Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


4. Chapter Four

“MORNING” someone shouted, waking up Maiko and making her fall out of bed. “Who the hell are you and why are you in my room?” Maiko shouted as she slowly pulled herself off the floor. “MATOKI IF THIS IS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU I WILL NOT BE HAPPY” she shouted out looking at her alpaca as she came to life. “Nope nothing to do with me, I was sleeping” Matoki said, lying down and getting herself comfy, ready to watch the show.

“MEIKI? MEIKI WHERE ARE YOU?!” another voice called from another room. “Oh great, another being in my house” Maiko said as she decided to sit back down on the floor. “I recognise that voice” Matoki said standing up, gaining an odd look from Maiko.

“Meiki? There you are! You can’t just burst into someone’s house” a gentle voice spoke. There stood another alpaca, light blue in colour with a beautiful rainbow cape covered in little white pawprints. “I’m sorry for her, she ate one of my cookies and now she has gone haywire” the alpaca bowed. “HI MINAKI!” Matoki said as she jumped up and run over to her alpaca friend. “Hey Matoki, how have you been?” she asked politely. “We’re good thanks! Maiko there’s only one other to find now” Matoki said looking in Maiko’s direction. “Good good” she replied walking downstairs.

 “So Meiki, what powers do you have?” Matoki asked as she made the two alpacas a leafy breakfast. “Anything to do with water, including heavy rain and ocean manipulation” Meiki answered seemingly calmer than when she burst into Maiko’s room. “Oceans? That’s pretty impressive” Maiko smiled. “Its fun!” Meiki said back.

A short tune came from the doorbell and Maiko got up to answer it.  “Oh hi Shika and Dashiyoki, give me a second” Maiko said walking back into the kitchen. “It’s time to go and do training together!” Maiko said as she forced a smile on her face and put Meiki towards the door with Minaki and Matoki following.

“So, where are we going to train then?” Matoki asked the girls as she tried to break the silence. “The park I guess” Maiko responded as they continued to walk. Several people jogged passed on the opposite side of the path, followed by more running and screaming. “Wherever the source of that awful sound is” Dashiyoki said as the alpacas started running. “Oh great more running exactly what I wanted right now why can’t I just be a normal person” Maiko said storming off in the same direction whilst Meiki and Shika shrugged and followed with a jog.

By the time Meiki and Shika had arrived, Maiko had already transformed and was throwing her ball around with the sky in a bright rage. “Better transform girls before Miss Moody here takes out all the llamas herself” Dashiyoki said as Meiki and Shika transformed and destroyed the last few llamas.

“Whats got into her today?” a male voice was heard next to Meiki. “I’m not sure, I think its because I entered her house without even knowing her and woke her up but that’s not against the law is it?” Meiki said unaware of who she was actually speaking to. “Intresting, can you tell me where Maiko lives? I’d love to try waking her up in the morning” he continued to say as Shika began to glare. “Of course! It’s-“ Meiki began before Shika pushed her out of the way. “Ouch Shika what was that for?” Meiki sobbed as she started screaming and crying. “That is our enemy Meiki! I don’t think Maiko would be very appreciative if you tell him where she lives!” Shika said trying to keep her anger toned down. “Damn you” Neyoto said as he went up into the air looking down at the two girls. “Ready for round two?” Neyoto said rhetorically before making another group of zombie llamas appear and Maiko growled with annoyance. Shika and Meiki joined her getting ready to fight.

“Maiko I have a better plan” Shika said as balls were flying every which way. “Now would be a very good time to tell me what your plan is” Maiko said as she was dodging Meiki’s ball whilst still trying to hit llamas with her ball. “We’ll stay here and get the llamas you go after Neyoto” she said as Maiko paused her attacks. “Why me?” Maiko asked still annoyed. “Because he seems to be staring at you a lot and your clearly annoyed about something or someone” she paused before continuing with “besides at least you won’t get hit by Miss ‘I can control the ocean so I don’t need to learn how use the ball’ hey?” She sighed. “Okay fine I’ll go” Maiko said looking in Neyotos direction. She jogged closer to him before leaping into the air.

“Hey hotness” Neyoto said as Maiko stood infront of him. “Stop calling me that!” Maiko shouted before taking deep breaths to calm herself down. “But you used to love that” Neyoto said with a smirk knowing exactly what was coming next. “BUT THAT’S THE THING I DO NOT KNOW YOU NOR DO I REMEMBER ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU OR WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT!” Maiko again shouted. She turned her hat back into a ball before shouting “lightning alpaca” and aiming then hurling her ball towards his stomach. It became apparent he knew what was coming although Maiko did not anticipate what Neyoto was about to do next.

** Maiko’s POV **


Maybe he is clinically insane.

Or maybe I am.

Who knows!

I mean I do speak to a couple of alpacas.

Maybe I am insane.

SNAP OUT OF IT MAIKO! YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE THE ENEMY IS RIGHT NOW! I thought to myself but realised too late. There was a sharp stabbing sensation in my neck. It burned worse than what I imagine Shika’s fire to feel like. I felt paralysed and just about managed to look out of the corner of my eye to see a massive needle connected to a syringe going into my neck. I wanted to scream. If theres one thing I hate – its needles. The bigger and sharper the more I hate them, and the more my passion grows to kill the person holding it.

My stomach grew queasy and felt like dirty clothes in a large washing machine. My eye sight started to go blurry and I heard Shika say something before everything went black and I felt myself fall. 

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