I Love You and You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi and Mako Jhasmin.

Finally, peace. The combined forces of the Zhann Alliance commanded by none other than Kixi Rajki's alter ego Kay Blade, stand victorious against the once powerful government of President Drex. Toppled & defeated, along with its main protagonist, the corporate giant Skycom, the United Systems of Sol is on the verge of forming a new government.

With Mako in the running for the presidency as Chief of State all but a formality, & humanity's role as a space fairing nation set in concrete by the Zhann Alliance, not all however is what one would have one seemingly believe.

A new war is looming on the horizon, one much different than humanity is yet to ever have faced, inevitably bringing tough new challenges that will await both Kixi & Mako in their new pivotal roles. However, with peace at least a temporary reality for now, & the turbulent turmoil of old long past them, the fresh beginnings sees the opportunity for Kixi & longtime fiancée Mako Jhasmin finally marry in a grand ceremony.


Author's note

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14. Chapter 10

Chapter 10.


After the formal exchanging of our vows ended, as well as the initial congratulations, we were swept aside into another smaller canopy also on the rooftop garden. Here we would prepare ourselves for the traditional wedding photo shoot before the evening's party celebrations began.

"What are you thinking about?" I ask Jhasmin, who was smiling like crazy.

"I'm thinking about how I'm finally married to the most beautiful girl in all of Sol, and how I can now finally call you my wife." She said.

I was grinning now too. "I can't believe it either." I turned my head so I could kiss her passionately. We both chuckled when we finally pulled apart. "I can't seem to get enough of you, dear wifey." I said.

“I can't either, my loving and stubborn wife.”

I giggled at her remark. "You like saying that, don't you?"

"Yes, and I intend to keep saying that forever." I snuggled up against her for a while.




We were finally ready for the photos, stepping outside of the canopy and into a part of the huge rooftop garden that was separated from the main canopy area and our guests. Once outside, I took a quick breather, breathing in a breath of Celestia City's air. Fresh couldn't describe it, as I gazed out into an all too familiar ill fated object far out into the distance.

The Celestia Interplanetary Arena in the light of day was truly a sight to behold. Sitting above older structures below it, it towered above the many skyscrapers that were tall, yet under a kilometre in height, in the nearby cityscape of where the colossal two kilometre structure we were at stood. The massive dome was in the heart of the city. It was there that the deadly gladiatorial games had; until recently; once taken place. It had served as entertainment, for the previous rulers to sentence those who were deemed criminals of the State to death. Both Jhasmin and I had fought in that very same arena, as eM and Kay Blade respectively, fighting valiantly against all odds and only narrowly escaping death. Yet ours was an exception. Many had perished there; many unjustly. During the rule of the former Drex Government and Skycom Corporation, on most days, the arena was surrounded by tourists, crowds of spectators, and the much condemned violence that took place from within its bloody walls.

Not today; and not anymore. With the fall of Skycom Corporation came the end of the bloodshed from within what was considered a legendary structure by the former rulers. With the dawn of democracy; of a republic; with it ended the barbarity reminiscent of that of the Roman Empire three millennia prior. Around the arena, the air, that once was normally charged with energy, was now heavy and still. The massive dome, instead of brilliantly reflecting the rays of the sun, seemed darkened, foreboding.

Malevolence. The air around the dome was heavy with it. Few crowds clustered around the building today. Those few that shuffled by quickly, their hands were buried in their pockets, and they stared resolutely at the ground. A cold, bitter wind blew several pieces of trash across the steps of the building. The square of the Celestia Interplanetary Arena was a ghost town.

As I breathed and gazed away, it felt as if somehow, the imperfect air seemed to be a metaphor for me. Not perfect, obviously, that despite me at least coming close to that on this day, the happiest day of mine and Jhasmin's lives. But no human being was perfect, that much was clear with those imperfections running deep. As harsh as it sounded, the air and I were alike, as was this glorious city.




By now we were in the full swing of taking our wedding pictures which would consist of both 2D flat digital photos, as well as the newer age 3D holo images. Well, at least we were trying. Kajtia's niece Isilda, who I had asked for her to be my flower girl was here. She was surprisingly more interested in glancing out at the moving hovercars between the horizon of skyscrapers we were taking the pictures in front of, than the actual picture taking.

The camera man had given up on taking pictures of Isilda together with me, and was now moving onto concentrating on the brides, Jhasmin and I, and our close friends and families.

“Okay, could I get Mr. Orton and Ms. Xiz'injhürek on the right side of the blonde bride and Ms. Kazama on her left next to the other bride, behind her shoulder. Ms. Xiz'injhürek trade places with your partner so that you're beside the bride… Thank you. Perfect, don't move.”

“Now, you're both married correct?" The photographer asked Klorel and Kashia. Kashia nodded her head. "Good. You two beside the blonde haired bride please. Yes, just like that, perfect. Bride and bride hold hands please. Okay, smile, don't…move." Flash! "Excellent stuff! A few pictures down, many, many more to go.”

"Blonde bride, maid of honour and bridesmaids please." Kajtia skipped over and stood on my right side, hooking her elbow with mine. She was obviously my maid of honour. Paige came and stood on my left.

"Excellent, everybody smile!" Another down! Hurray! I wasn't sure how much of this I could take. I didn't even want pictures. This was entirely Jhasmin and Miyuki's fault.

Jhasmin burst out laughing. My lips twitched wanting to join her. I let out a nervous laugh at first, and then it built up to full out stomach hurting giggles. Kajtia joined in with her heavenly snicker. Natasha started to laugh in a deep, rough chuckle.

“I'm glad you're all enjoying yourselves guys, but we're not quite done yet. Black haired bride, your maid of honour and bridesmaids over here." Like Kajtia had done with me, Miyuki went over to Jhasmin's right side and hooked an elbow with hers. Natasha stood to Jhasmin's left, while Zenon stood to the left of Natasha, and Shizuka to the right of Miyuki. "Good stuff, everybody smile, and... done.”

The photographer was moving now. He placed his camera tripod down in front of a willow tree with an enormous trunk, that was one of the unique feature of the building's massive roof garden.

"Both brides over here please." I took Jhasmin's hand and led her over. "Black haired bride, lean against the side of the trunk so that your profile faces me." Jhasmin went over, careful not to trip on the roots that jutted out of the ground in an obvious attempt to stub her toes. She leaned against the trunk and flattened out her dress.

"Blonde bride put one hand on the tree, beside her and your other hand on her waist." I came over and leaned against the tree with one hand, and with the hand facing the camera, rested it on Jhasmin's waist. She could feel the icy comfort of my skin through her dress and her heart sped up to the speed of light. My mouth pulled into her favourite crooked grin. Her cheeks burned.

"You are so beautiful, Mako Jhasmin Zaneca Rajki." Zaneca Rajki. That just made Jhasmin's heart beat faster and in turn made her cheeks flare even more red. I chuckled lightly. I had barely stopped smiling all day.

"You're not so bad yourself." Jhasmin told me. I opened my mouth to say something else, but the photographer cut me off.

"Now lean in and kiss her." He instructed me. The look of annoyance that had been on my face washed off at that very command, and my smile reclaimed its rightful place. I leaned in and kissed Jhasmin's lips softly. She must have forgotten that everyone else was there, because the next thing she knew, her hands were in my hair, her lips crushed to mine, and my face in her hands.

"Um, excuse me…" The photographer interrupted our little world of us with a slightly awkward, slightly peeved voice. Jhasmin blushed so hard that it crept over her shoulders and up her ears and forehead.

"Sorry." She mumbled looking down. She was afraid that if she looked up, that she'd have to pretend that she hadn't seen Kajtia and Chris' faces. I laughed and took my hand from Jhasmin's waist to put it under her chin. I lifted her head so that she was looking into my eyes.

"Don't be sorry, love. If you're sorry then I am too. And I most defiantly am not." I then brought my lips down to kiss her. She remembered we had an audience this time. She managed to keep herself from doing anything more drastic than placing her hands on my chest.

I heard the click of a camera and then Miyuki squealing. I guess it was a good picture. When we broke apart, Jhasmin's breathing was staggered and my eyes gleamed with happiness.

“One more try with the black haired bride and flower girl by the small pond near the trees please." The photographer's voice called over. "If I can get that photo, I'll also do one with blondie and the flower girl too.”

“Flower girl over here please. Come on, sweetheart! Just a couple of pictures!”

"Coming!" Isilda yelled who was finally over her scenic viewing of Celestia City and started walking towards us, where the camera man was set up once again. She smiled hugely up at me. Her eyes were wide with excitement, and then finally we got a couple of photos done with her too.

"Very good. Oh and I almost forgot about the page boy. Olcadan get over here." Kajtia's nephew wasn't at all fazed about being in the photos, so the cameraman decided to do just the one picture with me to the right of him, and Jhasmin to his left. I swore the smile plastered on his face couldn't have been any bigger. With him being in the middle of two stunning brides, he felt like hottest young man in all of Celestia City! The moment was indeed priceless.

Finally we done with the bridal photos. All that awaited now was the evening's party celebrations which I looked forward to a lot. So far every moment had been worth it, which was defiantly how I wanted to remember my wedding. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

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