I Love You and You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi and Mako Jhasmin.

Finally, peace. The combined forces of the Zhann Alliance commanded by none other than Kixi Rajki's alter ego Kay Blade, stand victorious against the once powerful government of President Drex. Toppled & defeated, along with its main protagonist, the corporate giant Skycom, the United Systems of Sol is on the verge of forming a new government.

With Mako in the running for the presidency as Chief of State all but a formality, & humanity's role as a space fairing nation set in concrete by the Zhann Alliance, not all however is what one would have one seemingly believe.

A new war is looming on the horizon, one much different than humanity is yet to ever have faced, inevitably bringing tough new challenges that will await both Kixi & Mako in their new pivotal roles. However, with peace at least a temporary reality for now, & the turbulent turmoil of old long past them, the fresh beginnings sees the opportunity for Kixi & longtime fiancée Mako Jhasmin finally marry in a grand ceremony.


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6. Chapter 2

Chapter 2.


Two days later...


It was sunset as I, along with my fiancée, watched with an unwavering gaze, the breathtaking view that was unfolding before our very eyes. The brilliant orb of amber and tangerine sunk lower and lower in the sky until it dipped down into the horizon, painting the sky in magnificent hues of fiery red and crimson. The colours faded from maroon, to neon pink and majestic purple. An impossibly bright orange coloured the skies of the moon of Titan, as the sun descended and the already present majestic rings of Saturn became ever so dominant over the night's sky. The sky changed from cornflower blue to a subtle purple, speckled with diamonds and adorned in one large orb of opal.

Sequin silver stars like the glowing embers of a dying fire winked down at us, illuminating the atramentous curtain of sky, and then suddenly the clouds parted, and we found ourselves looking at a lustrous, argent disc casting brilliant rays of light onto the dark grounds. Yet they were insignificant next to the size of the planet Saturn, dominating like a god in the sky, it's distinguished rings now at their brightest, making the skyline of Huygens Tāun, the largest city of Saturn's terraformed moon of Titan, no more than a silhouette against the aesthetic sky. All seemed small and insignificant next to the grandeur of the cosmic beauty that surrounded both Jhasmin and I, as we watched in silence and in total amazement, from one of the many balconies of our resort complex's room.

"Here," I handed Jhasmin a small black box, wrapped in a silky white ribbon. Meanwhile, I kept my gaze away from her, and at the spectacle in the sky above.

Tilting her head slightly, Jhasmin took the box and set it on her lap. She turned to me, "Kiks… you didn't have to get me…" She didn't know what to say. She was touched that I had gone through the trouble of getting her anything at all for her wedding – our wedding, but she did tell me not to bother… Jhasmin didn't want me to feel obligated, and after all the wedding would be my special day too.

"Just open it," I said.

Sighing, Jhasmin did as told. Inside was a beautiful set of pearl earrings. Her brown eyes widened their most – ever! Her expression was completely surprised and swiftly changed into a warm one of gratitude.

“Kixi…" she spoke softly, turning her stunning eyes to gaze into my own eyes. The light from Saturn high above entering the balcony shone on her, illuminating a soft and beautiful glow over her form. "Thank you…”

Finally, I responded much after already turning my head to get a look at her and all her loveliness. Past the cold exterior that is my expression, I managed a tiny smile in return. To Jhasmin, that tiny smile that found its way onto her kissable lips, was the most breathtaking smile she'd ever seen.

"They are beautiful, Kixi…" Jhasmin set the box aside, shifting her body to face me a little more. She took my fine looking face into her delicate hands, caressing a cheek with her thumb. As she stared lovingly into my eyes, I felt as though I were drowning into them.

Mako Jhasmin Zaneca was so imperfectly perfect. She was the most humble and peace loving girl around – yet completely spoilt at times and sometimes childish – not that I could talk regarding the latter, however she had a beautiful part of her – a side to her that managed to melt what was once my frozen heart.

This black haired beauty was my angel – the love of my life.

Without another word, I moved my face close to hers until our soft lips touched, brushing against each other. Jhasmin closed her eyes, bringing her hand to the back of my head as the other trailed and pressed against my soft chest. She too was so in love – even more than before.

Her heart was racing.

This moment was perfect. I had done so much for her that a 'thank you,' wasn't close to being enough. No, Jhasmin wanted to show her gratitude in one of the most precious ways a human being could show to another human being.

Jhasmin's eyes nearly shot open. I was pulling our bodies on the long flat outdoor couch that could be used as a bed, laying Jhasmin's down as I supported my body over hers with my arms. I was already a step ahead of her, it seemed! I then brought a hand over her cheek, caressing it adoringly. The way I stared at her with my crystal like blue eyes… Jhasmin held her breath.

"I love you…" I declared no differently to all the other times I had said it, bringing our faces closer once more. My hot breath hitting her as my lips brushed her own, but not touching… not yet.

“Ke-Kixi…" Jhasmin breathed, letting her arms sluggishly spread over the couch. Her body felt paralysed, like she couldn't move it. Her eyes continued to stare into my own as though lost and looking for my guidance. "I…want to give you…something in return…”

The corner of my lips moved upward into a smirk. It was one of amusement but nothing more. "Jhasmin…" I gave her a gentle kiss before pulling away slightly, "…I can read minds, remember?"

Jhasmin's eyes widen, "O-oh, right…!" That was when it hit her. "Hey!" she exclaimed, giving me an upsetting pout. Never in her life would she expect me to invade her privacy like that. She was trying to be romantic and surprising at the same time! How could I just—

Another kiss stopped her thoughts altogether. Like her mind could think no more. "Sorry," I said after pulling away. "I can't help but want to know what you're thinking about sometimes…"

Jhasmin blinked, "O-oh…"

As both my hands pressed on the couch at either side of her head, I made it so that the next kiss sealed the deal – not that this was the first time of course, it would be one of many countless times, but I generally liked to be romantic over just getting straight into it when it came down to our intimate activities. Jhasmin brought a leg up, moving her hands into the back of my head, playing with my hair as she returned the kiss with passion.

Jhasmin could feel my hot kisses trail from her lips, to her jaw line. Soon my lips pressed gently against her neck, making their way down to her collar bone. Jhasmin's breathing grew heavy as she held back a moan. Her fingers gripped my hair more, "Ke-Kixi…"

Pulling my lips away, I moved my face to hers, smiling ever so beautifully. There was a hint of kindness and care in my eyes as I sensitively asked the woman I loved, "

“Are you ready for all this— change?" I let my hand move to her lips, letting my thumb run tenderly over her lower lip, "Getting married, and actually pledging a vow for our commitment for one another.”

Jhasmin opened her eyes, looking to me with more passion than she ever thought she could. "I…love you, Kixi…" Jhasmin's hand reached my cheek, "I have you already… I want it to be official."

I took a moment to really gaze into Jhasmin's eyes – shimmering like brown diamonds under the light. They really held honesty and fear, I grasped this completely.

Even with the commitment of marriage, things would still be the same as the love we shared for one another was already at its summit. It couldn't get any deeper or stronger than it already was, the marriage would make the union official. No differently to the present, I would be the one who would always hold her and treat her with all my love and care. Our marriage would simply be a celebration – my moment to show everyone how much I loved her, and also for her in catching my heart and winning it.

I pressed my forehead ever so carefully over hers, smiling to myself. Tonight would be night filled with nothing but passion.




Descending from the heavens as if a divine chariot, a ship glinted in the sun – a yacht, in fact. Opulent, gleaming brass and carmine piping, a ship as much for its looks as its function. It was the yacht of Kajtia Xiz'injhürek.

As the Gencore T-3000 luxury yacht came into landing, the element of wariness hit me. I hadn't expected my best friend to come here to meet us, but now I knew something probably wasn't quite right. I wondered if we really should have left Celestia City, and left Kajtia to take care of everything. Something had happened, someone had probably caused a blunder, and now we were going to have deal with the aftermath.

"Kixi? What is it?" Jhasmin asked as she rested her open hand on my arm. I glanced up at her and then shook my head.

“Something's wrong, something happened, but I don't know what it is.”

“A hunch?”

“Nuh just a feeling. I mean why else would they come all this way to see us in person? They could've just called or sent a holo message instead.”

As the door slid open, Jhasmin stood up and I followed her out into the light. Kajtia and Miyuki were waiting at the bottom, smiling and waving.

"You didn't have to come out here to greet us. We've only been away for a couple of days." Jhasmin said in a soft but warm welcoming voice.

"Seems like ages to me." Said Kajtia returning a very cheesy like grin.

"Not a problem, our pleasure." Said Miyuki immediately after in her usual calm and collective manner.

"Whenever some one says that Kajtia, I know they're lying twice, and that something's up." Came Jhasmin's response as she knitted her brows.

As they came down I joined Jhasmin's side and pulled her aside. "The sense I get from you Kajtia... what's wrong?"

"Um yes Kixi, we need to talk." Kajtia said quietly.

"Truthfully Mako, its not a colossal problem as you're probably making things out to be in your head already." Miyuki was saying, trying to convince her younger adopted sister.

Mako Jhasmin turned back towards me as if looking for me to give her an escape or some help, however when none came she groaned. "I'm really going to hate this, aren't I?"

"We can't really do anything about it. Just go with the flow." I responded wrinkling my face.

"We could always just elope." Jhasmin said sucking her teeth in.

"Let me talk to Kajtia first, I might just consider that option." I said with a slight frown, pursing my lips at the same time.

"What would the press think of that one? A former F-Zero champion ducks media attention and elopes with the nation's president." Kajtia replied as she briefly chuckled at her own comment, clearly intending it for it to be nothing more than a joke.

"I'm not the president yet, and if you want my two cents, screw the blasted media." Retorted Jhasmin, who was seriously considering the option of eloping and dodging the media attention altogether.

"Okay calm down, let's not say or do anything rash already. We'll sort all this out sooner than later. C'mon everybody, let's go." I said in what was probably a not so convincing attempt at playing down my feelings of downcast, but at least it got us moving.




As I walked calmly beside Kajtia, my appearance displayed anything except what I was really feeling as Kajtia began explaining.

“Remember how I told you that I had everything under control concerning your wedding?”

I nodded slightly then watched Kajtia closely. "Do I want to hear this?" I questioned my best friend – my ex F-Zero co-driver. I dismissively waved at the floating holo projection of Alicia Em, who was actually within her restricted confines of Chris and Kajtia's own apartment back on Celestia City. The live holo feed of the holographic woman, which followed us on a small floating moving sled a metre ahead of us as we walked, was saying something that I wasn't even paying attention to.

“I'm guessing not.”

"So what did Alicia Em arrange?" I asked wanting yet, really not wanting to know what it was.

"She wanted to be helpful," Kajtia protested, trying to avoid actually telling me as we were led to a table. As I slid into the round booth, I rested my head in my hands. I was starting to think that I would no longer want to bother with the media, and rather be more willing to elope.

"Mistress Kajtia, I think it's best I leave you two alone for a short while. My presence may undoubtedly be causing you a nuisance at this time. I think I'll go check up on the whereabouts of the other to be bride, and see if I can be of humble assistance elsewhere." The flickering holo image of Alicia's hologram said almost monotonously, just as we sat.

“You're not a nuisance Alicia," Kajtia said, lying – obviously, but in a real subtle way that the hologram although intelligent, could not pick up on her mistress' cool subtleties. "Yes you do that, and we'll chat again later.”

"Always a pleasure to be at your service mistress," the hologram concluded, before the image of her perfectly shaped body vanished in thin air.

As the waitress appeared, Kajtia ordered for us before I could speak up. "Devil's Cut Jim Beam for me, and the same for my friend here."

I lifted my head up and watched Kajtia skeptically. "How bad is it, Kajtia?"

Kajtia leaned back and slung her arms easily over the back of the booth, speaking to the waitress again. "Make it a double. Make both of them doubles, and give my whisky to her."

I managed a groan, before I slumped down into the booth again, and decided I'd wished that I could sink all the way into the floor. All my battles against Skycom Corporation and those loyal to them would be better than this.

Kajtia watched me closely as my shoulders slumped. "Given your status as a former F-Zero champion, and that Mako is in the running for chief of state of a reformed USS government, at least sort of, as it's looking like she will—"

"Apart from all the not so necessary media attention that I'd rather do without, there's also going to be a lot more people coming than both Jhasmin and I would have liked, isn't there?" I muttered not willing to look at Kajtia yet. Jhasmin had been right. Things were going to go bad for the wedding.

“...and given that important people felt snubbed because of your wedding," Kajtia continued on. "And that going by the book and being diplomatic and all is Alicia Em's thing, and there were so many people who therefore had to be included...”

I pushed myself up and folded my hands in front of my face, and began to stare intently at them, trying not to become overwhelmed.

“...and the peace is so young yet...”

"A Züncålazin does not know pain," I muttered, trying to convince myself of that as much as anyone else.

“...and everyone is volunteering services and goods for the wedding free of charge, and...”

I finally interrupted seeing that this was going absolutely nowhere. "How bad is it Kajtia?"

“On a scale of one to Cerberus? Heck girl, just elope.”

"That bad?" The idea of eloping was sounding better and better. I glanced at the Jim Beam bourbon whisky, and wondered if it might be a good idea to just get drunk today, because I really didn't want to face this. I was going to talk to Jhasmin about eloping as soon as I got back to the apartment – actually probably not because in reality there was no way we really could.

I glanced up as I saw a waitress put another bourbon in front of me. I would be here for a long time. "Keep the drinks coming please."


* * *


As Miyuki got out of the hovercar and headed up the steps to a large building, Jhasmin watched and then finally decided to get out before saying anything. "I don't like this at all Miyuki. I don't care who these people think they are."

"I know," Miyuki said resentingly. " But they've all compromised to be able to come to your wedding, and oh, on the topic of your wedding, you do need a wedding dress." Miyuki raised an eyebrow, "Fortunately for you, big sister knows just a place here on Titan that has the best dresses. I've already organised an appointment for you in advance to be there, meaning you don't have to worry about it once you're back in Celestia City and you know... worry about the media following you etcetera.

"That is the only reason you've talked me into this," Jhasmin said, her voice lowering to an almost growl. This was going to be worse than she had initially thought it would be.

"C'mon little sis, the bridal salon isn't far." Came Miyuki's immediate response, as she took Jhasmin's hand deciding it would simply be best to dodge her comment altogether, than risk agitating the younger woman further. Not that it made much difference in the end though, as upon only just having arriving at the bridal salon and eying a potential dress which its designer Álvaro Gutierrez proudly held at the ready, Mako Jhasmin's comm device began beeping to life, the distinctive ringtone immediately alerting her to who it was.

"Oh here we go. It's Alicia Em. She's probably doing the rounds I bet." Jhasmin said sighing.

“Well you are going to answer her Mako, are you not?”

"Um... well I guess so," Jhasmin said with a more than obvious hint of reluctance in her voice.

"Greetings Mistress Zaneca..." The 3D holographic image of Alicia Em materialised on Jhasmin's comm device as she held it out directly in front of her, so that the hologram woman on the other end could see that Miyuki was also present.

"This is your doing, right Alicia?" Jhasmin decided to dispense with all the greetings and just cut straight to the chase.

“Well, I thought_”

"Really want to prolong this? Where's the damn dressing room?" It was very unlike Jhasmin to be in such a grumpy mood as she snarled, handing the comm device to Miyuki, and stalked past several other customers going by their own business.

Jhasmin slowly came out of the room with her arms in front of her, trying to hide what the brown rag that the designer called a dress didn't. "No," she told him forcefully.

"But minimal is maximal," he said appraising his work.

"Thank you for coming," Miyuki said and politely shoved him out.

As Jhasmin came out in the next gown, she heard the next dress designer say, "The effervescent nature of the dress reveals the bride's happiness."

Jhasmin buried her head in her hands and considered whether or not it would be worth it to use her NPV to change into eM Blade, and then kill the designers. "It could start me drinking," she commented on the extremely frilly dress. The train stuck out, and the sleeves were so puffed out, she wondered how the designer had gotten anywhere in his craft.

“The bride just isn't that bubbly.”

A larger build man said something in another language that Jhasmin recognised as Latinova, as she came out in yet another dress.

“Fabio says the dress was computer generated based on Mako Jhasmin's measurements and other numbers—”

“Tell him we're looking for something more art than it is science.”

Everything soon became disoriented as Jhasmin went from gown to gown.

"Kizás, cambiando el color podría aiutare?" Came Fabio's suggestion in Latinova, a modern language that was a mix of both the languages of Spanish and Italian of old.

"No, changing the colour won't help," Miyuki answered Fabio as she glanced at the long blue sheet that he had called a wedding gown.

"But this is becoming a new trend and is the next big thing." A red haired woman wearing all black tried to convince Miyuki.

"Yes, but the bride doesn't want to dress in anything but white. Whether her other half also dresses in white or not is irrelevant, Mako here wants it to be white." Miyuki said as she glanced at the non traditional wedding gown one last time shaking her head.

“That's a problem, why?”

“Thank you for coming.”

"I'm not coming out in this one." Jhasmin yelled through the dressing room door.

"But minimal is maximal." Said Álvaro, again, who had gotten Jhasmin to further try out other gowns from his prized designer collection.

“There's nothing to come out in!”

“Speaking for the bridesmaids, we don't want to know what you'd have us in. Thanks, Álvaro, for coming by." Miyuki said tiredly, "next.”

"No, no next." Jhasmin said angrily as she stormed out.

"But you need a gown," Miyuki protested as she tried to stop an infuriated Jhasmin.

“I need some solitude more right now, Miyuki.”

'Easy Mako Jhasmin, they're just trying to help. Problem is, that planning a wedding isn't as easy as saving the people from tyrants and corrupt corporations,' Jhasmin thought to herself as she tried to cool her fuming temper. She wondered if this was all worth it, concluding that if it weren't for me, that none of it would be.

Jhasmin continued to walk, eventually bumping into a crowd of people seeking her attention. "Alicia Em!" She cursed out aloud. What was supposed to have been a quiet and relaxing retreat on Saturn's largest moon, had turned disaster. She had wanted to avoid media attention, but now, thanks to Kajtia's AI hologram woman, it would be futile and to no avail.

Jhasmin turned her back as a crowd pushed their way closer to her and the flashes of cameras went off. At the same time, she wondered where I was, most likely not aware of the extent of Alicia's goof up, that, given all the attention was currently being focussed on her. They continued to crowd around her, people of all ages, with teenage girls beginning to paw at her.

She heard murmurs in the crowd that were probably tourists, and most likely from Celestia City as well. In fact after she heard what they were saying, she had no doubt of that being the case. Not that she really cared about what they or others thought.

“Who's that?”

“That's Mako Zaneca.”

“She's getting married.”

“And what's the big fuss?”

“She's marrying Kixi Rajki, a former System Champion.”

“System Champion?”

“Race car driver, F-Zero.”

“Oh, I don't follow that sport, it's not my thing and it's highly overrated if you ask me.”

“Tell me about it. Well anyway Kixi Rajki had won her only title in the most dramatic of fashions, and then decided to retire. Mako is getting publicity cos of Kixi Rajki, but yeah it was like two years ago now so I don't know what all the blasted commotion is about.”

“Yeah what gives, that Mako is clearly a spoilt little brat by the looks of things.”

“And would you believe that that... nobody is running for president?”

“Really... her... a nobody is potentially going to be our next chief of state. I mean Atul Drex was a total prick, but isn't this taking the level of things from one extreme to another.”

“Yeah tell me about it.”

“Although that Kixi race driver is kinda pretty, despite all her obvious faults and all. My son totally adores her, and that's more for her looks than talent.”

“Yeah well too bad for him that even if she were single, that she isn't interested in men.”

Jhasmin hid her grin and tried to keep from laughing. She wondered if I actually knew that I had the young sons of so many people melting over me on the streets. Jhasmin quickly left to escape the bustle of people surrounding her, and in the process lost Miyuki who was busy with a now disgruntled Álvaro, and a waffling Alicia on Jhasmin's own comm device. It was a big wonder though, as to why Miyuki hadn't actually cut the connection yet, with the AI hologram having become more of a nuisance than helpful. However with Jhasmin having disappeared and not in possession of her own comm device, Miyuki nor anyone were going to get into contact with her in a hurry – finally giving Jhasmin the solitude she long craved for.

Down below, was a different level, shadowed between buildings. She reached the edge and jumped to escape all the people.

Jhasmin hit the ground hard, although it wasn't really too much of a problem for her as she instantly rose from her kneeling position. Having been the side kick, for the same woman she was marrying for the good part of three years now as eM Blade, parkour stunts of the kind were like child's play for her.

'What's this?' Jhasmin instinctively said to herself upon noticing a solitary female figure sobbing with her face buried in her hands.

“Is there something wrong? Are you hurt?”

"Only if having your heart broken counts." The young female said through her sobs.

"What is the matter?" Jhasmin asked taking a few steps closer, and hoping it had nothing to do personally with her.

“I was a designer for Álvaro Gutierrez, and I had designs for Mako Zaneca's wedding gown, but he laughed at them and me.”

"He said minimal was maximal." Jhasmin commented disgustingly, vividly remembering Álvaro and his supposed wedding gown that was actually next to nothing.

"And then he threw me out. And I know she would have loved my ideas, but now, it's all over." She stuttered and then broke down into sobs once again. Once the young female stopped sobbing, she pulled herself together and showed Jhasmin the designs. Jhasmin in turn, just gave her a small smile as she looked at them.

“This is good. I could see myself wearing this.”

“Great, now only if you were Mako Zaneca.”

Jhasmin shook her head, wondering if the young lady in her presence was blind or something. It had been big news by now, with pictures and everything, that she, Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, candidate for the USS presidency, was marrying me, Kixi Rajki ex Formula Zero driver and System Champion. She knew she had better straighten it out now before things got worse. "Um, I am Mako Zaneca."

“Sure, in an alley here," she paused and took a good look at her for the first time. "Wait, you are her.”

“I'm glad you agree with me." Jhasmin got to her feet then helped the other girl up. "You're the only person who has agreed with me today – oh and by the way, you can call me by middle name Jhasmin if you prefer.”

“You're really her, Mako Zaneca – Jhasmin. This is so lucky," the girl continued still sounding disbelieving and she began sniffing again. "I'm Intan, Intan Kim.”

“Luck? Um... perhaps. However I do need a gown, and now I'll have one, that is if you'll work with me.”

"Harder than ever for you." Intan said as she stood up and grinned.

“And to show Álvaro up?”

“That'll make it even more sweet.”

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