ღ~But I think I have a crush on you~ღ |A Wizard of Oz retailing|

This is OZ anything can happen....

This is a retailing of the wizard of oz based on a dream I had.

When Korra fall down a well by trying to escaped A Tornado she is in the land of of the wizard of oz
A knight by the named of Mako saves her from a wolf.

And Promises to bring home but just one problem
Three kingdoms are trying to kill her.
Well Korra make it back alive or died trying
Read and find out.


2. Chapter 2: so let's share the perfect time?

♥️~Mako's pov~❤️

I was sleeping peacefully with out a care in the world until I heard a girl screaming I woke up what the---- it was Korra I was going to tell her why she was screaming?

But then she ran out of the room still screaming so loud that it woke up the others knights.

There where allso stand into the hallway to see what the heck was all that screaming about.

I looked at the sofa and saw a spider. slowly clawing on it.

I then got a shoe and hit it and walked out to find Korra or at least figure out what the heck happened last night.

I could really use a smoke right now I walked down the long

Staircase and saw some knights sleeping on the floor and on the table man that was some party.

And got a pack of cigarettes from the bar.

Ok now to find Korra I thought But I got to think if I was the only girl in the castle where would I run off to I got it the library to read manga.

I ran there as fast as my legs can carry me.

💙|Korra's pov~💙

Holy cow this library is gigantic as I was reading manga and sitting on a beanbag Just then mako ran to me all out of breath.

"I killed the spider that you were" "screaming about in my room.

" he said

"I see you found the castle Library" he said back.

"Yup"I said not taking my eyes off the manga I was reading.

"It's really warm in here I told him"

🌸~Mako pov~🌸

I looked outside it was slowly snowing again but it will clear up tomorrow morning.

Korra then walked out of the room "I will be right back mako".

"Ok well I'm going to a coffee"

I slowly walked across the room and opened the door "hey jinora"

"Can I have one coffee"? I told her.

"Sure I heard a rumor going "around the castle that your" "taking a girl back home to a strange place called New York". She said back.

"Yup I have been assigned to take" "her back."

As she was handed my coffee and I took a sip and payed her 5$.

"So.... if she doesn't go back to this "place called New York could she" "be your new consort"?

That's when I spit out some of my coffee a little.

"Nice spit take" she said back.

"I'm... just assigned.... to take her home is all I'm Not going to marry her".. I slowly sipped my coffee again.

But then I slowly coughed a little

"Coffee went down the wrong pipe"? she said back.

"Yup" I said through choking coughs.

"I just hate that" she added back.


I will be right back jinora she pat my back.

"Thanks but I will be okay"

I smiled at her.

And walked out of the Coffee shop and the Library.

And walked to the main dining hall and saw her making drinks.

🌸~Korra's pov~🌸

"There you are Korra" mako said

Eh I said continue making drinks.

He then scrunched up his nose.

"Ew what is that awful smell in"

"the glass you have? He said.

"It's called a Prairie Oyster it's "good for hangovers I'm just" "helping the other knights get" "better. I said back to him.

Have you been drinking I looked into his eyes and pulled his head close to me.

I blushed a little bit and then let go.

"I only smoke I don't drink" he said.

As I stared into his golden eyes its looks like I was in a trance I could look at them forever.

"Ok I believe you" then I continued helping the others knights.

Serving Prairie Oysters to the knights that need them.

Then I heard someone whisper in my ear "come meet me in the Library When your done".

When I was done serving drinks I walked back into the Library and saw mako drinking a coffee from Starbucks and looking at a big giant map on the wall.

It had a picture of three other castles.

"By the way mako if I may ask" "what's the name of this castle"?

"fire butterfly castle" he said back.

He chuckled slightly "I know "what you're thinking it's a bad" "name for a castle but that's what" "grandmaster name it"

he said back.

"The rumor story has it he said

he had been drunk and named it after" "the fire butterflies in the forests that" "come out at night.

They only appear at night because it's so bright during the day.

Ok what about the ---- mako cut me off and pulled a map out of his pocket.

Your answers about all of the other castles are in this map.

"Now my Elizabeth take my hand" and we can jump out the window" "just to shared this perfect time. ♡

❥~She walked passed me~❥

"No thanks Meliodas I don't know" where you're hands have been". She said

"But my hands are clean" I said back.

Then I laughed because she got my joke.

"We will go at noon." I said

"Great well I'm going to get ready" Korra said

"The maids will assisted you." I said back.


Two girls came running in the Library.

"Wait this castle Has maid's"?

I looked at mako.

"Just these two clean the castle" "sometimes they will be happy

"that another girl is here".

He said back

"One of them is shy."

"But they both nice".

Mako said

Maggie Graceland at yours Service miss---- and

I saw a little child beside her.

"Don't worry little one I'm not "going to hurt you"

she was not" behind Maggie. Anymore.

She was hiding behind mako.

The new girl is scary huh mako whisper in the little girl ear.

🖤She nodded slowly🖤

"Yup she scares me too" he said back.

"I'm sorry about my little sister I'm" "Maggie and you are"? She said

"My name is Korra" I said back.

"Omg she squeaks with delight "are you the one sir mako saved" "from that wolf in the cold frigid" snow"? Her purple eyes sparkle in in delight. She said

Yup I'm the one he salvaged I smiled happily at her.

She then gave me a big hug and we both fell onto the floor.

"By the way I love your blue hair" she said back.

Mako was still looking at me

I just smile at him and mouthed

"You can call me a freak if you" want."

"no need for you are a pretty blue" "bird and a pretty girl

he mouthed" back.

I blushed red this is no time for flirting I thought in my head.

"Well I'm going to get some "breakfast he said I will bring" "some for you guys back".

He then walked away back into the Starbucks store.

Such a mysterious red Knight I thought.

I decided to follow Maggie out of the Library and up the castle steps And continue taking to her about how I got here.

"Maybe this place is not so bad"

I said to Maggie.

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