ღ~But I think I have a crush on you~ღ |A Wizard of Oz retailing|

This is OZ anything can happen....

This is a retailing of the wizard of oz based on a dream I had.

When Korra fall down a well by trying to escaped A Tornado she is in the land of of the wizard of oz
A knight by the named of Mako saves her from a wolf.

And Promises to bring home but just one problem
Three kingdoms are trying to kill her.
Well Korra make it back alive or died trying
Read and find out.


3. Chapter 3: Meeting The Psychic!

Oc’s that’s belong to me are; Roxanne, Maggie, Hazel but she is just mentioned in the story and Patrick.

💙~Korra pov's~💙

"Wow this outfit look's amazing" "Thank's Maggie" I said with a smile.

"No problem"she said with a smile.

•Meanwhile outside of the castle•

Mako and bolin where getting their horse's ready.

🔥~Mako pov~🔥

Butterfly neigh happyliy for the male horse hadn't gone in an Adventure for years.

"Easy butterfly I know you are" "excited" mako said scratching his ears.

Bolin just laugh a little.

"What's so funny bother"? I said as I was brushing butterfly main.

"Your story about the spider this morning". He said

That reminds me I forgot her breakfast.

"Hey bo watch Butterfly" (Mako's Horse) "and Nugget" Bolin's Horse)

"You got it dude" he said.

I ran backside into the kitchen and made a chocolate croissants.

If news gets out I can secretly cook I'm a goner. I thought in my head.

They where done cooling down

Might as well give her three or two I guess.

As I walked upstairs the hallway was quiet I opened the door hey Korra I---- got you eh..... that when I got a nosebleed.

Korra pov's

“Mako GET Out OF YOU PEV I'm getting dressed”

what this my room though he said

Fine you can get dressed btw nice —————

I just trow a trash can in his face then he left room.

Baka Knight

Mako POV’s

“Hey what happened to your” face”? Bolin said it’s all red?

and swollen.

That’s when I hit him on the head “shut up.”

I just got on butterfly and just ate an apple.

“Girls sure do take a long time to” get ready”. I thought in my head.

“Anyway ready to go you two a soft”

voice said.

I looked at her and blushed a little you look pretty I said back.

“Not interested” she said walked beside butterfly.

“Wait Mako,Bolin,Korra” a Little girl said

Maggie ran to them out of breath

The master told me to give Mako his scarf and bolin this box of some sort.

Bolin look at the box in confusion and so did Mako.

“What’s an iPhone”?

They said to together.

“I don’t know” Maggie said.

“Oh can you please bring me back a troll’s head.” Maggie said

•Mako and Bolin looked at her both wide eyed.

Then they both laughed of course “we will bring one back”.

“Okay thanks” Maggie said

“Take care of Hazel ok” mako said.

“I alway’s take care of my little” sister” she said back.

“And come back safely you two the grandmaster said.

“We will” I said back

❤️~Korra pov~❤️

I just hold on Mako waist so I won’t fall off the Horse.

Hey Korra I forgot to give you this Mako said can you please open your mouth.

Mako stopped butterfly Then shoved the chocolate croissants in Korra mouth.

“Do you like it?”he said.

Korra took one out of her mouth and ate one.

“This taste pretty good who ever” made it.” she said

My complements to the chef she said as she ate the other real fast.

Bolin give Mako look then laughed.

Feeling better now? Mako said to Korra.

“Yup” she said back

It was snowing 🌨 now but our hero’s keep on going when they saw an old log cabin.

Mako nocked on the door.

A girl with red hair got the door.

“You have not changed a bit” Roxanne I said back.

“Same come on in So what can “do for you three” she said

Mako give Korra his scarf for she is cold she does have some winter ❄️ clothes but she is to lazy to bring them out.

Korra looked around the small cabin she saw a white cat on the window seal sleeping but it soon woke up it had two different color eyes.

“Didn’t your mother teach you not” “to stare at people it’s rude the cat” said back.

She looked at the cat wide-eyed for she had never seen one that could talk well not in New York obviously.

“Patrick” you’re finally up Roxanne said happily as she hug her cat.

But Patrick jumps out of her arms on all four on the floor and then turned human.

Korra was a bit afraid that she grabbed mako arm.

He then chuckled and said in her ear.

“This is OZ anything can happen”

Bolin Just Smirked at Mako.

And mouth “love birds” Mako just rolled his eyes at him.

Anyway my name is Patrick fair lady he grabbed Korra hand and kissed it.

Patrick Fairheart at your service.

He then looked at Mako.

“Is he your boyfriend”? he said

“Ew gross no he just assigned to” “take me back home is all.”

Korra said

“Let me guess you want to stay” “the night here” Roxanne said

I will sleep on the sofa bed Korra said happily.

Mako just sat by the wall and before you know it he fell right to sleep.

Bolin just fell asleep inside the guest room.


Narrator’s pov

It was not to long when our three benevolent heroes where safe in dream land Bolin and mako where both dreaming about....... well food.

•But Korra’s dream was slightly different•

It wasn’t snowing like in Oz it was more like summer time.. with a big wedding happening.

“Do you Korra take this Knight to “be your husband”?

She slowly turned her head away from the


Person who she was going to be married to then she.


Looked at her feet for she had Golden slippers on.

“I can’t marry you for I need to go” “back home”... I said back

Everyone in the audience gasped

Then Korra ran down the stone stairs but one of her shoes fell off causing it to break but just the heel part.

She continued to run until she got to the waterfall she then saw someone sitting on rock.

Should she ask the person for directions or something

Just then the person got up from the rock and ran at than grabbed her neck.

•End of nightmare•

Korra pov

“Ahhhhh” I yelled the sun was in my face and I was hot and sweaty how the heck is it morning all ready.

Mako ran to my aid what’s the matter? he looked a bit worried.

“I had a nightmare” I said crying.

Mako then gave her a tissue.

“Thank you” I said back to him.

“Well your not in the nightmare your here with” us” bolin said

Korra then hugged Mako please don’t leave me Mako she said

“You have my word I’m not going to leave you Korra” he said back.

“I never will” as he pat her on the back.

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