The 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath

Every human is happy since the first time he sets a foot into this world, the only thing that can destroy this happiness are the 7 deadly sins. It's totally irrelevant if you're the one that sins or someone else. Let's say a women is committing a sin of wrath in killing her husband, both fall into despair, despite the non sinning of the man. This story is about a pure boy who's life changes because of the influence of the 7 deadly sins. His name is Erwin.


2. Freedom

The green grass is cracking as Erwin's courageous steps land onto them. The sun is shining bright as he walks to his special place on a grassy hill that looks over the whole town. A single hut and a huge tree are on top of the hill. As Erwin walks by, the door slowly opens and a very old man with a long slim mustache growing left and right down his mouth looks outside.

"Oh my, if it isn't Erwin. You're looking good today." He says and starts digging into his pocket, pulling out a pipe and preparing to smoke it. Erwin is a short kid, 14 years old, slender, weak and has short red hair.

"Mister Chie, how are you, feeling good?" Every time I'm up here, Mr. Chie is around to have a little talk, he seems to have a hard time speaking to most people. He is also very old and weak which is kinda similar to me... just that I'm young and weak. Erwin sights. But it also gives me hope! Maybe the in between is where I'll become strong and it's said that Mr. Chie was a leader of a Hunter Group, once he was younger. I sit down on the grass and pull out paper and feather to start writing my stories, in peace. "Arghhh..." I forgot the ink!

Mr. Chie watches as Erwin is clearly looking for something. "The usual, eh kid?" Slowly walking into his small hut he comes out with a jar of ink and places it down next to Erwin into the grass, his hands shaking. The huge tree is casting a shadow over both of them.

"Are you okay, old man?"

"I'm fine youngster don't worry!" He says while giving a light chop onto Erwin's head.

Erwin smiles and starts dipping the end of the feather into the ink, looking down the village and starting writing words while wind gently breezes through his dark red hair. Mr. Chie very slowly sits down cross-legged next to him while smoke is raising from his pipe into the sky. In front of them far down is the village Erwin comes from, where he walks close to every day up from to this hill. Behind them is a forest.

"How is it down in Little Green? Everything fine with your parents, youngster?" Little Green being the name of the small village.

"Sorta... my mother often gets angry at me without a reason and my dad is nice but he never has my back. Little Green is the same as always, how come you live up here and not down with everyone else? The villagers say you were a strong leader of a Hunter Group back in the day! Everyone must love you! Did you fight monsters? Which kind? What did they look like? Could they breath fire or could they even fly?!"

"Wow... Wow... Hold it there, youngster! When you get as old as me you'll have realized how difficult it is to live with others. As kids we all want to be heroes, we want to be nice people that save others. But with every connection we make, we come in contact with sins. We slowly change and become sinners our self without realizing it. Forgetting we once wanted to be heroes or change the world."

"But not everyone is a sinner, right? And what's so bad about being a sinner? There are no penalties for a sin, like a fist coming down from the sky and smacking us, there isn't right?"

"No there isn't, youngster." He says before his voice get's more serious. "They're called The Seven Deadly Sins for a reason. As they bring death and despair to the person sinning and the people around them. It may not be by a fist from the sky, it's hard to explain, the situations you create by sinning are the once that make you fall into despair. Maybe you'll learn that for yourself one day."

"Have you ever sinned?" Erwin asks while averting his sight from the paper looking up to Mr. Chie.

"Many times, youngster. Many times."

"But you're still around and not dead!"

"Who knows?... Again, maybe you'll understand one day."

As they continue talking red eyes appear behind them in the forest. Slowly a tiger like black monster is coming out of the forest. Above his red eyes, two long blue antenna-like things are coming out and waving majestically till above the monsters back, from his mouth two long teeth are looking out which are black/white striped. In a wide jump the monster is charging at the two backs.

In a smooth motion Mr. Chie stands up and turns around, his hand pressing against the lower jaw of the monster. A small shock wave gets send out of the hand and the charge of the beast stops mid-air, falling back onto it's paws.

"Something is wrong in the forest, youngster. Inform the village!"

Erwin is looking up with terror in his eyes in front of him he sees the back of the man who protected him. The hands of the man still shaking but his aura is giving up a strong vibe and not the one of an old weak man.

Then the monster attacks again, this time pressing Mr. Chie onto the ground. The two long teeth menacing above the mans face, saliva is dropping down of the monster's jaws. Next to the hut where Mr. Chie lives in, a Wooden Sword leans against the wall.

I need to help him! Or the beast will harm him. But I'm scared... I need to run... I need to get help... Huh? My body is moving on it's own grabbing the Wooden Sword.

Erwin -> [Wooden Sword (Attack: 0-1)]

"Move kid! What are you doing? Run! You can't fend off a Blue String with a Wooden Sword!" Blue String being the name of the creature. While he is still trapped by the Blue String he is trying to get free and avoiding the bites of the beast. "Blue String's should only be fought against if you're at least a Green Hunter and you aren't even a normal Hunter!"

The claws on the Blue String's front paws start to light up in a blue color and in the same moment Erwin is charging towards the beast, as a scene from the past starts playing out in Mr. Chie's mind.

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