Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


1. Chapter One

“Mum! Dad! I’m home!” Maiko called out looking around for her mother. “Still at work huh? Oh well” she said as she walked into their spacious kitchen, leaving her keys on the table. “Whats this? I don’t remember ordering anything” she spoke to herself picking up an unusual package on the table. “Well it says my name, I wonder what it is” she said as she pulled it close to her chest and walked up to her bedroom.

“It feels quite heavy for such a small package” she said as she moved it around. She grabbed some scissors off the dresser and sat back on her bed to carefully cut open the box. She gently unfolded the bubble wrap and picked the item up. “It’s a” she started saying before she paused taking in all the detail. “A … lilac coloured… Alpaca?” She said with the most confused expression on her face. It was a heavy little lilac coloured alpaca, who appeared to be wearing a little cape with an apple pattern all over it. “Well its cute, but who sent it to me?” she said looking in the box to find a clue. She found a small piece of paper with a kawaii alpaca pattern all over it. Her fingers twiddled with her brown hair whilst she read it. “Hi my name is Matoki! Give me a kiss on my fluffy cheeks and then stand back” it read. “Well, hi Matoki, but who sent you and why do I need to do this?” Maiko questioned as she put the alpaca in the middle of her cream carpet.  She gave it one kiss on each cheek and stood back. She waited three seconds. Nothing.

“Well that was-“ she started saying before being interrupted by a large flash and millions of sparkles. It lasted a few minutes before fading. “Hi Maiko!” It said happily. “AH GIANT ALPACA” Maiko screamed before hiding under her bed. “AH WHERE?!” Matoki screamed back spinning in a frenzy. “You’re … real?” Maiko whispered as she crawled out cautiously from the safety of her bed. “Yeah I am” Matoki said jumping up and down on the spot. “And you can… talk?” Maiko said as she got up onto her bed. “Don’t you remember me Maiko?” Matoki asked sounding nervous and saddened. “I’ve never seen a giant talking lilac alpaca in my life, so no” Maiko answered. “Oh” Maiko sighed. “Should I know you?” she asked, staring at the cute alpaca. “No … well yeah… we’ll explain when we find the others” Matoki sighed as she laid down on the carpet. “Oh okay” Maiko said as she stretched on her bed.

“OH I NEED TO GIVE YOU YOUR GIFT!” Matoki shouted as she stood up again. “Stop scaring me like that!” Maiko said clutching hold of her chest. “Sorry” Matoki whispered gently, nuzzling up to Maiko. “What is this gift anyway? And what is going on?” Maiko questioned. “The gift will help you transform and the rest will all be explained along the way” Matoki said as she started pulling at her fluffy fur with her teeth. “Transform?” Maiko said clearly confused still. “Yeah! Transform!” Matoki said excitedly as she pooped out a pair of… knitting needles?

She pulled at her coat, putting strands in-between the needles and instantly getting to work on knitting. She finished within minutes, passing the gift to Maiko like an excited puppy. “Thanks? What do I do with it?” Maiko said still clearly confused. “You put it on your wrist and then you say paka paka poof which makes you transform” Matoki said with a small smile. “Really?” Maiko whispered trying desperately to hold back her giggles. “Try it” Matoki said as she stood back. “Okay then” Maiko said taking a deep breath. “Paka paka… poof? She said as her arms moved into the air.

A purple light flashed around her along with lilac ribbons gently wrapping around her body. She stood there in shock as her clothing changed. Her white trainers had changed to white lace up boots. Her skirt was still pretty much the same, just with a kawaii alpaca pattern printed onto it. Her top now had an apple pattern around the rims. She now also had a woolly hat on her head, with two small ears a pair of eyes and a nose all in the shape of an alpaca. The flash and ribbons slowly faded.

“Well this is… cute but odd” Maiko said as she looked around at herself and then back towards Matoki. “So Matoki, why am I dressed like this and what am I actually meant to do” Maiko asked feeling puzzled. “You have a big mission to complete but first we need to find the other girls and other alpacas” Matoki said. “Big mission? Other girls and alpacas?” Maiko repeated now even more confused. “Oh and you may have to defeat some bad guys along the way too, actually its inevitable” Matoki said as she walked out of the bedroom with Maiko following. Matoki went to walk out the front door but Maiko stood infront of her, stopping her. “You can’t walk out like that you’ll be hunted down! And how do I change back to my normal clothing?” Maiko asked again. “OH! OH That’s easy! You just think about wearing your normal clothing and you’ll go back! And to normal people I look like a dog but you can still see me as an Alpaca!” Matoki said hopping on the spot again.

“You’re crazy” Maiko said walking out the door and locking it behind Matoki. “And you’re a 16 year old girl who looks like she is having a full on conversation with a dog” Matoki answered back. “Fair play” Maiko said as they headed towards Tokyo park.

“So … why did you bring me here exactly?” Maiko questioned as she sat on the grass staring at the unusual animal. “For training!” Matoki said hoping around in circles around Maiko. “Okay but couldn’t we try and find at least one of the others first?” Maiko asked trying to avoid becoming dizzy. “We don’t go finding them purposely and you need to do training so that you’re ready to fight the enemy if they sneak up on us” Matoki answered still hoping around.  “So how much training have you done before?” Matoki asked as she laid down next to Maiko. “Well I can kick pretty well but my punches are weak, and I can’t run for long” Maiko said nervously scratching the back of her neck. “So nothing magical what so ever?” Matoki asked clearly shocked. “Nope” Maiko answered back.

“Right we have lots of work to do to get you ready! I need to teach you how to use your magical weapons and I need to help you train in running and punching too!” Matoki said as she leapt into the air. “First comes magic – For this I need you to transform” Matoki said as she moved a metre or so backwards. “Okay if you’re sure – paka paka poof” she said as once more a flash of purple light and purple ribbon surrounded her. “That’s better! For now until your fighting ability improves you only have one magical weapon and that forms from your hat” Matoki said now standing directly infront of Maiko. “My hat?” Maiko repeated unsure. “Yes your hat. Now you need to touch it and it will then turn into a ball” Matoki continued as she again moved out of the way. The hat had now turned into a ball still resembling an alpaca and floating above her hands. “Now your alpaca power if I remember correctly is lightning, so if you throw your ball and say ‘lightning alpaca’ then it should summon lightning from the skies to hit the enemy you just shot the ball at” Matoki said with a smile. “Okay but when I’m practicing then what do I use as a target? I don’t want to electrocute trees or people” Maiko said as she passed the floating ball from hand to hand.  

Matoki nodded before doing a small dance with her legs. Some figures popped up made out of cardboard. “You need to say lightning alpaca each time you throw the ball” Matoki said as she stood back. “Got it” Maiko said as she aimed at her target and took a deep breath. “LIGHTNING ALPACA” she belted as she threw the ball which bounced between all five figures and bouncing back to her again. Lightning bolts shot down from the sky, easily frying each target. “That was great!” Matoki said leaping into the air. “That was easier than I expected” Maiko said as the ball returned to her hands. “I have another attack for you too! You do the same thing but different words – say ‘lightning dust’ which will turn the enemy into sparkly dust!” Matoki said with a smile. “No problem! LIGHTNING DUST!” she said throwing the ball. Again the ball bounced from target to target turning each one into dust after it hit which glittered and fell to the ground. “Well done” Matoki said hopping around. “You’ll be okay when you get fitter and if you remember the words” Matoki said smiling as Maiko changed back to her normal self. “Now to end today’s training we are going to run all the way back home!” Matoki said as she started trotting off. “Run? Home? I’m not sure my body can handle that” Maiko said as she started jogging to catch up. “Sure it can! You just need to make sure that you breathe in the right way!” Matoki said as they ran beside each other. “How do I do that?” Maiko asked feeling breathless. “You’ll figure it out!” Matoki giggled as they carried on running in the direction of Maiko’s house.

“MUM! DAD? I’M HOME! … again” Maiko said as she walked through the doorway, Matoki following behind. “Still not home? It’s gone 7!” Maiko said as she flopped onto the soft sofa. “I’m gonna put my dinner in the oven then I’m gonna watch anime!” Maiko said, pulling herself up and walking straight into the kitchen. “Sounds like a good plan!” Matoki said as she got herself comfy in the living room. “Matoki what do you want to eat? … Do you need actual alpaca food or something magical?” Maiko asked presuming the latter. “I can eat grass and vegetables and fruits and alpaca cookies! BUT grass, vegetables and fruits are probably easier for you to get than alpaca cookies” Matoki said excitedly. “Right so a salad! That sounds healthy! Here, I think this was meant to be for my dad but he won’t mind ‘me’ eating it” Maiko giggled as she walked over to Matoki and gave her a plate of it. “Thanks!” Matoki said as she started nibbling the salad.

Ten minutes later Maiko grabbed her dinner from the oven. One of her many favourites – chicken wings and chips! She sat down and grabbed the TV remote and started flicking through the channels until she found an anime channel. “YES! My favourite anime is on!” she said as she got comfortable. “That weapon is similar to one of yours, it has the same amount of power!” Matoki said excitedly. “The moon stick? I have a weapon with a similar power to that?” Maiko said. If she had any more shocking news her brain would surely explode. “Yeah its just a different shape” Matoki responded, sticking her tongue out to lick her lips.

Two episodes of the anime had started and finished and Maiko’s parents were still nowhere in sight. “Matoki I’m worried, they haven’t contacted me and they would never come home this late” Maiko muttered as she stood up grabbing her mobile phone. “Do you want to go looking for them? This could be a chance to do some training” Matoki said as she stood up. “Okay let’s do it! They should be at the train station” She said as she headed towards the door. They walked out, locked the door and started running towards the station.

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