Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


2. Chapter Two

After a short five minutes of running to the station they arrived. They walked through the metal gates and the first thing they noticed was all the passengers were lying unconscious on the floor.  “Mum? Dad? What happened!?” Maiko shouted out looking at her parents. They were slowly starting to turn green and blood started to drool from their darkening lips. “Uh oh” she said as she slowly walked backwards.

“Look boss! We missed one!” whispered an unknown voice just loud enough for Maiko to hear. The next second she was surrounded by four tall slime green … llamas? “Are you … llamas?” Maiko asked trying to hold back a giggle. “Maiko you need to transform NOW if you want to help your parents!” Matoki called out. “Okay! Paka paka poof!” she called out as the flashes and ribbon returned once again.

“Oh no, not you again” one of the llamas slurred out. She touched her hat, turning it into the alpaca ball. “ALPACA LIGHTNING!” She called, summoning lightning from somewhere in the sky. The zombie llamas fell to the ground, screaming in pain with blood coming from their mouths. “MATOKI WHAT DO THEY MEAN BY AGAIN?” Maiko shouted to her alpaca buddy. “I said I’ll explain later when you are all united again – finish the task at hand!” Matoki called out back. Maiko growled loudly before hitting the zombie llamas again shouting “LIGHTNING DUST!”. She put her hat back on and sighed once the enemy had gone, or at least she thought.

“Nice job hotness” a guy said softly as he floated from the air to the ground. “Your voice… Who are you?!” Maiko said as she got in a fighting stance and Matoki approached her. “You don’t remember me? That’s a shame. The name is Neyoto and I’m here to eat your brains” he said as he began to attack. Maiko dodged and turned her hat into a ball again. “Alpaca-“ she said before being cut off. “See ya soon sweetheart, when I bring more backup” Neyoto said disappearing suddenly.

A strange feeling arose in Maiko like she had met the strange guy before. His voice seemed familiar although his appearance did not. She looked at her surroundings noticing how there were still many people lying on the ground unconscious. “Matoki why haven’t they returned to normal yet?” Maiko asked panicking. “Looks like I’ll have to give you a new item a little earlier than I intended to” Matoki said with a sigh. “Ah – Ah CHUU” She said as she had a loud sneeze and the new item appeared surrounded by glitter. “This is your alpaca wand, remember earlier you said something about a moonstick from that anime you love?” Matoki said. “Yeah you said this is my weapon of a similar power to that and I think I know how to use it” Maiko said as she picked it up and raised it to the sky. “Alpaca healing sensation!” She shouted, moving it in a figure of eight motion continuously as sparkly glitter emerged from the head of the alpaca wand. Slowly the people started to stir and stand up.

“Maiko, lets go before your parents see you” Matoki said as she started walking out the gates. Matoki changed back to her normal clothes and ran out of the gate alongside Maiko and back home again.

“Finally back home again” Maiko said as she sat on the sofa. “You did a really good job today Maiko! We’ll start doing more training tomorrow and maybe soon we’ll find the other people on our team” Matoki said as she looked at how tired her master was. “You should go to bed, its been a long day” Matoki softly spoke as she followed Maiko up the stairway and into her bedroom. “I’ll turn back into a toy for the night but if you need me to come to life all you need to say is my name! I can wake myself up too though” she said as Maiko climbed into bed. “Night Maiko” Matoki said and Maiko whispered “night” too as Matoki turned back into a toy. She picked up Matoki and snuggled into her bed, quickly falling asleep.

Her mother stood at her bedroom door. “She’s tired, I’ll tell her about the strange things that happened tomorrow morning” she thought, walking to her own bedroom with Maiko’s father.

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