As he played it was as if the piano had a mind of its own The piece itself was complex yet eloquently beautiful. it was almost as if you could hear his partner singing along with him A love song doomed till the very end.


Quincy McAdams is very outspoken, weird, crazy and a little bit delusional to be honest in spite of all this she is the most talented singer in all of Korona School of The Arts

While Jake Winters is the complete opposite of his classmate. Jake spends his time mostly playing piano and working .
What happens when they get chosen to be the two representing their country in the national Arts Festival?


1. Korona Academy

Let me introduce myself to you my name is Samantha Greenstone pleased to meet you, I am the narrator in this book so you'll be hearing a lot of me. Yes there will be the occasional 'this person thought this' but this is just me adding in some more context for you. I have been with these characters every step of the way all the way until the very end. I remember every detail of what they said that fateful day or how their music sounded. This story is a happy story no tears here!

(note the sarcasm )


All of the most prestigious musicians went to Korona academy. Mozart was the founder of Korona that tells you that the school had been around for centuries earning the title of the most advanced music school in all of England. It also means that the schools teaching methods were centuries old too! Centuries as in before sliced bread.


Quincy McAdams is one of our main characters. Currently she is lying on her stomach watching supernatural with a cast iron frying pan in her hand . Why a frying pan? You may ask. The answer is quite simple my dear reader, Quincy 's father had hidden all of the knives from her after an unfortunate incident involving the mailman and Quincy thinking a demon was breaking into their house. 


They no longer get mail.


It was 9:00 in the afternoon and Quincy's parents had yet to come home. 


She could hear her stomach making similar sounds to a dying beluga whale. Only one food could quench her hunger. Ramen. 


After watching one, two, three, four more seasons , she finally sat up with multiple blankets surrounding her like a burrito. 

Dear hades help me we have no ramen " she whispered as her face paled. 

(This my dear readers is the most talented singer in Korona Academy)


Quincy had already turned off her Netflix. There was only one thing left to do. Her thumbs glided along her phone screen searching for her favourite song. She connected it to her speakers via Bluetooth and started pumping the music. 'Strange' Quincy thought. Her music wasn't coming out of her speakers. So thinking that maybe her speakers were on mute she turned the volume up to full blast. 

Suddenly screaming erupted in her next door neighbours house .

"TURN IT OFF" yelled a masculine voice "I CANT" someone yelled back. Quincy started laughing thinking that the teenager's parents had found a video that should not be seen on his computer. 

A faint noise in the background made her connect the dots


"One oh nine in the sky  but the pigs won't quit


Your here with me doctor death defying 


I'll be your......" Holy shitaki mushrooms. It was her music that they were screaming about. Wrong Bluetooth connection. Satan bless it just when she thought that she understood how Bluetooth worked it all came crashing down. 

"Holy hell" Quincy whispered when someone creaked open the front door. 


Samantha again! 

How do you guys like it so far? 


I know it's trash so no need to hate on it.


Please just stay until the next 2 chapters I promise it gets better. 


Love y'all oh and don't forget to like share and favorite! god i sound like a youtuber.;]



byeeee mah lovelies



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