Aether has always followed the rules of her society-no "dangerous" music, no choosing who she will fall in love with, no dangerous ideas or stories, always sticking to curfew, always oppressed and restrained by The Surveyors.
Arrow Reynolds comes from the Outside- a place of no rules, no curfew, no restrictions. She is a Resister, a rule-breaker. She knows no restraints. Her dad is Dan Reynolds-the singer of the "dangerous" band Imagine Dragons. She wants to set her dad free.
When Arrow meets Aether, she changes Aether's life with a banned song.
Suddenly, Aether is the key to setting Imagine Dragons free and destroying The Surveyors.
Only one thing becomes certain in Aether's shook-up life;
Nothing will ever be the same again.


1. Aether

I wake up in the same way that I've woken up all my life-dragged out of a dreamless sleep by my alarm clock. I get out of bed and go over to the wardrobe. I hate Mondays-school always gets in the way of a perfect start-of-summer weekend. I pull on the Ashview High uniform-which consists of a black skirt, a white shirt and a bright blue blazer-and go down for breakfast. It's the same as always-bland, porridge-y stuff that tastes like cardboard. I don't really like it, but I have to eat it. Everything we eat has to be approved by The Surveyors.

They control everything we do-they choose who we love, they choose where we live, whether we will be rich or poor, if we have children and how many, heck, even our dreams-or lack of them-are controlled. They choose our music, books, art, basically everything. When I look at the list of banned singers/bands on the Archive of Dangerous Music and Artists, I feel happy that there are no bands like Imagine Dragons anymore. They used to write about things that are super-dangerous to our society and happiness, like depression and freedom of love. No-one has depression anymore-it got cured years ago. It no longer exists. And as for freedom of love...that just doesn't exist either.

I finish breakfast quickly and leave for school. Mom and my sister Skye aren't in-they must have left already. And as for Dad...he's probably in the basement. he works for The Surveyors, and he's a really important member. His job is to target and stop any Firebreathers-the Resisters. They are named after Imagine Dragons fans because the name sticks.

The day is perfect and cloudless. It's also hot, and before long I'm sweating inside my semi-thick blazer. As I reach the tram station, something catches my eye. It's a piece of paper...with an Imagine Dragons background on it. The paper is white, with some kind of weird pink crystal thing rising out of the ground. In one corner is the band's name, the other the song name: Thunder. It's obviously a Firebreather poster. They are getting a bit more powerful now, and leave behind random posters with banned singer's songs on them. I shudder and spot my best friend, Katie. I run over to her, and she points to another Firebreather poster. This time the song is Believer. That's one of the most dangerous Imagine Dragons songs.

"Look! There's another one!" She squeals, slightly hysterical.

"I saw another one over there," I say, pointing. We don't have much time to dwell on it, though. Our tram pulls up almost silently, and we get wrapped up in our school projects and last-minute homework. I'm flunking Maths, yet Katie is so good at it. I, on the other hand, am flying in Art. We laugh and joke through revision and homework all the way to school.

(In Form)

I flick my shaggy, longish blond hair out of my eyes and stare at the girl who is stood at the front of the class. Her hair is long and brown with light blond streaks running through it. Her eyes are blue, and when I look into them, I cant help thinking that she reminds me of someone, but I cant think who. I'm snapped out of my thoughts when I hear my name.

"Sit next to Aether."

She comes over, smiling.

"Hi!" she says, and it's only as she is sat next to me that I realize who she reminds me of.

She reminds me of Dan Reynolds, the singer in Imagine Dragons.

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