Bad For Me

Jason is the bad boy of the school that manages to get every girl, bed her and then dumps her. Every girl knows but still falls victim to his looks and charms. He is a player and has a gift with words.

Hayden is another story. She is one of the top students, and one of the most desired girls in school, even one of the teachers has taken a liking to her. She is very clever and a teaser, not easily fooled.

But when Jason decides to choose Hayden as his next target to get to fall for him, it won't be as easy as he thinks and Hayden is not an easy hit. Will Hayden fall victim to Jason's looks and charm, or will she be able to resist and beat Jason at his own game.


16. 16

Hayden’s POV


I walked into the men’s warehouse store with Jason’s trailing close behind looking like he did not want to be here which I understand. He was definitely not the kind of person who would want to dress up in a tuxedo, even for his girlfriend’s brother’s wedding. Still, he was willing to do this if it would make me happy which I really appreciated.

“Ah, Hayden it is so good to see you, my dear.” A chirpy voice called getting my attention. I turned to the voice and saw a very petite woman with fair skin, bright red hair that look dyed, and light brown eyes coming towards me with a smile.

“Hey Claire, it is great to see you too,” I replied and she pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek. Claire is the same age as Adam and they were friends in high school, Claire even tutored Adam in Chemistry because he was horrible at it. So she has known me for years and always is chirpy when she sees me.

“I believe congratulations are in order. I heard your brother popped the question to Kendall and she said yes. You’re finally getting a sister eh?” Claire giggled.

“Yep,” I said popping the ‘p’. Claire never lost her smile and soon her eyes moved to Jason and her cheeks flushed.

“Hayden who is this handsome guy with you?” I turned back nearly forgetting about Jason. I grabbed his hand and carefully pulled him to stand next to me, interlacing our fingers.

“That’s actually why I’m here Claire,” I began. “This is my boyfriend Jason M-,” I began before Claire cut me off.

“JASON MCCANN?!” Claire nearly shrieked. “You’re dating him? What? How? Why? How is Adam okay with this?” Claire fired off one question after another.

“Yes I am dating him, I was his math tutor, I like and he likes me. I never said Adam was okay with it, but he knows I’m too stubborn,” I answered Claire’s questions. Claire calmed down slowly and I hesitated before I felt it was safe to talk again. “You good?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m good now,” Claire was now very calm and looked nervously back at Jason. “He won’t hurt me right?”

“Does he have a reason to?”

“He’s Jason McCann,” Claire said as if I only just heard the name.

“I am well aware of that, but he’s not a psychopath, he’s not going to kill you, relax Claire.”

“I promise I won’t do anything. I’m not the same Jason I used to be, I changed since I met Hayden,” Jason finally spoke up trying to make Claire at ease in his presence.

“Ok then, how can I help you then?” Claire asked.

“We need a tuxedo for Jason. He is going to be one of the groomsmen at Adam’s wedding,”

“Okay. Your brother sent me the color scheme for the wedding, so I just need Jason’s measurements and I find a suit for him. So come on back with me and I’ll take his measurements.” Claire said and I lead Jason to the back of the store to get his measurements taken. Claire seemed to be a little tense as she walked in circles around Jason measuring her arms, waist, shoulder width, inseam, and everything else she needed to find the perfect suit for him. While he was having tape put all over him Jason shifted his eyes to me as I sat on the plush white couch in the room.

“Hey, babe?” Jason asked as I lift my head to look at him.

“What’s up, Jay?” I smiled.

“Why don’t you go find a tie for me to match your dress perfectly?”

“You know you’re supposed to wear the same tie as all the other groomsmen right?” I arched my eyebrow?”

“Yeah, but what if I want to change it after the ceremony to match my date’s dress?”

“The ties are going to match the color of the dress for the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. I think you just want to get rid of me.” I teased with a smile.

“Why would I ever get rid of my beautiful girlfriend?” Jason asked me with a frown. “She’s too beautiful to not stare at all day. I slightly arched an eyebrow as I could Jason’s eyes trailing down to my crosses legs in my short skirt. I rolled my eyes at his slightly perverted action and snapped my fingers to get his attention and his gaze shifted back to my face.

“My eyes are up here. Don’t be such a pervert.” I crossed my arms and leaned back.

“Old habits die hard babe.”

“Well kill that one because it’s taking too long for it to die.”

“You know actually looking at you two you do make an adorable couple. I bet you would make beautiful babies.” Claire said as her eyes twinkled and I chocked on air.

“We definitely have started practicing,” Jason stated with a cocky smirk. I swear if this were a cartoon I would have already tapped his mouth shut. He looked at me and I glared at him with a look that could kill. “What?”

“Just be happy I don’t have any duck tape with me.”

“Can’t get mad at me for speaking the truth baby.”

“Yes I can, babe.” I kept glaring.

“Come on you know you can’t stay mad at me.”

“You still don’t know just how stubborn I can be.” Before Jason could answer Claire cleared her throat getting both of our attention.

“Ok, I’m all done measuring so just wait here and I’ll be right back with a suit for Jason here,” Claire said before scurrying out the room like a maid who just got yelled at by the queen. I sighed as Jason stepped down from the stand a plopped down next me on the couch. 

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