Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


7. Chapter Seven

“Morning Maiko, feeling any better today?” Matoki asked as she gently nudged Maiko. “Yeah I guess” she answered, rubbing her neck due to the constant aching feeling. She sat up and carefully moved herself to sit on the edge of the bed. “Have you seen Akiko yet?” she asked. Matoki was stunned at this, she didn’t recall ever mentioning Akiko’s name. “How do you know about Akiko?” Matoki questioned as she stood in shock. “Neyoto told me everything. Everything about what happened in the past. How we died, what happened to you, and about my kingdom” She said as she stood up. Matoki sighed realising it was time. “Yes, we were going to tell you as soon as we found Akiko but no one has seen her. Its all my fault, I shouldn’t have gone to play in the labyrinth without you. I’m sorry” Matoki sighed as she hang her head in shame. “Its okay Matoki, its not your fault some idiots invaded, but I do have something to ask of you” Maiko asked as she carefully stood up and centred her balance. “What is it? I’ll do anything!” Matoki asked leaping into the air. “Take me to the labyrinth moon. My labyrinth moon” She said as she brushed her hair and made herself presentable.

“Only you can do that, but I can tell you how. I’m not sure it still exists now though, so please be prepared” Matoki said. “Alright. What do I need to do?” Maiko asked preparing herself for anything. “You need to transform and then get your alpaca wand” Matoki said first. Maiko did as told. “Now what?” Maiko asked as Matoki moved next to her. “Now you hold it above your head and ask to go to the labyrinth moon” Matoki said. Maiko took a deep breath before holding her wand high above her head. “Take us to the labyrinth moon!” she called out. Swirls of glitter fell from the wand as a ball surrounded them.

The ball popped, and they were on the labyrinth moon. “It. It still exists?” Matoki stuttered shocked. “Apparently so, now lets get to my castle” Maiko said as she burst into a jog. She ran through the labyrinth with ease and with Matoki by her side they got to the castle within ten minutes. It was overrun by llamas which she destroyed easily.

Neyoto appeared from behind a wall and stood a few feet away from Maiko. “Have you thought about it yet?” he asked looking down at Maiko’s face. She still looked undecided. “Maiko is there something you haven’t told me?” Matoki asked feeling quite defensive, feeling the need to protect the castle. “Yes there is Matoki” she answered. “So do you have an answer?” he pushed again. “I do” Maiko said as she paused for a few seconds, Neyoto eagerly awaiting a response. “I will help you but you must also help us” Maiko said slowly and with her eyes closed. The next minute she was in the air and a “thank you” was whispered into her ear. She looked down nervously. “This is … er… quite high up” she said looking down and around them. “Not keen on heights, huh?”  Neyoto said smirking whilst Matoki watched worryingly from below. “Not particularly” Maiko answered feeling the urge to grip hold of Neyoto’s clothing. “Same old Maiko” he said lowering down slowly to the floor.

“Maiko what is going on?” Matoki asked again. “I’ll tell you later when we’re all together” she responded back. “Argh just because I use that excuse to you does not mean you get to use it on me” Matoki said as she followed Maiko into a room with the castle controls. “I just did” Maiko said as she pressed several buttons. “Now what are you doing? Neyoto is watching!” Matoki said worriedly. “I’m bringing the other girls here” Maiko replied as she pressed several more buttons. “Don’t worry Matoki, I only know about 80% of what these buttons are for so he won’t understand it at all” Maiko answered pulling a lever. The girls appeared in the middle of the room standing next to their alpacas.

“Where are we?” Shika asked before noticing Maiko. “Maiko! You’re okay! I’m so glad” Meiki squealed as she hugged the not so excitable Maiko. “This is my former kingdom – the Labyrinth moon” Maiko said, mentally begging for more of her memories to be released back to her. “Your former kingdom? How do you know about this?” Shika asked confused. “Because blondie here couldn’t keep it a secret until I showed up” A gentle but irritated voice spoke.

“Nice of you to show up seaweed hair” Neyoto said making very little acknowledgement of her arrival. “Didn’t want my brains eaten too soon” she answered back with. “You have a brain? Didn’t see that coming” Neyoto scoffed walking next to Maiko, crossing his arms.

“Anyways as I was going to say, my name is Akiki and I am the queen of the silent moon. I’ve been training with my alpaca Tonoki and observing you all which is why I didn’t join sooner” She said with a curtesy. Tonoki stood proudly next to her, his white coat gleaming. He wore a top hat on his head and a bowtie around his neck. “Greetings” he said with a bow also.

“Right so that makes four of us” Maiko said. “Now we just need a plan” Shika said as she tried to think. “Lets start with destroying Neyoto shall we?” Akiki said as she prepared to attack. “No that is not happening” Maiko said creating a human barrier between Neyoto and the other girls. “Why do you have such a grudge against each other anyway” Maiko asked confused. There was no response and an awkward silence was in the air. “Right okay then I’m gonna take charge. Neyoto you are going to explain the past to Shika and Meiki and you Akiki are going to come with me” she said pointing to each respective person. She then pressed another button on the control panel, and pulled the same lever again. A glittery force field appeared around the castle as Neyoto started the explanation.

Maiko led Akiki down a corridor and into another room with Tonoki and Matoki following behind. She walked into a small room with a table and a couple of chairs. “So what is your problem with him?” Maiko said as she sat down and put her feet up on the table. “He broke my heart because he liked you” she revealed. “Wait what?” Maiko asked as she pulled her feet off the table trying to hold in her laughter. “He dumped me because he had been spying and crushing on you” Akiki said still clearly annoyed as she crossed her arms. Maiko burst.

“That’s why you hate each other?” She said in between her laughter. “Yes” Akiki answered bluntly whilst Maiko laughed harder. “What’s so funny?” Akiki asked even more annoyed. “You’re telling me you hate each other because he dumped you for me?” Maiko continued to ask, the laughter seemingly never ending. Again, Akiki answered with a blunt “yes” as Maiko stood next to her. “Listen here sweetie, you don’t need a guy! As long as you have your alpaca by your side you are strong” Maiko said gently as she managed to pull herself together, a friendly smile displayed on her face. “Thanks” Akiki answered now feeling quite shy.

“Now we need a plan” Maiko said as she sat back down in her chair, Matoki bringing her a paper and pen. “We don’t know how many leaders there are but if you include Neyoto I believe there will be at least four or five” Tonoki said as he got himself comfortable. “Yes. I already know of a second one already, I heard him talking when I was kidnapped” Maiko said as she fiddled with her pen. “Right, and for each of them there’s at least several hundred llamas that they have control over” Matoki added as she moved to be at Maiko’s side. “We need to know more before we make a plan, we can’t make a plan based on the little knowledge we have” Akiki added. “We need some sort of basic plan in place” Matoki said as she thought deeply. “Okay then what about this – we gather more information about them and defeat who is the second leader” Maiko said and both the girls and alpacas nodded in agreement. “But then what do we do with Neyoto?”  Matoki asked. “I’ll think of something – lets go back” Maiko said as she stood up and walked to the door.

Maiko opened the door and let the alpacas through first. Both of them bolted down the corridor towards the control room. Akiki and Maiko heard the shouts and screams too, and started sprinting after the alpacas. 

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