Aether has always followed the rules of her society-no "dangerous" music, no choosing who she will fall in love with, no dangerous ideas or stories, always sticking to curfew, always oppressed and restrained by The Surveyors.
Arrow Reynolds comes from the Outside- a place of no rules, no curfew, no restrictions. She is a Resister, a rule-breaker. She knows no restraints. Her dad is Dan Reynolds-the singer of the "dangerous" band Imagine Dragons. She wants to set her dad free.
When Arrow meets Aether, she changes Aether's life with a banned song.
Suddenly, Aether is the key to setting Imagine Dragons free and destroying The Surveyors.
Only one thing becomes certain in Aether's shook-up life;
Nothing will ever be the same again.


4. Arrow

Here's the new chapter!! Enjoy and comment below!!

I never for one moment thought that my dad's voice was powerful enough to change someone's view of the world through one song. I never thought I'd...change Aether. But still...if one song can change her, what would happen if I snuck into the announcements room and played a song over the speakers...? I smile at the thought, but I won't actually be able to do it-I have to stay under the radar.

As we walk to our last class, Aether seems dazed, lost in her own thoughts. I wonder if she will actually rat me out and expose the Firebreather site, which would probably get me arrested. If she told everyone who I really am, I would be killed on the spot. A Firebreather that also happens to be Dan Reynolds' missing daughter? Way too scary for The Surveyors. She seems pretty badly brainwashed by The Surveyors, yet...she never stopped listening to Dream when she could have just have thrown my headphones off. And she seems pretty trustworthy.


All through class, I feel extra paranoid. I always do when I use the I feel like every stare is directed at me, every whisper about who I really am. I can just imagine it:

"OMG look at Arrow Volkman! Except she isn't actually Arrow Volkman, she's Arrow Reynolds!!"

I can't sit with Aether, because she's on the other side of the classroom, and we're not allowed to move. Even if we were, she's already sat with a girl with very straight black hair. I think I heard Aether calling her Katie. I don't know anyone on my table, obviously, and I feel just a tiny bit lonely. I try to focus on my work, but it's just so boring.

Suddenly, I know how to make it more interesting.

I put my hand up and the teacher looks at me, seeming slightly annoyed.

"Yes, Arrow?" She says impatiently.

"Can I go to the toilet?" I ask, using the typical toilet excuse to get out of class. The teacher nods, and I low-key stuff my things into my bag and bring it with me. As soon as I step out of class, I head straight to the announcements office. There's no-one in there, as there is no announcements this period-until now. I don't care that I said I wouldn't do this-this place is too boring, and I'm way too curious about Imagine Dragons' power through their songs.

When I reach the office, it's empty-and unlocked. I quickly check that I am alone, then slip inside. I know exactly what all the controls are for-I used to mess about all the time here in Alaska. I sit down in the chair, and press a few buttons. I take my phone out of my bag, and scroll through all my banned music. For a joke, I pick I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons, and link my phone up to the speakers. On the still-logged in computer, I find a recording from the Principal. I click onto it and press play.

"This is an announcement from your principal. Please listen carefully." It ends there, so I click play on my phone. Immediately, the music takes over the speakers.

"About time for anyone telling you off for all your deeds, no sign the roaring thunder stopped in cold to read, no time..."

I quickly run out of the office, laughing. The music sounds great over the speakers. As I run down the corridor to hide away somewhere, I sing along to the chorus: 

"A son of a, stepfather, a son of a I'M SO SORRY!" I quickly rush into the most typical hiding place ever as footsteps run to the announcements office-the janitor's closet. I can hear the music just as loudly in here-and everyone's reaction. Kids are screaming and laughing and acting crazily, and teachers are shouting at everyone. A few people have picked up on the tune and words, and there's a whole load of "I'm So Sorry!"'s being shouted out. No-one even thinks to check the janitor closet. I suddenly realize I left my phone in the announcements office, but I don't care. It's not obvious that it's mine-I made sure of that.

As the song ends and chaos rampages through Ashview High, I crouch in a cramped closet among bleach, laughing where no-one will find me.

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