Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


5. Chapter Five

** Maiko’s POV **

Oh my head is spinning faster than a hurricane. What the hell happened? My neck is throbbing. Did I fall down the stairs again? No I wasn’t anywhere near stairs. I was in the air. I was throwing something. I missed.

Oh god.

I was throwing my alpaca ball at Neyoto when he disappeared and I … I blacked out. Did he? Did he make me black out?

Of course he did.

He stuck a needle in my neck – and it was a large one. Reminiscing made the sharp pain come back to my neck. It felt bruised and swollen.

I felt someone hovering over me as I started coming back to full consciousness. I heard a conversation going on in the background, so chose to listen carefully before opening my eyes.

** Neyoto’s POV **

I’m pretty sure I now have a decreased chance of turning back to normal. Maybe if I left her with her friends I’d still have a chance at going back to how I used to be but then again, she would have used that damn lightning ball of hers and killed me for sure. I feel my chances of going back to normal are slim, but its worth a shot I guess.

I laid her on the bed within this small hospital room. I really didn’t want to, and wish I didn’t have to for both her and my own safety but I handcuffed both of her wrists to the metal bars of the bed. I don’t want her to hurt herself when she awakens, and I don’t want her to hurt me either. I wish there was an easier way to go through all of this.

I grabbed some cotton wool which I soaked in some cleaning stuff I found in the cupboard. Turns out she bleeds quite a lot, so I thought I’d clean up her neck before she wakes up.

“Why did you go one step further than necessary? You could have just left her to die” I heard a familiar voice say as he entered the room and walked to the end of her bed staring at her peaceful face.

“Because I REMEMBER what happened in the past. YOU may be fooled by the big boss but I’m not and I think she can help us go back to normal” I growled already starting to get frustrated with him. “I don’t want to go back to normal” he said, leaving me in a feeling of shock. When I didn’t answer, he began to explain himself. “I have an army, I have powers. Why would I want to go back to having a normal life?”  he asked and I still felt in shock. “For your girl maybe? I’m sure she’ll still be waiting once she remembers her past life” I said trying to convince him. “I don’t know what you’re on about” he said as he walked out of the door. “Stop lying to yourself Ketsuki” I shouted as he walked out of the room, seemingly incapable of closing the door behind him.  

** Maiko’s POV **

Ketsuki? Another new enemy?

My mind became a whirlpool of questions. Past life? What’s he on about? If he wants to go back to normal, was he not always like this?

I think I need to open my eyes. Slowly, I opened one eye and after a few seconds I followed with the other one.

It was a small room with a cupboard, sink, table, lamp and the bed I was laying upon. There were metal frames surrounding me. Slowly, I tried to sit up when I noticed my wrists were handcuffed to the bed. I managed to prop myself up a bit as I took in a deep breath. My neck felt like a million little flames were attempting to incinerate it.

“You’re awake? Neyoto asked me as he stood up from a small chair which I hadn’t noticed before. “Yes” I said bluntly as I looked at my body. I had transformed back to my normal clothing. “I heard your whole conversation” I said before he had a chance to say anything. He nodded and stood up, coming towards me and making me feel very nervous.

“I need your help” Neyoto said with a sigh after a pause.

“Not until you tell me what happened in the past. Then I will consider helping you” I sighed with my eyes closed.

“Very well, I’ll tell you everything” Neyoto said as he moved closer and sat on the end of the bed. 

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