Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


6. Chapter Six

“Ready?” Neyoto asked, followed by a nod from Maiko. “Okay” he responded with before taking a deep breath.

“So long ago earth only had two continents – the hot region and the cold region either side of the equator. There were also two moons – the labyrinth moon and the silent moon. These were each ran by one of you girls. Shika ran the hot region as their queen whilst Meiki – somehow- ran the cold region down on earth.  Akiko hasn’t shown herself by the look of it yet – and probably won’t show herself for a while -  but she was the girl who ran the silent moon. You were the girl who ran the labyrinth moon” Neyoto started.

“So I was … Queen of a moon?” Maiko said in slight disbelief. “Yes. Have you never noticed you’re naturally good at working out puzzles? You find getting to the middle or exit of a maze a breeze?” Neyoto questioned. “I find mazes insanely easy, so your point is valid” she responded as she started trying to scratch one of her wrists, unable to use her other hand.

“You each had your alpacas helping you run your kingdoms, they made your power stronger and kept you happy” Neyoto continued. “Each alpaca was loved by their kingdom just as much as you were as queens and they attended your royal duties with you, helping you protect your kingdoms” he said, making the choice to unlock the handcuff that was irritating her wrist. “Carry on” she said now soothing her itching wrist.

“So If you haven’t guessed, you and your alpaca become weaker when you are not near each other” he paused after this. “You’re probably feeling weaker than you were earlier today simply because you’re pretty far away from Matoki right now, and she will feel the same as you” he carried on. Maiko silently agreed, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to get out alive as she felt so weak. “So one day Matoki walked into your labyrinth as she loved them just as much as you did however the llamas came out of nowhere and attacked her” he said, making Maiko feel shocked. “But why? What did she do to hurt anyone?!” Maiko said as she began to get annoyed. “Nothing but the llamas want to own everything and anything, so with earth the first thing that interested them was the labyrinth moon.

“Obviously this made you pretty angry and you challenged every llama as well as the big boss to enter your labyrinth and solve it within two hours. Of course that was near impossible, made even more impossible when you told your armies and citizens not to assist them” he continued as he poured himself a drink and dropped an ice cube in. He sipped before continuing. “You were so weak from being away from Matoki that you had to call the other girls and their alpacas to assist you when the big boss and llama army got near to the end of the labyrinth five hours later. They came with their alpacas and positioned themselves at the three entrances to the labyrinth surrounding your castle whilst their alpacas waited with you, trying to help you” he said putting his cup on the counter.

“Whilst they were fighting off every llama that came their way, you were struggling to breathe” he continued before being interrupted. “I collapsed didn’t I? I shut my eyes and never opened them again” Maiko said as memories started slowly flowing back into her head. “Correct. The alpacas couldn’t handle the fact you had died and ran to their respective girl in distraught. The others were getting weak too and collapsed having being beaten by the llamas” he finished as he sat down on the bed.

“What happened to the alpacas then? And where do you come into this?” Maiko asked trying to fill in the holes of her memories.

“I managed to get to the castle just in time. The alpacas had turned to toys after you girls had died, I managed to grab the three of them and send them to the point in time where you were to be reborn, so that they would arrive to your doors in parcels. Matoki however went a little… differently. Matoki had already been taken by the llamas but turned into a toy as soon as you had died. The big boss decided to also take me saying that he saw potential or something like that. So he took me against my will and gave me powers that I didn’t need and makes me fight you. He wanted to incinerate Matoki but thankfully I convinced him that I would just hurl him through time. So that’s what I did, but he didn’t know I had actually sent him back to you in the future” he said impressed with himself.

“Why do you need my help? I’m still not sure where you come into this either” Maiko questioned again. Neyoto sighed before explaining how he is related to all of this. “I was a prince with a massive crush on you until the llamas found me and thought they had brained washed me, but I resisted their brain wash so I could find you again and help you get rid of them” he explained. “I need your help to get back to my normal self, get my normal powers back and get back to living in your labyrinth” he said noticing Maiko wasn’t looking too well. “Okay well I’ll consider it, I don’t feel well and I think I need to get back to Matoki” she said as she weakly tried to sit up. “I’ll take you back to her” he said as he unlocked the other handcuff. “I’ll carry on playing along with it until you can help me, but I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up this act for” he said as he picked her up into his arms and teleported back to where he had took her from.

Matoki was in a frenzy panicking about Maiko’s location. Neyoto appeared with Maiko in his arms and placed her on the floor infront of Matoki. Instantly they had some relief. “GET HIM!” Meiki shouted, pointing towards Neyoto. “No … Leave him… alone, he hasn’t done … anything to hurt me … I’m fine” Maiko said between breathes, halting Shika and Meiki’s attacks. “But you can’t breathe” Shika said as she glared down at Maiko.

“She was away from Matoki for too long. She needs to stay with Matoki for the rest of the day and she’ll be back to herself in the morning, bye Maiko” Neyoto said before vanishing.

“I need to get home” Maiko said pulling herself off the floor with some assistance. “Here, get on Maiko” Matoki said lining her back close to Maiko. She pulled herself on, and Matoki carefully started walking home with the others following. No one chose to question Maiko about what had happened today.

“Isn’t it going to look weird to normal people that she’s riding a dog?” Shika asked Dashiyoki. “No, she appears as a horse whilst someone is sitting on her, we would too” Dashiyoki answered back receiving a nod from Shika. The journey back to Maiko’s house was a quiet one. Very carefully Matoki carried Maiko upstairs and Shika helped her into bed. Maiko thanked her before everyone parted ways for the night. 

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