Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


10. Chapter Ten

“MAIKO! MAIKO WAKE UP” Matoki shouted for the fortieth time. She had already pulled the bed sheets off her when she tried waking her up ten hours ago but was still having no luck. The water bucket of water over the face trick was attempted four hours ago and epically failed. Having no hands made it very hard to fill up a water bucket and carry it back to her room. With it half full she managed to carry it back to her room with little drops going everywhere. She held the bucket above Maiko’s head and shook it around but her effort was wasted as she still stayed asleep.

“HOW CAN ANYONE SLEEP THIS LONG?! WAKE UP!” Matoki shouted again. “DON’T MAKE ME DO THIS MAIKO I WILL DO IT” She continued as she tried to shake Maiko awake. Still nothing. “Fine we’ll do it this way” Matoki said as she walked over to the oak dresser next to Maiko’s bed. She picked up the alpaca wand in her mouth and stood next to Maiko’s face. “Lightning spark” she mumbled trying to point the wand at Maiko. A couple of small sparks came out of the wand and towards Maiko, absorbed by her skin and then it hit her.

“I’M AWAKE! I’M AWAKE” Maiko shouted as she shot up. Matoki sighed in relief and laid down on the floor, tired from trying to wake her up. “Why are you waking me up so early on a Sunday?” Maiko questioned, pulling herself off the bed and finding her balance. “SUNDAY?! ITS MONDAY YOU HAVE COLLEGE! I TRIED WAKING YOU UP YESTERDAY BUT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE!” Matoki shouted. “I SLEPT THROUGH AN ENTIRE DAY? HOW!? I’M GOING TO BE LATE!” Maiko shouted frantically running around, leaping in the shower then pulling her clothes on as quick as possible.

“Right I’m ready!” Maiko said having broken the record for getting ready. “Good now you have ten minutes to get to college” Matoki said. “Ten minutes? But its an hour bus journey!” Maiko called out as they ran down the stairs, almost falling down them. “Should have waked one of the first fourty times I tried then!” Matoki called out as they ran out of the door. “Im going to have to teleport there” Maiko said as they carried on jogging down the road. “But you can’t you don’t know if anyone will see you!” Matoki said as she moved as fast as she could with Maiko struggling to keep the pace. “Then I’m gonna be late” Maiko sighed. “No you won’t, hop on” Matoki said as she halted suddenly. Maiko leapt onto her and Matoki charged in the direction of the college.

Surprisingly Matoki magically was able to get there within seven minutes. “Thanks Matoki, but what are you going to do?” Maiko asked as she made herself look more presentable. “I’m coming with you but I’ll just make myself invisible” she replied excitedly. “And we are back to excitable Matoki” Maiko sighed as she walked through the gates. “You love me really” she heard Matoki whisper. No one seemed to notice a lilac alpaca walk through the gates, or at least there were no reactions.

Maiko sat down in her anatomy class with two minutes to spare although she knew her teacher would probably be late as usual. Matoki got herself comfortable underneath the table so she wouldn’t get in the way.

“Where is my notepad?” Maiko asked herself as she searched her backpack. “Have you ate it?” she asked, getting a “no what the hell do you think I do with my life?” reply back from Matoki. “You make a girl fight llamas and evil people that’s what” was the reply from Maiko before she felt a presence above her.

“Maiko are you having a conversation with yourself?” was heard and made Maiko’s head shoot up. “Oh hey Akemi how was your summer?” Maiko asked awkwardly, trying to avoid talking her talking to herself. Akemi burst into laughter before answering with how her summer was. Her other friend Amaya also joined the conversation. It was hard to not tell them both about the whole alpaca situation and it made Maiko more determined to keep it a secret due to the fact they probably wouldn’t believe her even if she did tell them.

Eventually their teacher walked in and the lesson started. It seemed to go on forever and both Maiko and Matoki were glad when it finished. She managed to ditch her friends so that she could sit in the woods and talk to Matoki.

“How do you listen to that lesson so easily? It was boring” Matoki asked followed by a yawn. “I need it for my dream job” Maiko said with a smile. “And that would be what exactly?” Matoki asked out of curiosity. “I’m not telling you” Maiko said, followed by a Japanese raspberry.

“Who are you talking to Maiko?” Amaya asked. Maiko fell silent and turned around to look who it was. “I was … on the phone?” She said hoping Amaya may believe her. “To who?” she asked, putting Maiko on the spot. “A … girl I met… over summer?” Maiko stuttered hoping that was the end of the questioning. “Whats her name?” Akemi asked. Maiko hadn’t realised she was standing there too. “Shika” Maiko spluttered out, hoping that Shika wouldn’t find out that she used her as an excuse and murder her. “Okay” Akemi gave in.

They decided to head to getting changed early so that they could be ready on time for lesson and hopefully get their favourite animals to care for. Their practical work clothing was completely different from Maiko’s normal outfit. It consisted of baggy trousers, big boots and a polo shirt. She was hoping that if Ketsuki decided to show himself that maybe he wouldn’t recognise her.

They waited for a while until their whole class and their teacher joined them. “You five can go on hoofstock, if you finish quickly then I’ll consider letting you cuddle the guinea pigs” she smiled as she pointed to Maiko, Akemi and Amaya as well as two boys from the class. They rushed down to hoofstock and said hello to the goats, pigs and alpacas. Matoki was very happy with these alpacas although they weren’t magical they started to talk to each other.

All was going well. Maiko had so much energy that they were getting the pens done quicker than ever. With her new found and continually developing fitness she was leaping everywhere cleaning every corner. Little did she know she was being watched.

“How does that girl have so much energy?” Ketsuki whispered out loud. “Now would be a good time to attack, she won’t want to transform infront of people she knows” a voice spoke to him. “Alright” he answered before disappearing and appearing on top of a nearby roof.

“Hey Maiko, why is there a guy sitting up there staring at you?” Akemi asked after a few minutes of observing. “Not a clue” Maiko answered focusing on her work without looking up. “Maiko I know it’s you” Ketsuki said still perched on the roof like a pigeon. “My name is not Maiko” Maiko said as she started cleaning off her equipment and putting it away. “Your friend just said your name and I can see your alpaca” he said smugly crossing his arms. Maiko sighed in frustration and jogged into the toilets. She sent a quick text to the others to get to her college as quick as possible before transforming and walking out of the toilets, back to Ketsuki who had now started terrorising the other students in her group.  

“Oh I hate my life sometimes” Maiko said as she watched him chasing and attacking other students. “Matoki, grab me a broom, I think I’ve still got some cleaning up to do” Maiko said marching towards Ketsuki. “Got it!” She said charging towards the tool shed, grabbing the first broom she could find and rushing back to Maiko with it. “Done terrorising people yet?” Maiko said cutting infront of Ketsuki, holding the broom out as a blockade. “Not yet” he answered attempting to jump on top of the broom. She quickly twisted the broom and hit him where it hurts most. He fell to the floor and sat there in pain. “Was that necessary?” he asked clearly in pain. “Yes” Maiko said as she prepared to fight again.

“Why is there a lilac alpaca here?” Amaya asked once she had caught her breath from running. “My name is Matoki” she said with a bow. “Um … you talk?”  Akemi asked confused, thinking she had gained some sort of head injury. “I do” Matoki said. “Matoki If you’re finished chatting please create a forcefield, I’d rather the rest of the college not see whats happening here” Maiko said, still fighting with the broom. “Sure” Matoki leapt into the air excitedly before doing a little dance. 

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