Aether has always followed the rules of her society-no "dangerous" music, no choosing who she will fall in love with, no dangerous ideas or stories, always sticking to curfew, always oppressed and restrained by The Surveyors.
Arrow Reynolds comes from the Outside- a place of no rules, no curfew, no restrictions. She is a Resister, a rule-breaker. She knows no restraints. Her dad is Dan Reynolds-the singer of the "dangerous" band Imagine Dragons. She wants to set her dad free.
When Arrow meets Aether, she changes Aether's life with a banned song.
Suddenly, Aether is the key to setting Imagine Dragons free and destroying The Surveyors.
Only one thing becomes certain in Aether's shook-up life;
Nothing will ever be the same again.


2. Arrow

here's a new chapter of this dystopia/fanfic!!!! I hope you enjoy it!!

"Hold on, Dad. I'm gonna set you free. Trust me," I say. The air is thick, close and stiflingly hot. I stare through the cell window, which is striped with bars. Dad's inside, but not just Dad. The whole of Imagine Dragons is trapped; trapped and locked up for apparently writing "dangerous" music. Before Dad can reply, the whole prison fades away and turns black.

I wake up feeling slightly angry and a little sad, the kind of sadness that crushes you, but the feeling fades with the dream, just like every morning since that unforgettable day all those years ago. I was only five then, but I remember every detail clearly. The arrest was violent, was that day that I decided that I hated The Surveyors.

It was that day I decided to become a Firebreather. That term was issued to every Resister a week later. The price for being a Firebreather is your life.

I've only managed to stay under the radar for one reason: my mother, Aja. She took me away from America secretly until The Surveyors gave up looking for me. A month ago she snuck us back in. And managed to get us into L.A. Which so happens to be one of The Surveyor's main power cities. Great for making it hard to plan and carry out a revolution.

I dress in the new school uniform-a bright blue blazer, black skirt, white shirt. I quickly force myself to eat the disgusting breakfast stuff, shout to Mom that I'm going, and leave.

As I walk along the hot sidewalk, I'm pleased at how many Firebreather posters I can see. Even here, we are gaining power. I'm not nervous at starting a new school. Mom has enough nerves for the both of us. She's only edgy because as I got older, my once-blond hair turned the exact same shade of brown as Dad's. I have his height, eyes, personality. Basically I look a lot like Dad. Who happens to be Dan Reynolds. Who also happens to be the lead singer of Imagine Dragons. 

I arrive a second before the tram to school does, so I don't have to wait ages, thankfully. At least I can avoid any questioning stares by the other Ashview students. The tram ride is smooth and quick, and before I know it I'm walking through the large, double glass doors of Ashview High.

(In Form)

I scan the mass of faces as I wait for the teacher's boring welcome speech to end, and thirty pairs of eyes stare back, bored. I notice one girl with thick, pale blond, shaggy hair and electric blue eyes staring hard at me, and I smile at her. As my eyes meet hers, faint recognition flashes through her own startlingly bright blue eyes, but if fades quickly. Finally, the teacher's voice swims back into focus.

"Sit next to Aether," he says, pointing to the empty seat next to the girl who was just staring at me. A single thought flashes through my mind as I sit next to her;

Your name is Aether?!

As I turn to say hi to her, I realize that it actually suits her. Aether is the word that comes into my mind as I look at her eyes. Suddenly, she looks stricken and surprized, and I realize something;

She recognizes who I am because I look like Dan Reynolds.

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