I'm in love with a movie star

Korra lives in Chicago and works as a Fashion designer for the biggest successful Company in the Industry meanwhile in Beverly Hills there looking for a new movie actor then Korra takes the job can she take the fall or lose it all together.


2. ➀ ✨the new girl from Chicago~✨

Bolin pov's

"I Quit!" the female voice actor said in an angry Tone making my ears hurt.

"Wait don't go" as I saw her  head out of the room and closed the door.

That's the eighth actress we losted last week. 

"Sigh" my boss is going to kill me and so is my brother Mako!

"Okay this no time to panic  panicking is the enemy"  I  though right now mako is on a lunch break.

So it's only be a few hours until he find's out about how the female actress quit and how this movie needs additions to find another one.

I then close the door and then checked out our official Twitter pages for the movie.

100 followers  then I checked out the Facebook  page 4k likes.

I then walked into a restaurant to get something to eat.

I then sighed  this is going to be a terrible day.

Meanwhile in Chicago Illinois....

"4 Elements industries please hold"...

❤️~Elevator opens~❤️

Roxana: Good morning Korra

"Good morning how life going?" she said all happy like

"A bit bad at the moment she said back she bit her lip but I will get over it. She said back.

She continued typing on the computer.

Is my sister Asami here? I ask back

"Maybe she said with out looking from the" screen. 

"Did you try your  office" she said

I walked into my office thanks Roxana I said back.

No problem she said

I than walked into my office.

"Hey sissy what's up" I said

She was on my computer looking at a trailer for an upcoming movie and reading the YouTube comments while eating a chocolate chip cookie.

I just walked up behind her  and watched the trailer with her I mean what was left of it anyway.

When the trailer was over Her eyes speckled with  delight.

I can not believe she really like the trailer

And started reading the YouTube comments.

Omg Tori quit as mako  actor gal now who's going to be Mako new spy gal in the  coming movie.

I then rolled my eyes at her

and trow a pillow at her she then catch it  as she was in Korra's Spinney chair and giggled.

"Sissy this is the perfect job for you she chimed" backed.

My blue eyes where on my cellphone looking at The trailer Asami sent me though iMessage.

One of the actors was kinda cute as the trailer was over.

I read some of the YouTube comments saying that the girl Tori was a bad movie actor.

And that cute guy Mako deserved better.

Man talk about bittersweet sympathy gone rotten to the core.

Besides they are hundreds girls scratch that millions of girls scratch that thousands of girls in Beverly Hills who are much more likely to get Tori roll.

Beside I'm living my dream in Chicago the best place in world.

I'm not Kim possible or a totally spy I'm just happy where I am.


Meanwhile in Beverly Hills it's night time

"Hey mako back from work so soon how was filling?" Bolin said

"You lost an actress" he said

"No she quit"  bolin said back

"That's the 8th actress we Lost this week" I said back.

"Please don't remind me" Mako said

He then looked at his brother clothes 

"Hey Bolin who's the Company  who makes" "your clothes"?

Four Elements Industries  their Company is in Chicago Illinois. He said

I got out my laptop and looked on there website I saw a pretty girl with blue eyes.

Brother That the girl I been looking for

Bolin had a confusing look on his face

Are you sure bother  he then hit him on the head.

"Of course I'm sure we leave"

"first thing tomorrow morning"  Mako said back.

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