Bad For Me

Jason is the bad boy of the school that manages to get every girl, bed her and then dumps her. Every girl knows but still falls victim to his looks and charms. He is a player and has a gift with words.

Hayden is another story. She is one of the top students, and one of the most desired girls in school, even one of the teachers has taken a liking to her. She is very clever and a teaser, not easily fooled.

But when Jason decides to choose Hayden as his next target to get to fall for him, it won't be as easy as he thinks and Hayden is not an easy hit. Will Hayden fall victim to Jason's looks and charm, or will she be able to resist and beat Jason at his own game.


15. 15

A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've just been busy studying abroad, but I have break coming up so I will try to update more, just please don't be mad if I don't. xx


Jason’s POV


I watched Hayden as I could hear her brother on the other end of the line but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. Suddenly Hayden’s eyes went wide and she was silent for what seemed like forever before speaking.

“Have you eaten today?” She had a look of disbelief and confusion on her face. I heard Adam’s voice again before Hayden nodded, then hung up her phone and turned to me. “Looks like we have to do some shopping.”

“Huh?” I asked still confused.

“We have to go shopping to get you a tux.”


“Adam wants you to be one of the groomsmen at the wedding.” Hayden smiled and I just stood there in disbelief. Seeing the expression on my face Hayden rolled her eyes before grabbing my face and smashing her lips to mine. I immediately snapped out of my daze and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her flush against my body and deepening the kiss with so much passion it was intoxicating. As always Hayden pulls away too soon, then again pulling away at all is too soon for me. She then took my hand, interlacing our fingers and pulled me towards her car. “Now let's get that tux so my boyfriend can look even better then he already does.”

“That might be hard babe, I already look amazing.”

“Well you know I love a good challenge.”

“I know babe, me too,” I smirked and kissed her again before we climbed in the car and drove off.


Adam’s POV


“Come on Adam, just do it,” Kendall said.

“Why should I?” I asked and Kendall just gave me a face that said ‘you know why’. “I really hate when you do that.”

“Adam call and ask.”

“I may have accepted that fact that he’s dating my little sister, but that still doesn’t mean I necessarily like the guy.”

“Babe you need to accept the fact he will be around for a while. Hayden really likes him and he really likes her as a girlfriend, not a toy. Besides she has been a good influence on the kid, he’s less of a brat and every time he sees your sister he smiles like a little kid on Christmas.”

“I know that Hayden has that effect on people. She can make almost anyone smile.”

“I think he’s sticking around for a long time.”

“That’s exactly what scares me. The longer he stays the more it will hurt her when he leaves.”

“You have got to be kidding me. Automatically assuming he’s going to leave. You don’t know that he will, maybe he’ll become your brother-in-law someday. Besides Hayden’s not as fragile as you see her.”

“I think I’m going to have nightmares now because you put the idea of McCann being my brother in my head.” I sighed and rubbed my temples.

“Don’t be so dramatic, he not a terrorist or serial killer. He’s a high school junior, just like your sister only not as smart.” Kendall took my phone from my hand and tapped on Hayden’s number before putting the phone to my ear and I internally rolled my eyes before holding the phone to waiting for her to pick up.



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