Aether has always followed the rules of her society-no "dangerous" music, no choosing who she will fall in love with, no dangerous ideas or stories, always sticking to curfew, always oppressed and restrained by The Surveyors.
Arrow Reynolds comes from the Outside- a place of no rules, no curfew, no restrictions. She is a Resister, a rule-breaker. She knows no restraints. Her dad is Dan Reynolds-the singer of the "dangerous" band Imagine Dragons. She wants to set her dad free.
When Arrow meets Aether, she changes Aether's life with a banned song.
Suddenly, Aether is the key to setting Imagine Dragons free and destroying The Surveyors.
Only one thing becomes certain in Aether's shook-up life;
Nothing will ever be the same again.


3. Aether

I have nothing to do right now, so here's the second chapter of today!!! Enjoy!!!!

I take a deep breath and try to calm down. So what if she looks like Dan Reynolds?! It doesn't mean she's related to him...right? Last year, there was a Firebreather in my class who looked a little bit like Stormzy, but she wasn't actually related to him or anything. I decide to give the new girl a chance.

"Hey! I'm Aether. What's your name?" I ask, trying to be friendly. She smiles back at me, pushing her brown/blond hair over her shoulder.

"I'm Arrow. Do you know what class I'm in?" She replies.

"Everyone has the same thing. This is the girl's part of the year, so this is your class. We aren't allowed to be near the boys that much so there's less of a risk of us falling for someone who is incompatible. Only The Surveyors get to choose who we love. That way, perfect matches are created and we have a peaceful society." I explain. She clearly comes from Beyond-the places The Surveyors haven't threw their rule. Arrow looks slightly crushed for a second, but smiles it off. 

"Oh, right. That's cool. What do we have first period?" she says semi-vaguely. Alarm bells should be ringing in my head-she's showing faint Firebreather signs-but instead I'm just curious.

"Art," I reply, and she smiles again.

"Yay! I love art!" she exclaims, and I smile back.

"Me too!" I say. I push away the small problem of faint Firebreather signs, and instead just feel happy that I decided to give her a chance.

(At lunchtime)

Me and Arrow wander into the empty computer suite, laughing at some dumb joke she told me. Her eyes light up when she sees the abandoned computers, and suddenly her tone changes.

"Wanna hear something...different?" Her tone is daring, risky. Instead of feeling scared, however, I just smile as she logs on and gets up a site that definitely looks Firebreather-approved and totally anti-Surveyor. Her smile is dangerous, mocking.

"This..." She places her headphones over my ears, and clicks play.

Suddenly, a soft, slow piano sound fills my ears. The music is unfamiliar, and I know straight away that it's an unapproved song.

"In the dark, and I'm right on the middle mark, I'm just in the tier of everything that rides below the surface..." instead of throwing the headphones off, I listen. I suddenly don't care that it's banned. I don't care that it's an Imagine Dragons song-I can tell by the style. It's...good, yet achingly sad. It's about dreaming, and how nothing is as perfect as it seems-basically, we're all living in a dream.

"We all are living in a dream, but life ain’t what it seems
 Oh everything’s a mess
 And all these sorrows I have seen, they lead me to believe
 That everything’s a mess

 But I wanna dream
 I wanna dream
 Leave me to dream

 I wanna dream
 I wanna dream
 Leave me to dream."

The last words echo in my head as the song ends. My heart is racing and my palms are sweaty. When I take the headphones off and look around, we are still alone. Everything suddenly seems unfamiliar. I suddenly realize that the singer is right...we are all living in a dream.

"Wow..."is all I manage to say. Thought are whirling around my head-Firebreather thoughts.

They were lying.

They were lying about everything.

Life is ain't what it seems...

"So? What do you think of Dream by Imagine Dragons, Aether?" Arrow asks me, her head slightly cocked to one side, an amused smile on her face.

"They were lying...The Surveyors were lying...we really are all living in a dream..." I whisper. Arrow looks slightly surprized, but then a genuine, amazed smile spread over her face. I suddenly feel full of energy.

"They were lying all along! Arrow, did you know about this site?! Who are you?!" I say loudly.

"Sh, someone will hear!" She laughs. "I'm not exactly who I've been saying I am. Everyone now knows me as Arrow Volkman, when really I'm...Arrow Reynolds. I found this site a week ago. It's the only thing that's stopping me going crazy! Here's the site..." She whispers Reynolds, and I suddenly see the whole truth. It's not sinking in properly. She passes me a piece of paper with a jumbled-up, nonsensical website, and I put it in my pocket.  

"'re Dan Reynolds' daughter?" I ask. Arrow nods. I can't see anything in the same light; everything I thought I knew was fake, built on lies and darkness. Realization hits me-I'm a Firebreather now.

And suddenly I don't care.

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