No One Ever Knew...

Piper just moved to her new school, and she is positive that there is something wrong with. The history of the school isn't the best, and the principal never comes out of his office. She is determined to figure out the secrets of this school, even if she has to die to figure it out.


8. The Girl Behind the Door

{Note from me: sorry that I haven't been uploading frequently, but I have been busy, and I am not the most frequent writer so...but thanks for your continuous support.}

Mom and me weren't the closest of people lately, but what else was new? At dinner, we didn't say much, usually just ate, and as soon as we were finished, just left. I was just fine with that. She wasn't a good mother. She wasn't Mother Material. And she just couldn't understand that. 

I've been spending a lot of time with Howard lately. And something that my mother couldn't also believe: that me and Howard were just friends. It got kinda tiresome. 

Lately, everything seemed normal. There were no random doors popping out of nowhere. No girl just staring from a black window. I liked it that way. It was normal. But what was normal? 


My alarm clock rand loudly in my ear. Like I have been doing every single other day, I woke up, took a shower, got dressed, grabbed a banana, and made my way to school. 

The air felt nice. It was chilly, yes, but in a good way. The leaves were changing color. Autumn  was near. That is my favorite season. Something my mother would never know. 

When I came to school, everybody was in their clusters of friends. No one noticed me, of course. I was old news. Luckily. I made my way inside the building, and I was thankful for the warmth. The chilly weather had only gotten chillier, and I didn't like this. I saw Howard. He seemed to be looking at the painting. "Howard," I said. He turned and smiled his half grin.  

The grin though disappeared as quickly as it came. "What?" I asked. Howard pointed somewhere behind me. I follow his finger and see it. The door. A different girl, a girl who would be beautiful it wasn't for the dirt that caked up her face, and the rag that was thrown over her.

"Should we...?" I start. 

"...Go help her?" Howard finishes.

"It should be easy because there is a door."


There's an awkward silence that I so desperately want to fill. 

"Um...should we go?" I ask. 

Howard nods. We run towards the door and throw it open. The last thing that I remember of the world that I know best is the bell signaling that it's time for class.


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