The new world

When young, 15 year old, Allison meets a mysterious new student at her school, she travels through a world she never new existed.


2. The new kid


       "He's so weird," Cristina said  "I mean he totally never comes to school. Oh, and his blue eyes make him look so mysterious" Everyone at the tabled smiled at her last comment. Cristina looked pleased that she made everyone happy. "I don't think he's weird, I think he's interesting" I said. Cristina raised her eyebrows. "Whatever you say, Emma" At those last words, Mark came in. Everyone stared at him until Will, the school bully yelled ", Hey Mark, where have you been? Off hugging your little teddy bear?" Will smirked as Mark kept his head down, as if he was trying to cover something on his face. "Are you afraid to look at me, Mark? Wow, I once thought we could be friends. I was wrong" Mark finally spoke into his jacket " Your not fooling anyone Will, we all know you tease us because you have daddy issues" Will stared at him with a surprised face." Some secrets can never be kept behind bars of lies for to long" At that, Will stood up and ran from his chair.



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