Bitter Love

After a bad deed, Anastasia is now owned by Mr.Colins. With his bitter love


6. C h a p t e r 6

As we stood there our breathes taken away: from the tension, he fixed his suit. Due to our dance my dress slits were higher now. He took my hand then guided me to a balcony. He didn't say anything for a couple minutes.

"What's wrong?" I begged

"You!" He whispered.

"What did I do?" I snapped back.

Taking a breath he spoke "you never listen, you always disrespect me. You're a distraction."

As he said those words, my stomach turned. I thought there was something going on with us. I left him knowing the consequences.

As I was walking back, a group of girls decided to bully me.

"You really must be a mistake. Because Mr.Colins never hit a girl. I bet he didn't even sleep with you yet." She smirked as she said those words. The others laughed. Then I wanted to turn away and walk upstairs, she turned me around. Then she slapped me. I was now upset and hurt.

"Come on hit me girl" she said in fury.

"Why would I waist my time on someone who needs attention? I maybe a mistake but you here are nothing but a bitch." I spat. I then took my time walking up the stairs. While every girl was quite.


Collins POV


Damn it. As she left I could see how she felt. After she left I decided to walk after her. I then saw as the girls were bulling her. As Alissa slapped her. That girl is getting on my nerves. I was proud of what Anastasia said. As she walked up the stairs. I came up to Alissa.

"What " she smirked.

I didn't say anything for a bit.

"Don't you dare talk to Anastasia. Don't even make eye contact. You won't be seen next to her. Other wise you'll be her own slave." I said in fury.

She didn't say anything but instead rolled her eyes.

"Lets have some alone time" she smirked and playing with her hair.

"I will drain so much of your blood you'll just be dead." I spat.

She was now scared.

With all of Anastasia's back blood from the slashes, was the best blood. I ever tasted.

I didn't tell her. But after Anastasia, almost died because of the loss of so much blood. I had to donate mine. I ran up the stairs searching for Anastasia. I went into my room first. There she was. Taking off her dress. In her black lace linger. Her tears were traveling from her face,down her neck, to her cleavage. Sexiest thing I ever saw. She then went inside my closet, looking for a shirt. I took off my shirt and put it on her from behind. I was hungry. I turned her around and started buttoning up my shirt on her. She didn't make eye contact. She obeyed me and I loved it. I was now shirtless. Yet she didn't notice. My fangs started coming in. As lust came into my eyes. I turned away from her. If I started I couldn't end. She then turned me around to face her. Her eyes hurt from my words earlier. I started coming close. As our lips touched her tears were running. I looked at her . I placed my hand on her face. Tilted it and bit her. I was sucking on so much. Her blood was addictive.

"Please......don't " she whimpered

I sucked more, harder.

I was now grabbing her collar of her shirt lifting her off the ground. He feet dangling as the pain increased for her. I stopped. She was crying in tears. She didn't face me. She ran out. I caught her wrist. Making her move back to me. The power she gave me was unbelievable. Her hand on my holes in her neck.

"Obey me Anastasia" I threatened.

"Call me master" I loved this.

" no" she pleaded.

I grabbed her neck with one hand, lifting her off the ground. My hand was behind her neck. She stumbled her words as she called me master.

"" She whimpers . I let go as she fell on the floor. Her shirt revealing her panties. I flipped her over my shoulder and I gently layed her on my bed. Her eyes were closed.

I felt her pulse. It was unbelievably slow.

I could have killed her. I feed her some drops of Seed Milk. For her to regain her strength. I then fell asleep with her in my arms.


The next morning 7:56 am


I woke up feeling if she was next to me. She wasn't there. I stood up, searching my room. I look in my bathroom. Not there. I look in the closet. Not there. I started to get angry. Did she think she could run away like that? I then run to the Balcony. She sat on the balcony fence with coffee and my bed sheets.

"Good morning " I said sweetly.

" Good morning" she said

I walked up to her, examining her.

As she turned around, I saw tears. She started walking up to the door.

"Stop" I demanded

She obeyed. "Come here" I commanded

She walked to me. "Yes Master?" She asked. "What were you doing?" I asked

"Just thinking" she replied.

"Did I say you could?"

"No, I didn't even ask you." she was looking at the floor.

"You know the punishments, right?" I told her.

"No I don't " she mumbled.

" come now we shall eat" I said.

"But I don't have clothes" she pleaded.

"Just wear my shirt" I smirked

As we walked down she was behind me, as I opened the doors to the dinning room. She gasped. Yes indeed it was beautiful. Chandlers with golden chairs. Many of my workers and mates were there, along with family. As I got my seat, she stood next to me the entire time.

"Maid! Go get a chair and meal for Anastasia. She will be sitting next to me today." I yelled. Every guy was looking at Anastasia, her brown curly hair with her big blue eyes. Her freckles and plump lips, no needed for injections. As she wore my shirt, her undergarments were showing.

As she sat next to me, her body was shaking.

I whispered " don't you dare cry"

As her tears watered. She put a fake smile on. My hand squeezed her thigh. She jumped from my touch. I loved that as well.


Anastasia's POV


Oh how I didn't want to be here. Those girls were giving me glares. As Vladimir squeezed my thigh, I jumped. My tears fell from the movement. I now know he is pissed. I quickly wiped them away. The man next to me started talking.

"Hey, I'm Alex" he said smiling.

I needed a warm welcoming.

"Anastasia " I greeted.

"What a beautiful name" he smiled. He was blushing.

"Thank you Alex" I replied blushing.

"Blood or wine Anastasia" the maid asked.

"Water please" I replied.

"Wow i didn't know someone can reject blood." Alex said.

"I have a question. (He nodded) are all of you vampires?"

He smirked. "Looks like your not a vamp are you?"

His hand started gliding on my thigh, up to my lace underwear. He was tugging on it.

"Please stop" I whimpered.

He kept going.

"Lets go to a room Anastasia." He smirked.

"No I can't, Master....I mean Mr.collins wouldn't like that." I begged.

Vladimir turned to look at me. "What am I to you?" He asked.

"M...aster" I whispered.

Alex was shocked. He stopped and left. Mr.Colins was talking to others while I was sitting their not eating my food. He stood up. Everyone went back to work. He took my hand and brought me to a meeting room.

"What happened there Anastasia?" He said looking concerned.

"Why didn't you help me?" I pleaded.

"Answer my question Anastasia!"

"He touched me" I whispered.

"That fucking piece of trash" he yelled with fury. He got up.

"Please don't leave me!" I whimper.

Like that he left.


Mr.Colins POV


That piece of shit touched my fucking girl. I looked for Alex. I found him outside smoking.

"Alex what the hell is wrong with you?" I screamed.

"Wow, it's just a girl!" He laughed.

I punched him, knocking him out.

"Don't you ever touch her you dipshit."

I left. I ran to a business meeting.

"The drugs will cost 34 million Mr.Colins"

"Buy them" I said paranoid.

I went back to the meeting where Anastasia is. I opened the door seeing she fell asleep. I gently woke her up. She flushed with color to her face.

"We have to talk" I said sternly.

She nodded.

"You will obey me, you don't do anything that I did not tell you to do. If you don't listen your punishments could be me draining blood from you, or worse. Understand? (She nodded) always call me master." I smiled.

"Why me?" She barked back.

"There are prettier, better girls out there. Why me?" She breathed.

"Because I chose you, sweetheart." I smirked.

"Come now" I demanded.

"I can't master" she begged.

"Why is that?" With a bold look I said.

"I accidentally ripped your shirt, it shows my butt." She blushed.

"Master" she blurted out.

"Come here " I said.

As she came her hands covered her butt.

I turned her around. Looked and she was right my shirt ripped. I grabbed her butt. As I ran my fingers through her thighs to her cleavage. She moaned. I was now fully turned on. I started kissing her neck, to her shoulders. She blushed. I got her on the table with her legs around my waist. I kissed her passionately. Then she crawled away on the table. I took my shirt off along with grabbing her foot. Sliding her back to me. Her face was filled with color.

Along with her heart beat pumping hard against her ribcage.

"I can't" she whimpers.

I stoped realize what is going on.


"I'm a virgin" she whispered.

"Fuck" I murmur under my breath.

"Your not ready huh?" I talk with my breath heavily.

"I want it to be special" she blushes.

"I understand" I say a bit upset. I won't make her sleep with me. I take a look at my watch, 1:38 pm. My meeting was at 1:30. Damn it! This is her fault. Why is she so attractive?

"Go to my room and wait for me" I say, buttoning my shirt.

"Okay" she starts to leave in her undergarments.

"Nuh-uh" I take the ripped shirt and put it on her. She blushes. Then leaves. I quickly run to my meeting.

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