harry_s53: hey stranger wanna talk
kaylee_xo: uh sure? I'm Kaylee
harry_s53: I'm Harry :) thanks for saying yes
kaylee_xo: I probably shouldn't have

For so many years, ever since I can remember, people have told me never to talk to people online. You never know who the person could be. They could always be lying about who they truly are. I guess I'm not one to listen.


8. Chapter Seven

Kaylee's POV

3 and a half hours later the concert ended. It was honestly really fun, and I could tell Jace thought the same thing.

"Had funnnn?" I asked.

"yo definitely. It was actually a pretty good show. Besides all those girls screaming. They're good." He said and I smiled at him.

He opened my door for me and before sitting I looked at him in the eye.

"Jace. For real. Thank you, so so much. Without you I wouldn't have been able to come. You're honestly amazing." I said and he held my hands in front of his chest.

"Anything for you." He leaned in and kissed me, and I of course, mesmerized by his attractiveness, didn't pull away. He kissed me for like 5 seconds before pulling away and smiling at me. I looked past him to see Harry in his limo, window open, staring directly at me, with some sort of sad look. I quickly got out of the car and ran to his window.

"Hey what's wrong?" I asked and he shook his head.

"Uh nothing I have to go." He said and I put my hand through the window to stop him from closing it.

"You can talk to me you know." I said and he nodded.

"What's wrong."

"Is he your boyfriend?" He asked and pointed at Jace, who was on his phone.

"Uh I don't really know where we stand. Why does that even matter." I asked.

"No reason. See you soon." Harry closed the window and his driver drove off.

"Let's go, lovely. It's getting late." Jace put his arm around my shoulder and we walked to the car.

We got back to the house and stood next to the car. He looked at me

"I'm leaving tomorrow Jace." I said and quickly wiped a tear, since I'd become very attached to him lately.

"Hey look don't cry." He said and pulled me in a hug, which lasted a minute He held one of my hands close to his face as he talked.

"I'll be coming around there soon. Looking for colleges and stuff. Ya know. I promise I'll see you soon Kaylee." He said and kissed the top of my hand.

"I'll see you soon Jace. Don't make it too long." I said and he opened his arms for me to hug him again, which I gladly did

"You have my number, Snapchat, and Instagram. I'm always available. His relationship is not over I promise."

I smiled and wiped my tears. He pecked my lips and smiled.

"Bye bye Jace.

"Bye Kay." And with that he got in the car and left.

I opened my phone and texted harry.

kaylee_xo: Jace just left. I'm leaving tomorrow morning.

kaylee_xo: there's courtesy of texting back harry. Ur British you should know!!

kaylee_xo: alright this is getting hella annoying. I didn't do anything wrong and you won't explain why your upset. I miss you get on please.

harry_s53: sorry Kaylee. I'm alright and I'll see you back in Minnesota. Right love?

kaylee_xo: yeah harry of course. love you.

What? We said it as friends all the time

harry_s53: you too :)

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