I Love You and You Love Me. The Wedding of Kixi and Mako Jhasmin.

Finally, peace. The combined forces of the Zhann Alliance commanded by none other than Kixi Rajki's alter ego Kay Blade, stand victorious against the once powerful government of President Drex. Toppled & defeated, along with its main protagonist, the corporate giant Skycom, the United Systems of Sol is on the verge of forming a new government.

With Mako in the running for the presidency as Chief of State all but a formality, & humanity's role as a space fairing nation set in concrete by the Zhann Alliance, not all however is what one would have one seemingly believe.

A new war is looming on the horizon, one much different than humanity is yet to ever have faced, inevitably bringing tough new challenges that will await both Kixi & Mako in their new pivotal roles. However, with peace at least a temporary reality for now, & the turbulent turmoil of old long past them, the fresh beginnings sees the opportunity for Kixi & longtime fiancée Mako Jhasmin finally marry in a grand ceremony.


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5. Chapter 1

Chapter 1.



The Ninth of December 3018, a whole standard Earth week before the wedding.



The setting of Earth's sun shone brightly, as it slid behind the many mega structures that dominated Celestia City's endless skyline. Opposite the setting, perched higher above one of the many kilometre high rooftops, Jhasmin and I sat as a couple watching it in all its beauty.

"This is so beautiful, Kixi. I've seen sunsets before, but somehow, this is different." Mako Jhasmin Zaneca glanced sidelong at me, her soon to be wife. Our relationship had grown immensely over the years since I had met the slightly younger, and then innocent girl, in a park not far, in the same district from where we now placidly sat. So much had changed since. The war against Skycom had touched us both, in some ways undifferentiated, yet in other ways different.

From the moment we, as young women had laid eyes upon one another, somehow we both had known it. Not only had we fallen in love, but furthermore to that, a love like ours was to be cherished for life and for all eternity – destiny... and now I was going to marry her.

“For me, having it be just the rising of the sun, and having you here is what makes it special.”

“Yes the company does make a lot of difference, but...”

"But...?" I said urging my fiancée to continue on with her statement.

“Victory against Skycom and the tyrannical Drex rule. We're not at war anymore.”

I leaned heavily upon my knee and glanced at her thinking how lucky I was. "I endured many years of fighting, leading a covert double life from my career as an F-Zero race driver. Apart from the spectacle of racing, and the glamorous parties that went with such a high stake level sport, with me having retired after my first championship win, and the fighting now ended on the other front, racing and war was all I really ever knew."

"You can't miss it, the fighting part." Jhasmin asked as a small orange bird landed on her outstretched hand.

“Miss it? No, miss friends who I wish could be here to share in the victory?" My thoughts went to so many friends I had lost, and family. "Definitely. It's scary too," I continued as I got to my feet and walked up beside her. "It's a new future and new goals to discover.”

Jhasmin glanced at me wondering about my last statement. "You're not concerned about our getting married, are you?"

I gave a small smile, "Don't even joke. Having you say you'd become my wife is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No regrets, no concerns, not now, not ever," I said as I got down behind her and my arms reached around her waist.

“I've no concerns about my choice, but the event...”

“Don't worry about that," I said quietly as I pulled her closer. "Kajtia is making the announcement here in Celestia City.”

"Ah, that's what has me worried," Jhasmin said with a smile.

I rested my chin on her shoulder, "Kajtia knows you want a small wedding."

“Yes, but her saying that our union will be seen as a celebrity one. I'm in the running for the presidency and am already hot in the media, and you are a successful F-Zero System Champion.”

I pulled away a look of concern on my face. "I know. She did say that. However despite the publicity it will get, remember that we've kept the list of invitees to a low. We haven't invited the whole damn system. Oh and as you obviously already know, no one in the general public to this day is yet aware, that you and I are the now legendary KnM Blade that helped topple the old government. Imagine how much more publicity we would get if they knew?"

Jhasmin got to her feet and urged the small bird away to its freedom. "True that. I suppose I can tolerate the attention at our wedding, provided we don't have the same on our honeymoon."

"Agreed. I sure hope the media doesn't follow us on the honeymoon too. However you need to remember that everyone knows me as Kixi Rajki, the F-Zero driver and a recent if not the current System Champion. I've been in public eye for so long and that is far beyond even my limits." I said radiantly. "You on the other hand, everyone knows as a candidate for the presidency. If you are elected... well you'll be seen a lot more in the public eye than I've ever experienced." I said in a very appealing manner to her. "And, hey, no one knows we're here right now. Our honeymoon will be just as private." I said winking an eye.

“Good, if things go as badly as I fear for the wedding, getting away will be first priority.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and grinned at her. "Nothing will go wrong, Jhasmin."

"I love it, Kixi Rajki, that even after all these years of our other extra curriculum commitments, that you can still be so naïve when it comes to certainty." Jhasmin coyly replied.

* * * * *

Kajtia Xiz'injhürek finished up her speech for the mob of reporters present in holo form by holo transmission, who might as well have been physically present given the drain they were causing the Sajnen woman. "That's all I had prepared. If you have questions..." My ex F-Zero co-driver and best friend, was instantly bombarded with questions and began looking for an escape. She needed one.

"How do you react to criticism to what is referring to Mako Jhasmin as an absolute unknown, but now suddenly has become extremely popular and preferred by the majority of Sol's citizens to become our next President?" An insistent reporter pressed her.

"Criticism? I just made the announcement. This is just my best friend's wedding we're talking about, not some political revolt." Kajtia stared straight ahead with a deadpan expression on her face.

Voices yelled from in the crowd. "What are you hiding Kajtia?"

“Why announce the wedding now Kajtia?”

“Why did both Kixi and yourself really retire from the sport of F-Zero soon after clinching your first championship title in extraordinary fashion? Is Kixi secretly involved in politics to have gotten her fiancée her run as a candidate for the presidency?”

“Is or was Mako Jhasmin involved in the Arjian Resistance's involvement with the Zhann Alliance which was ultimately responsible for toppling the previous government and Skycom?”

Finally Kajtia had had enough of their questions. "Alicia Em, get over here."

"At your humble service mistress." The sound of the hologram woman's pleasant modulated voice, sounded very controlling and reassuring as her sexy form suddenly materialised before her mistress.

"You should have already picked up what's going on, and your programming should be more than adequate to deal with this minor inconvenience of a situation. Can you handle this Alicia Em?" Kajtia said no longer wanting to deal with any of the reporters.

"Yes mistress Kajtia. It will not present me any problems. As always your wish is my command." The hologram, despite her pleasant voice that matched her image of a tall attractive model, the blonde haired woman answered in a very android like manner.

"That's very good Alicia Em. Those reporters who will no doubt find you somewhat attractive, will get board of you quickly enough if you continue to speak in that fashion. Good stuff. Keep it up as that's what we need to happen." Kajtia said winking at the holographic woman that almost perfectly replicated and mimicked a real person. Almost, as she still lacked real human emotion, which to date, no level of advanced programming seemed ever be able to reproduce.

A hologram as in the case of Alicia Em, was a construction of photons, force fields, and holomatter created inside a holodeck, a holosuite, or by another type of holographic projector. In the case of Alicia Em, the entire residence of both Kajtia Xiz'injhürek and her partner Chris Orton, was her available field of projection. Anything beyond that, her existence was essentially unsustainable, as holograms which were common throughout the day to day lives of many humans throughout Sol and beyond, worked as a projection of light held in a magnetic containment field. Holograms could be manipulated by advanced computer programs, allowing people to interact with the inanimate objects, and with highly advanced holoprograms, such as what Alicia Em was. Forms such as her type, were even considered sentient beings in their own right, which in the case of Alicia Em, had over time developed a personality distinct from her original programming.

Several minutes passed, and Kajtia finally grinned as she slipped out the back and saw the crowds already beginning to disperse. Despite her sexual appeal, in the end, a hologram was still a hologram, and Alicia Em proved most useful at times such as this, to bore crowds to death.

“Nice escape," Chris Orton her fiancée said as he came up behind her, "I thought I was going to have to come in with all guns blazing.”

Kajtia rubbed her head as if suffering from a horrible headache. She was just tired of the crowds. "What stopped you?"

"Not nearly enough clips for the blaster." He said producing a cocky grin.

"Next time bring your ship, the Razor's Edge." Kajtia quipped.

A pair of young looking race fans came running up excited, practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. "Aunty Kixi is really getting married? She is so passionate about that girl of hers... umm that's Aunty Jhasmin of course. Will we be invited?"

“Yes and yes, Isilda, new dress up clothes for you, both of you.”

"Even Uncle Chris?" Olcadan exclaimed.

"Well, I don't..." Chris stuttered.

"Even your soon to be uncle in law." Kajtia quickly added in. The two teenage kids were Kajtia's nephew and niece respectively, and kids from her slightly older brother. They had been virtually brought up into the world of F-Zero, thanks to their aunt who was my highly talented co-driver. Subsequently those kids had grown fond of me, while absolutely adoring Mako Jhasmin. Understandable too regarding the latter, as what wasn't there to be adored about Mako Jhasmin. Her kindness, her sincerity and generosity, her love for peace and tranquility in general – she had the DNA to become the ultimate President. Of course neither of the kids knew of the double life that both Mako and I led as the KnM Blade duo, despite both their aunt's and her soon to be husband's partial involvement in the former Resistance's cause. The kids were by far too young to understand the seriousness of what had been a fight for freedom, and too young to understand the need for total secrecy. Perhaps once they become fully grown adults, could our secrets of dedication and sacrifice be finally unveiled.

"Only because it's Kixi and Mako's wedding." Chris relented.

* * *

In an apartment, elsewhere in Celestia City, Paige Langley leaned lazily back in her chair. Kajtia had recently told her the news, but she wondered why I had not told her directly. We had been more than close friends ever since she defected to our cause, and she had killed her own mother Cerberus, my then mortal enemy in order to prove herself to me. Not withstanding the fact I had already committed to my soon to be wife, and that it was more than apparent that we were crazy about one another, Paige who was also madly in love with me from the very word go, had resented and despised Mako. It was no secret that I had shared some feelings of love for Cerberus' younger daughter in more ways than one, ultimately causing the two women to literally devise plans in eliminating the other.

I had introduced and insisted that Paige become a third member of my team KnM Blade. Despite Mako's objections, our Resistance leader Jarvis, better known by his other alter ego of Jak Zed permitted it, and to my underlying satisfaction. Thus despite our name remaining as KnM Blade, Paige the third member was admitted under the alias Asuka Blade, to compliment me as Kay Blade and Mako Jhasmin as eM Blade. To now simply cut a long story short, despite Paige's own secret attempts, it was Mako who had eventually managed to succeed first, well almost, by critically shooting Paige during one of countless covert missions against Skycom. Initially and unknowingly to me, I had thought that Paige's older sister Kristy, and the then successor to Cerberus as Skysec leader had struck the almost fatal blow. Only for Mako to admit otherwise. Yet it didn't end there. By putting me in an awkward position, she demanded I choose between her and Paige by pressing my blaster to her heart and delivering the killer blow myself. Not able to refuse my fiancée's request, I fortunately had come up with an acceptable solution – agree to tamper with Paige's head and alter her memories in so that all intimate encounters she had shared with me, as well as feelings be erased. The procedure had its controversies of course. For starters it wasn't ethical, yet I managed to convince those in power to allow it.

Although the effectiveness of such a procedure wasn't guaranteed for the long term. This much I knew well, and had never divulged this information to my soon to be wife. As much as I loved Mako Jhasmin, I still had some feelings for Paige, and although Paige had been neutralised for now, that is not knowing or ever having had any feelings for me, I most certainly hadn't. When the time did come though, most likely in the distant future, I surmised that Paige would need to be told the truth, with the outcome of that, something I clearly would be dreading, as given the obvious delicate nature of the situation, the deadly tension between Mako and her will only likely escalate even further. For now though, I had brushed off all the thoughts. I would cross that bridge when I came to cross it.

“About time," her flat mate and friend in general, Talim said as she came up behind her. "It will be good for both of them.”

Paige turned around to scowl at her younger friend, as she glanced out towards the apartment's large view screen to take in a glimpse of Celestia City's constantly busy air traffic zooming past in every which direction.

"Anything the matter Paige?" Talim asked a little surprised by Paige's reaction.

"No not really, sorry Talim. Just a little annoyed that Kixi didn't come and tell me the news herself, and that I had to hear it from Kajtia." Paige admitted, as her facial expression gradually changed from a scroll to a smile.

“I'm sure she meant to tell you Paige. She's been busy of late, as have all of us with assisting in the rebuilding of a new interim government. It's only been what, three or so months since Skycom was defeated now?”

“Yeah something like that, and Mako is running for president for once the interim government hands over responsibility to the new government. So yeah with that, wedding preps and the rest... Yeah it's all good Talim.”

“Anyway its gonna be a probable summer wedding," Talim continued as she wiped her hands on a rag. "Provided they have it here in Celestia City.”

Paige contentedly leaned back in her chair again and closed her eyes, crossing her arms behind her head. "That's the plan. I hope they'll be happy, they seem like the ultimate girl couple." Although an unexpected shiver ran down Paige's spine as she said those words. She felt a sense of weirdness, as if something was missing or had been forcibly taken away from her, a temporary sensation as if she herself had feelings for me. Shaking her head she immediately shrugged the thoughts off as silly, despite it not being the first time she'd felt such unexplained emotions.

"True. I most certainly cannot wait for their wedding day to arrive. It's gonna be an amazing celebration," Talim said, her voice sounding a little muffled behind the sound of Celestia City's busy bustling air traffic, as she walked outside to their apartment's balcony many stories high, soaking up the air from the cool breeze that she immediately had immersed herself into.

* * *

Thousands upon thousands of gigantic man made structures of Terra Prime, completely surrounded the majestic Züncålazin Temple which housed the academy of the Züncålazin Order that presided in it. The Temple, located almost within the centre of the city's confines, was encompassed by the realm of the glorious capital, Hedstaden Sajna, which by far was the largest city in the entire Sajnen Confederate. The super mega-metropolis, covered a spam one third of the planet's surface area – by far humanity's largest expansion outside of the Sol System to date. Within the boundaries of the Züncålazin Temple, life went on as usual for its dedicated warriors of peace, the Züncålazin, except that on this occasion, there was the bustle of the news that had just arrived there.

“Our most promising student ever, Kixi Rajki, hero now in the entire Sajnen Confederate for her leading our forces which were part of the Zhann Alliance to victory, will wed Mako Jhasmin in Earth's capital of Celestia City," Klorel ke Soul said as he held his wife close. "If we leave now we can be there within the week that it takes to get from the Alpha Centauri System to the Sol System.”

“We can leave Leixia and Madison in charge in our absence," Kashia ke Hanadi commented. "This will be a wonderful celebration to further cement our glorious victory. The leader of the Zhann Alliance marrying the soon to be chief of state of the new United Systems of Sol.”

Moving away from his wife, Klorel then leaned against a large pole across from her. "The message just came through. How did your father Kilik know?"

“You know how he is," Kashia explained, "he just knew.”

“He must have heard from Kajtia Xiz'injhürek, Kixi's best friend who I would assume would be her maid of honour.”

“Probably. Regardless though, it's great news.”

"It was kind of obvious to everybody including them, that they were made for each other." Kashia commented, remembering when she had first met me in Venusville, a prefix of the largest Martian metropolitan urban area of Aries City. Soon after having been introduced, we had clashed in a deadly battle of combat, with me being critically wounded on the losing end. That had been a result due to my total arrogance and lack of understanding on who Kashia really was. Nonetheless even though she had spared me, Mako had come to my rescue, or better put, begged Kashia to halt her assault on me. I had already revealed myself as Kay Blade, when Mako had shown up as eM Blade. Yet Kashia only needed to look into eM's eyes, as she pleaded for my life for the language of immense love to give her alias away.

"Kixi's love for Mako Jhasmin is what drives her." Kashia continued extending a sincere hand out to her husband. "Mako is pivotal to her success. They almost exist like two creatures within a symbiont circle. Mako is what drives her and vice versa. Consequently she has excelled thus far as a Züncålazin." Kashia concluded as her memories moved forward to after when she had invited me to seek out the Züncålazin Order. In eventually doing just that, not only did I excel in my training as a Züncålazin, I surpassed all but the masters, ultimately becoming one of the most formidable Züncålazin in the Order's history.

“Yes Kashia dear, sometimes love is blind, sometimes it's blinding, as was the case with us." Klorel said with a small smile. "That most certainly would not have been the case with them. This is going to be a truly special moment for them, and many others, after all they're been through— we've all been through for that matter.”

Walking back over to his wife, Klorel placed a warm hand around her back. "We'll make immediate preparations for our departure to Earth."

Kashia smiled back at her husband, momentarily leaning her head onto the side of his broad shoulders, before the two casually began walking back inside, admiring the majestic scene that engulfed their very surrounding.

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