The outsiders

When an unexpected team of teenage outcasts team up to become more popular, they connect as friends and more.


4. Isabelle

Yes, I'm popular and get everything I want but I just don't fit in. People think I'm the "it" girl. Truth be told I am. I'm rich, skinny, and privileged. But I have a secret, everyone does.

My mom is never home and when she is, I'm never her priority. My father left when I was 5. And my older sister died in a car accident. That's the truth.

No one knows, no one cares. It's the way of life. I once told my mom that I was going to move to Hawaii, she said "Sure just don't drown" and turned back to her work. Like who says that? Apparently my mother.

No one knows about my pain. About how I use makeup to cover up the bags under my eyes, that are caused from me crying myself to sleep. It's pathetic. I know but it's how I've been able to cope with everything.

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