Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


3. Chapter Three

“Morning mum! Morning dad! Sorry I must have missed you last night I was so tired from college” Maiko said, throwing in a fake yawn to try and make her sentence more authentic. “It’s okay sweetie, we understand” her mum said passing her a bowl of cereal. “So how was work yesterday?” Maiko asked both parents as she tucked into breakfast. “Work was alright but something really weird happen on the way home” her dad said as he sat down to eat his toast. “Yeah we got off the train and we were surrounded by these weird green llamas and they attacked us and the next thing we knew we were laying on the ground” her mother explained confused. “That’s weird” Maiko said putting her bowl in the sink. “Well we’re off to work, see you later love” her mum called out as she and her husband walked out the door.

Maiko breathed a sigh of relief as she jogged upstairs back to her bedroom. “Matoki wake up” Maiko said as Matoki jumped to life. “Morning Maiko!” she called out excited as she leapt up and down. “So yesterday wasn’t just one of my wacky dreams” Maiko whispered to herself. “Nope its one hundred percent real!” Matoki said still hoping on the spot.

“So who was that guy from yesterday?” Maiko asked as she stepped into the shower and millions of droplets fell, soaking her body. “You mean you don’t remember? You haven’t got any of your memories back at all?”  Matoki asked clearly saddened. “Unfortunately no I haven’t” Maiko said as she rubbed marshmallow scented soap over her body and continued to shower It off. “Oh. Well maybe you will sometime soon” Matoki said with a small smile.

“I think I’ve seen Neyoto somewhere before though. Maybe in a previous life? I got a weird feeling when I saw him – like excited followed by sadness and anger then all rolled into one” Maiko said stepping out of the shower and wrapping a light blue towel around her body. “Well that’s a start I guess” Matoki spoke with a hint of worry in her voice.

Maiko felt a change of subject was needed urgently. “So are we training today?” Maiko asked as she pulled on her usual attire – white top, lilac skirt and trainers. “Only partially – we’re going for a jog and maybe do some other stuff but that’s about it” Matoki said, suddenly cheerful again. “Okay” Maiko pulled a smile and got ready to go.

It took no time at all to reach the park. “One lap around the park then we’ll find something else to do, okay?” Matoki squealed excitedly. “Okay let’s do this!” Maiko said as she burst into a jog with Matoki at her side.

“Almost finished” Maiko panted out as her pace slowed down. To her surprise she had managed to keep up a similar pace without collapsing around the entire circumference of the park.

“Why the hell are you running with a purple alpaca?” a voice called out from in the shadows of tall trees. It made the pair stop suddenly and look around.

“How do you know it’s an alpaca? Show yourself!” Maiko called out looking around, trying to spot the location of the voice. “AND I’m LILAC not PURPLE!” Matoki shouted out clearly missing the point. “Very well” the voice said, leaping down from a tree and landing gracefully on the grassy ground.

The girl looked only a couple of years older than Maiko. She wore a black skirt and red top. Her boots were red and laced up reached half way up her calf. Her hair, a dark shade of black reaching down to her hips with half of it being a bright red. Her eyes a bright red, filled with a mixture of fierce emotions.

“So if you can see Matoki – wheres your alpaca?” Maiko asked still on edge. “I don’t have one” the girl answered as she crossed her arms. “You didn’t get a toy one in the post?” Matoki asked as she walked towards this new girl. “I did. I gave it to a charity shop, It was a present from my ex” She said as she broke eye contact. “Oh dear that’s not good” Matoki said as she started to run in the direction of the shops. “Now look what you’ve done now I’ve gotta run more! Come on” Maiko said as she started running, dragging with the girl with her. “I forgot to ask, whats your name?” Maiko asked as they exited the park still running after Matoki. “You don’t need to know that information” the girl said now running in synchronisation with Maiko.

“You might as well tell me, you’re part of this too whether you like it or not” Maiko said as they finally caught up with Matoki. The mysterious girl walked into the shop without saying a word and Maiko followed with a “humph”.

“There it is!” Maiko said bee-lining towards the alpaca plush toy. She was now less than a meter away from it and was ready to sigh in relief until a guy appeared infront of her. “Hey, I’ll just take this” he said going to grab the alpaca. “Oh no you don’t Neyoto” Maiko quickly grabbed the black alpaca and turned around to face the girl he belonged to. “Take your alpaca and run, we’ll create a distraction” she threw the alpaca to the girl and she bolted out the door. “First things first we need to get out of this shop so people don’t get hurt” Maiko said to Matoki. “On it!” Matoki said as she did a small dance and created a bubble barrier. “Nicely done” Maiko said as her alpaca took a bow.

“Paka paka poof” she called out now ready to fight. She touched her hat, turning it into a ball. “Lightning alpaca!” she called throwing her ball multiple times, each time Neyoto got better at dodging them. “THIS IS NOT A GAME OF DODGEBALL” Maiko shouted out, putting her hat back on her head. “I’m pretty sure it is sweetheart” Neyoto said now dodging Maiko’s weak punches. “Okay this plan doesn’t seem to be going too well – get you alpaca wand out” Matoki said as she tried attacking also. The wand appeared in her hands. “Okay try summoning the clouds to do your bidding” Matoki said as she still continued attempting to attack Neyoto. “How the?! Okay I’ll try” Maiko said as she held her wand to the sky and closed her eyes. “Clouds come to me and hailstone hard” she said as she pointed towards Neyoto.

Angry dark clouds gathered in the bubble right above Neyoto’s head. They rumbled, and millions of hailstones started to fall upon his head. She waited a few minutes before moving her wand in a slanted position, dismissing the clouds as Neyoto fell to the floor. “I don’t wanna kill you yet until I know whats going on, we’ll fight again someother time” Maiko said as Matoki disbanded the bubble.

Maiko and Matoki rushed back to the park seeing as that was where Matoki sensed the alpaca was. They ran in and Maiko transformed back to her normal self. “Are you okay?” Maiko asked the girl. “Yeah we’re fine” she said in reply. “Now that I spent a few minutes of my life saving your life, do you fancy telling me your name now?” Maiko asked trying to catch her breath. “I wouldn’t have been in a life threatening situation if it wasn’t for you” the girl answered, making Maiko growl in response. “But seeing as I look like I have no choice but to do this – my name is Shika” she said with a bow. “Shika? Nice name. I’m Maiko” she said with a bow.

“Can we wake up Dashiyoki now? I don’t want to be alone anymore!” Matoki said as she hoped around. “Fine go on then, you’ll need to give Shika the instructions though” Maiko said as she sat on the grassy ground, lying down. She felt the soft gentle breeze hit her face, making her feel more refreshed.

“You need to put Dashiyoki on the ground and kiss him on each cheek then stand back” Matoki said excitedly. Shika did so and bent down to the ground kissing him on both cheeks feeling embarrassed to be performing this task in a large public place. Dashiyoki came to life and looked around, noticing Shika first. “Shika, its good to see you again” Dashiyoki bowed, his red cape blowing gently in the breeze. “Again? Who are you? I’ve never seen you before” Shika stated before looking between the alpacas. “You mean you haven’t explained what happened yet, Matoki?” Dashiyoki asked as he walked towards the other alpaca. “No we are not going to explain until we are all together again otherwise there will just be a lot of confusion” Matoki said as she stood up. “If that’s what you wish” Dashiyoki said as he turned around and walked over to Shika. “Come on, its time I showed you how to use your powers” Dashiyoki said as he walked towards a large open space with Shika following.

“Shall we join in?” Matoki asked as she stood up. “Sure, why not” Maiko said standing up and following the others. The alpacas were next to each other and the girls a couple of meters away. “First you need to transform” Dashiyoki said. Maiko nodded and transformed, Shika assumed she just had to copy. “Maiko – you will already know this part” Matoki said. “Shika – touch your hat and it will turn into an alpaca ball” Dashiyoki said and Shika followed his words. “You can use this ball to set fire to your enemies, each time you throw it at them say ‘alpaca flame’ and they should burn to a crisp” Dashiyoki said with a smirk. “Maiko – you already know your attack so this time I want you to use the exact same one but aim for the targets in the sky otherwise beating enemies stronger than Neyoto is going to be incredibly hard” Matoki said and Maiko nodded. “Ready?” Matoki asked and both the girls nodded. Both alpacas did a dance, creating cardboard targets. “Take ‘em down girls!” Matoki shouted excitedly, her face flashing red as Dashiyoki gave her a glare.

Maiko missed several times but eventually developed perfect accuracy. Shika’s aim was perfect as soon as she started. “Lightning dust!” Maiko called out turning all the targets into ashes. “Very good” Dashiyoki said. “Its time to go home for the day, bye Shika and Dashiyoki! Let’s go Maiko!” Matoki said walking off. “Err bye then guys” Maiko said waving and jogging to catch up with Matoki.

“So why are we suddenly rushing off again?” Maiko asked once she caught up and slowed her pace to a walk. “He’s too serious for my liking – I can’t be around him too long” Matoki said as they exited the park and started to walk home. The sun was steadily setting and the air felt warm. 

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