Letters to those who can relate.

{ we're all pawns living in this horrendous world of ours }


12. { Y O U }

To that very special you,


I knew it was you,

When you would make me nervous,

When my heart would beat faster when you walked by.

I knew I was falling in love with you,

When felt calmer with you,

Than without you. 


At times,

When I imagined myself happy,

You were standing there right beside me. 

You brought the light into my darkness,

You made me feel again,

You made me feel whole once again. 


I fell in love with the small things,

The sound of your laughter. 

The way your smile forms,

The sound you made when I kissed your lips. 

Or when I would make a fool of myself,

You'd laugh because you were falling in love too. 

I never thought I’d find comfort in a voice. 


And when I fell in love with you. 

I handed you the gun,

And hoped you wouldn't pull the trigger. 

I placed my trust in you hands,

My happiness in your hands,

My body with yours. 

And I hoped,

And prayed,

That you wouldn't let me down. 


And then I come to the conclusion that,

I am in love with you. 



And truly in love with you. 

The kind that burns,

So intensely,

It feels as if every time,

I lay my lips on yours,

There are those cheesy fireworks,

Exploding in my body. 


It was the kind of love that left me sleepless,

But yet exhilarated. 


But yet I found the need to be poetic. 


But yet I know where I'm meant to be. 

The can't-sleep-can't-eat-can't-breath kind of love. 


The kind of love I never knew I was searching for,


I found you. 




{ published 7/17/18 }

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