The One For Me!!(Jack Avery)

Jack Avery he is the popular guy in school he sings, he's the captain of the football team and he's just perfect!

But me Sirena Reyes I'm just another girl that is in school that is in love with him and he will never like me back!

What will Sirena do?

Will Jack ever like her?

Find out now!!


6. School Day!

Me an Jack walked into school holding hands and as we were talking everybody looked at us and said

"What's that?"

Then me and Jack were walking to our lockers! Some of jacks friends came to me and said

"Were gonna be your body guards technically and we're gonna keep everyone away from you because they are just gonna keep asking you questions! Otherwise!!" Daniel said.

"Thanks Daniel!" I said and smiled.

Me and Jack were walking down the hall and then Daniel was joined by Jonah and Corbyn and Zach. We were being protected by the rest of the band. I still didn't understand why. But anyways we kept walking got to our lockers and. We were just so shocked that nobody bothered us.

"Hey bitch why the fuck u with him!?" A girl yelled at me and tried to throw a drink at my head but I ducked.

"How about you mind your own business and just not talk to the boys okay!" Another girl with her said.

I turned around and it was Samantha and Veronica. They we're the as you say"popular people" in school. I didn't care I ignored what they said and went back by Jack and all the guys and I was all good cause I had Jack!

Me and Jonah then walked to class together since I had class with him. We got to class and sat down. I was really exctied but yet at the same time I was really scared of what was gonna happen in this class now since Samantha was in here and didn't have her "other half with her"! I one of my best friends with me so I was all good and I had my best friend Bree with me. I have Jonah and Bree so if anything happens with me and Samantha they will know it's not me who started anything and my teacher knows too.

"Little bitch!" Samantha said.

"Slut!" I said in a very low voice, and she didn't even hear me.

"You're a fucking bitch Sirena Reyes!" She yelled at me as she stood up.

"Ms.Nunez, go to the principal's office right now!" Mrs.Freeman yelled as she pointed to the door. "Ms.Reyes, can I please speak to u very briefly.?"

"Yes!" I said and got up.

"Has everything been okay for u lately!"

"Actually I've been getting bullied and called names by Samantha and Veronica because I started dating Jack Avery! And supposably he's one of their's but why would he ask me out if he was taken. I just can't deal with being callers names and stuff there is just to much going on at home and everything!" I explained.

"Oh okay and lucky u, having a boyfriend and all. Be happy don't let them bring u down and whatever is happening at home try not to think about it!" Mrs.freeman.

What will happen next?

What will I get thrown at me next or called?!

What else will happen during school now?!

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