voice sounded as gravelly and penetrating as it was gruff.

I simply gulped, and it was now clear to both of us that he really did know the truth of my identity. Like the sudden change of the wind, from being confidence and so very sure of myself, I now expressed the exact opposite. My eyes, facial expression – my complete body composure said it all. I showed fear and lack of confidence. Timid like and diffident, I now felt as if I lacked total conviction, boldness and courage. My overconfidence had just become my downfall.

“You see," Dekker continued expressing his sinister smile, "things looked a little suss when I was able to observe you with eM Blade closely. You're obsession with her, your devotion, your love. And then when you approached me to corrupt the few senators and politicians that you and your criminal unlawful resistance rebels have allowed to continue with their duties and so forth, and insisted, virtually begging me by performing an act of treason against your very own, by ensuring that Mako is elected the new president of the USS. I began to wonder why you wanted her to be the one to become the next president so desperately. You showed the exact same attributes toward Mako as you did for eM Blade. Your love for her did little to hide both your identities. So from there, getting the DNA scans of both you as Kixi Rajki and Mako your fiancée was an easy task, since the two of you are always in the public spotlight. You as an ex Formula Zero champion and her as your fiancée soon to wed. Oh and of course let's not forget all the presidency stuff now hot in the media.”

Dekker spoke with absolute confidence and authority in his voice. His speech being nothing more than intimidating, and with it came crashing down the hash realisation that he really knew my true identity. He had belittling me in the process, played me for the fool – as intended, and now stood there with his arms crossed across his chest, seemingly towering over me as if now the man had suddenly grown an extra full metre taller in length.

"That's all one heck of a fascinating story. You must really have one hell of a vivid imagination. Perhaps you should have been a writer instead of a military man Dekker." I said as I tipped the black military style beret that I was wearing low, while at the same time ducking my chin into my shirt's collar. My shadowy figure cowered in the shadows that had appeared due to the few small pole lamps that were emitting low amounts of artificial lighting around us, as I downplayed what surely would have been an incredible claim to any witnesses or bystanders had there been any.

"Oh don't continue to insult my intelligence Kay Blade." Dekker immediately snapped back, yet surprisingly remained calm, not having a bar at my futile pretences of denial. "Take a look for yourself then." He said pulling out a small halo tab device, in which the floating images and data that followed very much summed up everything that he had said.

From that point on, the tilt of my head, my eye contact or lack of it, my set of eyebrows, forehead lines and my lips all told a tale. I shuddered at the terrible realisation. I wanted to kill this man. All it would take was one telekinetic push to send him hurtling hundreds of metres down to his death below. Dekker knew that I could do that too, but he also knew that I wouldn't, and that I couldn't. No, because simply put, if I eliminated him now, Mako Jhasmin might not become president, and because of my immense love for her, I practically lived to serve her. Dekker was indeed a wise man. He understood from the very word go, that my love for Mako Jhasmin would be my ultimate weakness, thus playing his hand wisely, in using it to his absolute advantage.

"Oh no!" I yelped, as my eyes became wide and stricken. "No this can't be." I took a step backwards, my face had turned a pale white.

“So now tell me Kay Blade, or shall I call you Kixi Rajki? Who's the wise one now. You are such a pathetic weak minded fool, blinded by your love and dedication to one person. I must congratulate you though, Mako Jhasmin will become the next USS president— with your efforts in treason and betrayal in assisting your sworn enemy, Skycom Corporation. If she alone ever discovered the truth, you will be labelled as no more than a traitor in not just her eyes, but to all that ever set eyes upon you. From hero to zero you will be. However I'm not without a heart. Commit to my new deal by supplying us with continuous funding as I've already outlined, and your secret will remain safe with me, as will your alter ego identity, and your soon to be wife will reign as president.”

I snarled in anger. "I could simply kill you right now dammit!"

"Oh how very touching... but you simply won't." Dekker said dismissively.

"Yeah why not?" I barked back quite snappily and fiercely.

"Because if you do, Mako will not become president, and that you will not deny her because she is all you really ever cared about." Dekker calmly concluded.

"And I guess I won't be able to kill you afterwards because I'll never be able to physically get to you after today, and in turn as long as I keep with the new deal, you'll stick to your word about not disclosing the corrupt truth about me as otherwise you and Skycom Corporation stand to lose when it comes to funding weapons." I conceded in total defeat.

"Spot on, see you're not so thick after all." He commented as I dropped my head in shame and defeat.

Sadness covered my every feature. "You filth ball. I hate your guts."

“Oh don't be so sad Kay. After all, you're the one having the time of her life. Marriage, your soon to be wife to become the next president, fame, importance, glory... you're a hero to the people. And as long as you keep to our agreement, you can rest assured, that you can continue to prosper in your glamorous and pretentious life of lies.”

"I... I.... I understand." I said trying hard to suppress tears and not sulk.

By this stage I was so downbeat with my head so low, that I didn't even notice Dekker step in close to me, and only realised he was there when I felt his hand lift my chin up so I could stare him directly in the eye.

“Now I don't wish to waste more time in being in your distasteful presence than I need to be. Rest assured that all your secrets will be safe with me. No one will know of your treason, nor the alter ego identities of both your soon to be wife and yourself. That's as long as you continue to fund me in secret on a periodical basis which I'll discus with you on a moment." Dekker then paused a moment not dropping his gaze from me. "So do we have a deal Kay Blade?”

I as well stared at him long and hard before grabbing his arm, moving it along with his hand that was still under my chin away from me. Releasing his arm I then slowly and hesitantly muttered the words. "Yes we do."

"Great. I thank you dearly for your continued understanding and contributions in aiding Skycom Corporation." He said smirking a little, and then shook my hand properly sealing the deal.

I sighed as I turned around to look away from him, staring endlessly at the sight of the busy moving sky traffic before me.

Several seconds later, Dekker tapped me on the shoulder, and as I swivelled around he handed me a data pad. "Don't lose this. It contains all the details on how and where to make future payments to, the amount and also the frequency. If anything changes, I will contact you using a special alias known as Fulcrum, in which from there, further details will be given on how to find me."

I glanced at the data pad, nodding before sliding it into one of my back pockets. "And if I need to contact you first for whatever reason?"

"All the details on what you need to do are stored on that data pad, as well as one last thing. I along with my comrades are leaving the system tonight. We have a ship capable of interstellar flight awaiting us at Zerentia 3. We only need to get to it. The details for arranging us safe travel off world are also listed on that data pad. Ensure its ready by 21 hundred hours tonight. I will not tolerate any delays." Dekker said raising a warning finger at me.

"Consider it done General." I said as he then turned around to step back inside the building, leaving me all alone where I stood, there in silence once again, staring at the endless sky traffic and skyscrapers.

What had I done. The thoughts of betrayal and treason flooded my mind, but were soon washed away by other thoughts. Those of Mako Jhasmin, love, passion and devotion. In the end all I had done and would do was for her, as I lived for her and as I had already proven on countless occasions, was prepared to die for her. No, my actions were truly justified I convinced myself blocking out anymore negative thoughts. And no one would ever find out as more sooner than later, I would set out on my own secret arduous quest, to hunt down General Dekker and silence him for good, allowing all secrets of treason regarding me to rest permanently, and more importantly, putting an end to his ludicrous deal. Despite all that had just happened, I somehow produced a vigorous smile, as a fresh breeze of air blew at my hair, causing it to wave freely behind me as I slowly walked away. I had the perfect person in mind that would assist me. Asuka Blade otherwise known as Paige Langley, would be perfectly adapted for the task at hand.


Twenty minutes later...


"Ugh!," I groaned as I jumped into a pair of big green bushes. My breath was heavy as I felt thick sweat running down my forehead, and then it sat upon my brow. I sat there for a few moments to catch my breath.

As soon as I had caught my breath back, I decided it was time to turn my appearance back into that of my real self. As I had on countless occasions, I felt my face practically absorbed itself into my skin, my NFV doing its shape shifting abilities as it took root across my entire facial features. My head buckled in a momentary pain, and the facial image of me as Kay Blade slowly lost its humanoid form. It appeared to melt into a gelatinous puddle, but did not spill itself off my body and onto the ground, but rather reformed itself into another face within a matter of seconds, that of Kixi Rajki, my original self.

My legs however were trembling from my previous activity of running for more than eight kilometres. And why one may ask? Because of the fact that I didn't want to use or take any transports to my secret rendezvous meeting with those pitiful Skysec military men, further ensuring that no one were to have followed me. A huge annoyance, but necessary given that in the end, I had committed more than one count of treason. Negotiating with them, corrupting the senate, allowing them to escape instead of turning them in, and the list could go on. Everyone on my side of the fence would probably disagree with me, my soon to be wife most likely too, but I didn't give a damn about what anyone else felt or thought, nor of the consequences. I was who I was, and Dekker like so many others were right when they said that all I really ever cared about was Mako Jhasmin. I continued to justify my actions by telling myself that I had done all this for her, furthermore expecting to get away with my crime of treason. The sheer thought of Cerberus' name and memory entered my head, that first horrid encounter with her sent shivers down my spine. But what scared me the most was if...

"Kay Blade!" A voice cried out from an extremely close range. I froze and started to sweat much more. I forced my mouth to remain shut when I froze. The voice kept calling my name, but started to get louder and closer.

My heart started pounding in my chest and the sweat quickly piled up on my brow. I started to breathe heavy from fear, and quickly covered my mouth when a whimper escaped my lips. The voice was that of Cerberus herself, so I knew it had to have been my mind playing nasty tricks on me. Finally, after what seemed like hours, despite it being only minutes, I heard her imaginary footsteps walking away and slowly fade.

I paused and stayed in place for a few moments before poking my head out of the bushes. I looked to my left to see only the trees that were part of the bushes I had jumped into, and the many surrounding buildings in the seemingly deserted street.

I came to the conclusion that it was now safe and certainly time to go home. No one was around, and no one had seen me come here as Kay Blade, and thus leaving as Kixi Rajki. I poked my head out of the bushes before jumping out and getting back onto my feet, and quickly brushed away the leaves and dirt that had gotten stuck onto my clothing.

I activated another of my neat little functions of my wrist gizmo. This time a virtual mirror materialised in mid air as it projected itself from the top of my lower arm near my wrist area. Looking into the mirror as I removed my beret and pocketed it, I saw a blonde haired girl, with bangs and a bob cut hairstyle, in a black skirt, a long sleeved black button up, and long black boots. Now I was just the harmless one time System Champion Formula Zero race car driver Kixi Rajki again, and I could walk around freely once more.

Heck I thought to myself as I deactivated the virtual mirror. Screw all this. I'm getting married in a couple of days to my one and only love. Blocking out all the negating thoughts of the past few hours, I slowly strode back, integrating myself back into the busy bustle of the city, thinking of nothing else but Jhasmin, and how I loved her so very much.

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