Alpaca Kingdom

Its the Alpacas and the girls VS the llamas and the boys! Its a difficult task but Maiko, Shika, Meiki and Akiko are up for a challenge! Not that they have much of a choice if they wish to remain alive and keep the world the same...


8. Chapter Eight

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” Maiko shouted as she ran into the control room. She found Shika and Meiki at opposite sides of the room preparing to through their alpaca balls. Neyoto was standing in the middle looking fairly scared. Ignoring Maiko’s question they both fired their alpaca balls at Neyoto saying commands at the top of their lungs. Maiko ran straight infront of Neyoto, throwing her alpaca wand into the air and creating a forcefield. The balls bounced back into their owners hands and Maiko stopped her forcefield.

“Now what was that all about?” Maiko said moving away, glaring at each other them in turn. “I am so glad you were handcuffed to a bed when I told you” Neyoto said as he sat on the floor. “Why are you two angry?” Maiko said rubbing her forehead.  “Because he didn’t tell us this any earlier he could have said this from the start” Shika said as she tried to calm herself down. “And he kidnapped you” Meiki added her input. “But would you have believed me if I did?” Neyoto asked looking between the four girls. “Fair point” Shika answered as she returned to a calm state. “You still kidnapped Maiko though” Akiki added. “Other than the needle thing he didn’t hurt me” Maiko sighed. “Besides I’d be dead if I didn’t do that I’m sure” Neyoto said as he floated into the air and stood up again. “I wouldn’t mind that” Akiki added in with.

“You two are going to put aside your differences right now” Maiko said pushing Akiki and Neyoto towards each other. “No” Akiki said crossing her arms and facing in another direction. “Akiki” Maiko said slowly just like her mother used to say to her. “Fine! Truce?” Akiki sighed as she stuck her hand out. “Truce” Neyoto said shaking it. “Thank you” Maiko sighed in relief.

“First things first – Meiki you need to learn how to use your alpaca ball before you unintentionally hurt one of us” Maiko said and Minaki agreed. “Lets go and train” Minaki said to her partner and Meiki nodded. They teleported out off the moon and back to earth.

“Now that she is out of the way we need to get as much information as possible about the enemy and what their plan is” Maiko said as the alpacas nodded in agreement. “We need to defeat them without hurting Neyoto though” Tonoki added. “I’m not sure if they are stupid enough to send out the next leader and their team without Neyoto being dead” Dashiyoki added in. “We are going to have to find somewhere they don’t know about where we can keep Neyoto long enough to convince their big boss to send the next army out” Shika added in.

There was complete silence for a moment whilst everyone thought about ideas and potential outcomes. “Is it safer for him to stay on earth or on this moon?” Maiko asked looking between the three alpacas. “They aren’t planning to attack here right now” Neyoto said. “Find somewhere off their radars here where he can stay for a few days where we can convince their boss that he is dead” Tonoki said seriously. “Will that be long enough to convince the big boss that he is dead?” Akiki asked unsure. “It should do if he stays there and doesn’t make any contact with anyone other than us” Dashiyoki responded. “Right so that’s a job for me and Matoki” Maiko said and Matoki nodded in agreement. “We’ll go back down to earth and carry on training, you can join us when you’re ready” Shika said and they both teleported with their alpacas by their side.

“If you can remember how to get to the dungeons then that would be a good place for him to stay – its not on any sort of map so it shouldn’t be on their radars” Matoki said as Maiko nodded. “I’ll wait up here and sort some things out” Matoki said as she started wandering to the main throne room. “I won’t be long” Maiko said dragging Neyoto out of the room.

Soon Maiko burst into a jog with Neyoto floating to keep up. “Hey hotness can we slow down a bit I’m gonna be sick otherwise” Neyoto whispered as he started feeling queasy. Maiko slowed to a walk no longer dragging him as she growled “stop calling me hotness when I’m not at all hot?”. She continued to march in the direction of the dungeons. “Well I think you are” he added and Maiko felt a blush appear on her cheeks.

To her relief they soon arrived at the dungeons. Having been left alone for many years they were dark and damp. “Well this is, how do I put it … medieval?” Neyoto said looking around. “I’ll fix it” Maiko said pulling out her wand. “Alpaca healing sensation” she said as she pointed towards one of the cells and swirled her wand. The cell now looked cleaner and smelled fresh. There was also now some cupboards filled with food and a bed with a blanket.

“That looks better” Maiko said. “Stay here for a couple of days, theres stuff in the cupboards” Maiko said rubbing her forehead. “I’ll come back in a while, I just have a bad feeling about Matoki” Maiko said running back down the corridor. She heard an alpaca pitch scream and ran faster in the same direction.

Matoki was surrounded by llamas, different to the ones they usually faced. These were white with fangs for teeth and black capes with high up collars. Maiko turned her hat into a ball shouting “alpaca lightning” and hurling it at one of the llamas as she knocked several down she ran into the control room teleporting Shika and Dashiyoki back to the castle before going back to attacking the llamas. Shika joined and the room was a mix of flames and lightning.

“Matoki are you okay?” Maiko asked as she leapt over to Matoki. “I could be better but I’m okay” Matoki said as she limped away. Shika held the llamas off with flames lighting up the room. “Go and help Shika and get rid of them first then come back to me, I’ll be alright until then” Matoki said and Maiko nodded. They obliterated the last few llamas and turned them into dust.

“So you killed Neyoto? He clearly is as weak as I thought” the new male leader spoke with disgust. He had black jeans and red top, with a large cape similar to that of the llamas he was with. “And you are?” Shika asked – well, more stated. “Oh sorry how rude of me to not introduce myself, my name is Ketsuki and I lead the vampire llama army” he said with some sarcasm and a bow. “So you’re who Neyoto was talking to the other day” Maiko said getting ready to throw her ball. “Yeah the guy seems to believe we weren’t always like this but I think he is just crazy for you, he doesn’t know what he is on about” Ketsuki said as he started looking Shika up and down.

“What? Do I have blood on my face or something?” Shika joked. “No but I’ll happily put blood there” Ketsuki said as he held one of his hands on her face. Shika slapped Ketsuki’s face so hard that she was surprised he managed to stay conscious. “That’s gonna leave a mark” Maiko smirked seeing the annoyance on Ketsuki’s face. “I’ll come back when my face hurts less and when I have backup” Ketsuki said vanishing.

“Nice slap” Maiko complemented. “He deserved it” Shika replied as she walked back to Matoki. “Are you alright Matoki?” Maiko asked bending down. “I’ve cut my leg but apart from that I’m fine” she answered.

“The cut doesn’t look too deep” Shika said after examining her. “That’s a relief” Maiko said as she relaxed. “Dashiyoki, do you have any bandages?” Maiko asked as she walked over to him. “Of course” he said as he did a small dance and a roll appeared. “Thanks” she smiled as she wrapped it around the area on Matoki’s leg. “That’s better” Matoki said as she stood up. “I didn’t think an attack would happen so soon” Dashiyoki said clearly annoyed. “Neither did  I” Shika agreed. “We didn’t find out much about him either, maybe Neyoto knows more about him”  Maiko added as they started to walk towards the dungeons. 

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