The Murder Of Miss Mcgee

Jasmine Mcgee had it all. A great boyfriend, a great social status, great friends, and rich parents. So after her murder it came as a shock to everyone. The police arrested her dad. But was it someone else who actually murdered her? Who knows. All we know is that everyone is devastated. Except the person who actually murdered her.


2. Chapter II

Leslie's POV

"Hey dad," I said as I just arrived home. "Les! Guess who just got a new job!" my dad said enthusiastically. "You did?!" I excitedly said. "I start tomorrow! At your school!" he said. "W-what?" I asked. "I am the new janitor at your school!" he said,"I get to see my little girl at school!" he said with a huge smile at his face.

Crap. My dad works at my school?! I couldn't bear to see his reaction when he finds out I'm not the most popular person. I actually get bullied. Yeah yeah real surprise. I'm a geek who owns a camera, and plays video games. Of course I would be bullied! I'm bullied by Jennifer, and her jerk squad. The most popular girls in school besides Jasmine, but Jasmine is no longer here. Anyways people would think Jasmine, and I would have no idea who each other were, but she actually stood up for me. She wasn't the mean type of girl. She actually bought me my camera. She was generous and kind. I still can't believe the fact that someone murdered her. 

"Les? Honey? Are you okay?" my dad asked. "I'm more than fine dad," I lied. "Fantastic! Well I'm going to get Mcdonald's for dinner if that's okay?" he asked. "I'll have my usual!" I said. "Mcnuggets?" he asked. "You know it!" I said. 

I went upstairs to my bedroom, and went on my computer. I checked my inbox hoping to find an email from a few universities, but I found something . completely different.

"Oh my God."

A Few Moments Later.....

"What the hell Daniel?" "Leslie? What are you doing here? How do you know my address?" "I live across the street from you! You idiot!" "You do? Wait what are you doing here?" 

I barged in because I really didn't care. I went into his living room only to find Charlie and Olive were there. I sat myself next to Charlie, and opened my laptop to reveal an email.

"An email? That's what you wanted to show us?" Daniel asked. "Read it." I said. "What hell?!" Daniel said. He turned pale. By pale I mean like ghost pale. "What does it say?" Olive asked. "Jasmine's dead and you're next." Daniel said I could hear how broken he felt at that moment. "I know one of you sent it to me," I said. "Wait guys I actually brought something." Charlie said reaching into her bag. "It's a picture of Charlie, Jasmine, and me. Except Jasmine's crossed out, and B=the words Best Friend are crossed out too," Charlie explained, "I'm scared guys!" "Seriously who's doing this?" I asked. "Why would we ever do that? Especially to Charlie we know how innocent she is!" Daniel said, "Wait why would whoever is doing this do that to you? You barely knew Jasmine?" Daniel asked looking directly after me. 

"I knew Jasmine. I knew her extremely well," I answered. "How come we never saw you with her then?" Daniel asked. "Are you seriously interrogating me?" I asked. "I never saw you with Jasmine!" Daniel said. "Are you for real. We talked for hours every night! She actually understood me! And what I was going through! So if you're going to say I never knew Jasmine you're wrong okay?!" I shouted mot even realized tears were starting to come out of my eyes, " I-i should go." "Nice going Daniel!" Charlie said. "Crap," Daniel said.

I walked back across the street, and went into my room. For a couple of minutes I was all alone. Just sobbing. Until my dad got home. I stopped crying I had to be happy for him. After all he's been through. After my mom left us he was fired from his job, and he struggled to find a new one. 

"Hey sugar pea!" my dad said as he walked in with the Mcdonald's. "Hey dad!" I said. "What you been up to?" he asked. "Homework and stuff," I said. "Good job kiddo," he said. "Hey dad have you ever heard of Jasmine Mcgee?" I asked. "The girl that was murdered? Yeah I have. It's a real shame honestly," he said. "Yeah it's just I can't help, but feel like it wasn't her dad who murdered her." I said. "Why is that kiddo?" he asked. "Her dad loved her more than anything." I said. "Something must have happened between the two of them," my dad said. "Yeah perhaps your right dad."




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