Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


9. Chapter Nine

“What do you know about Ketsuki?” Shika asked bluntly not giving Maiko a chance to ask. “Ketsuki? He came already?” Neyoto said suprised. “Yes and he thinks you’re dead” Dashiyoki said. “Oh the idiot” Neyoto face palmed. “So what do you know?” Shika asked again.

“As I said, he is a bit of an idiot and you could probably destroy him pretty easily” Neyoto said relaxing on the bed. “He doesn’t want to turn back to whoever he used to be, does he?” Maiko said in deep thought. “No he likes this ‘new life’ far too much for that” he sighed staring up at the ceiling. “The boss doesn’t seem to care too much about him and neither do I” Neyoto continued.

Shika walked into the room with Dashiyoki by her side and moved next to the bed Neyoto was lying upon. “So you don’t mind if we completely obliterate him next time he attacks?” Shika asked to confirm. “Sure go for it, I don’t care about the guy – he’s rude and naïve and won’t listen to reason so go ahead and destroy him” he said more relaxed than he should do. “Alright we’ll destroy him then” Shika said with a smile as she walked out of the room. She started walking down the corridor realising she didn’t actually know where she was or where she was going, and halted in her tracks.

“Don’t you think we should at least give the guy a chance?” Maiko said breaking the silence. “Why?” Shika asked puzzled. “Well don’t you think he deserves a chance?” Maiko said as she twiddled her fingers. “Hotness he wanted you dead – I don’t think he deserves a second chance” Neyoto said as he sat up. “I know I heard your whole conversation” Maiko sighed. “Firstly – STOP CALLING ME THAT!” Maiko said throwing her alpaca ball at him which gave him a small electric shock. “Secondly, I just thought maybe he might want a chance before he gets obliterated” she continued. “I’m not letting him have that chance I would have killed him earlier if he didn’t disappear so quickly” Shika replied.

“Neyoto, won’t you get weak without being around llamas?” Shika asked unsure. Going by her logic he should. “It doesn’t work the same way with llamas” he answered although did sound a bit weak. “Don’t you have an alpaca? You said you used to be a prince” Shika asked again getting more curious about their past lifes. “I did yes” he sighed before mumbling “that’s a story for another day” and lied back down on the cushiony bed. “We’ll leave you alone for now” Maiko said as her and Matoki started to walk away.

“Maiko? Can I have a word with you? Alone” She heard behind her. “I’ll meet you back up there Matoki, show Shika and Dashiyoki the way” she said and Matoki nodded. “Yes?” She said as she walked back to the room Neyoto was staying in.  “I need to tell you how you can turn me back to my normal self, I can’t go on like this much longer” he said as he struggled to sit up in his bed. “Alright then” Maiko said allowing him to continue. “You all need your alpaca wands and you have to make a square formation with me in the middle, raising your wands into the air and saying the same phrase you said before when you healed your parents the first time we met should work” he said. “Sounds simple enough” Maiko said thinking about what she had just been told. “The procedure is easy yes but it will also take a lot of energy from you, so it needs to be a day where you don’t have school or college the next day” he continued. “I go back to college on Monday and I’m in at the weekend aswell” she said and soon realised this could become a problem.  “We’ll do it Wednesday – Shika and Akiko doesn’t have college or school at all and Meiki will probably fake a sickness anyway” She decided. “Are you sure you can handle that?” Neyoto seemed worried when he spoke. “Yeah I’m strong” Maiko said, showing her non-existent muscles. “What do you do at college that requires you to be in all week and then at the weekend?” Neyoto asked out of curiosity. “Animal management” she answered with a smile. “Right” he said, his tone of voice showing he was still curious. “I’m going to go and tell the others this plan, you should get some sleep” Maiko said as she checked there was food in the fridge. “Night” she said walking out, hearing a mumble of a “night” in response.

She could already feel this week was going to be very draining. College took the energy out of her anyway especially when she had to be in for a weekend too. She wished for once it was just cuddling animals but it rarely was, sometimes she was lucky enough to be able to get a cuddle or two but there were way too many more important, higher priority jobs to do.

She found Matoki, Shika and Dashiyoki waiting around in the control room. “Lets go back to the others, we’re having a meeting” Maiko smiled pulling the lever. When she opened her eyes they were back in the park with the trees dancing and a gentle breeze. “So, what needs to be discussed?” Matoki asked curiously as they were walking towards Meiki and Akiko. “We’re turning Neyoto back to his normal self” Maiko said. “Are you sure? That require a lot of energy from each of you” Dashiyoki said sounding a little more nervous than his usual self. “Yes I’m sure, he is weaker than he is letting on so it needs to be done, I’ll survive” Maiko said. “Now that’s true love” Matoki joked. “I do not love him” Maiko shouted chasing after Matoki. “It sounds like you love him” Shika said bluntly, followed by an “agreed” from Dashiyoki. “No I don’t I just care, besides it would be one less enemy to fight” Maiko said to defend herself. There was silence after that until they reached Meiki and Akiko.

“GROUP MEETING!” Matoki called out, hitting a giant gong that had appeared from nowhere and soon vanished to dust. “Was that necessary?” Tonoki asked feeling his ears now ringing from the unnecessary loudness. “Yes” Matoki nodded with a smile. Everyone sat in a semi-circle around her and got themselves comfy. “First things first – The next leader for the enemy has showed up. His name is Ketsuki and he is the leader of the vampire llama division and he thinks Neyoto is dead so the plan is clearly working” Matoki said in the most serious way she could. “Vampires? That sounds scary” Meiki said as Minaki tried to softly reassure her. “He is a bit of an idiot so no one needs to worry at all about him, we are going to take him down as quick as possible – you need to destroy him the next time he attacks” Matoki continued. The girls nodded, wondering how easy that would be.

“Second thing on the agenda is Neyoto” Matoki started the next topic, signalling for Maiko to stand up and take over this part of the meeting. “He is getting weaker so we are going to make him normal again on Wednesday, any questions?” Maiko said looking around. Meiki raised her hand quickly into the air. “Yes Meiki?” Maiko asked preparing for anything. “Why Wednesday?” she asked, Maiko mentally sighed with relief that it was a normal question. “Because Akiko and Shika don’t have jobs yet so they don’t have to worry about feeling weaker after and you’ll probably bunk off school anyway” Maiko said. “What about you though?” Meiki asked seemingly concerned for her team mate’s health. “I’ll be fine” Maiko said with a reassuring smile which Meiki returned.

“Any other questions which do not revolve around my health?” Maiko asked looking around again. “Yes I have a question which is unrelated to your health” Akiko said as she raised her hand. “Go ahead” Maiko happily said, glad to have a change of topic. “How do we do this process?” she asked politely. “You need your alpaca wands, I’ll explain the rest when it happens” she sighed rubbing her head. It throbbed from all the confusion from the day, too much new information for her to take in. “Akiko I can see Tonoki gave you yours before we met you so Shika and Akiko are left” she sighed as she continued rubbing her forehead trying to signal that she wanted to go home as much sleep as possible before she was timetabled to be at college.  “Dashiyoki and Minaki can you give them theirs before Wednesday?” She asked just about ready to leave. They both nodded in response. “Now if you don’t mind, we are going home now so I can fit in as much sleep before Wednesday as possible” She yawned. There was multiple call outs of “byes” and “night Maiko” as they all departed their separate ways for the day.

“Maiko are you sure you want to go to bed? Its only four in the afternoon” Matoki asked worriedly as they reached their house. “Yeah I’m sure, its been calling to me all day” Maiko responded as she pulled herself up the stairs. She stumbled into her room like an alcoholic and fell over her own feet, landing on her face. “Maiko are you sure your okay?” Matoki asked now more worried than she was before. “Matoki I promise you I’m fine, I’m just very tired so please help me” Maiko said as she pulled herself back on to her feet. She sat on her soft unicorn covered bed sheets and was relieved she could soon sleep. “Here is your pyjamas” Matoki said, holding Maiko’s pyjamas in her mouth. “Thanks” Maiko let out a small sleepy giggle. As she sat in her bed, Matoki pulled the covers over her. “Night Maiko” Matoki whispered.

“Matoki come and sleep on my bed, you don’t have to sleep on the floor” Maiko whispered sleepily, so sleepy that Matoki wasn’t sure if she actually meant it or was just sleep talking as usual. “I thought you would never ask” Matoki said with a huge grin on her lilac muzzle. She hoped onto the bed and got herself comfortable in the corner. 

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