Fingers Under Ribs

Peter 12 keeps a diary. It begins simple and straightforward, every detail necessary observation. There are no secrets in Peter 12's diary.


5. Calibration

Today the Inspectors instructed all Mimics to perform basic linguistic exercises. I was given the task of translating Latin into Spanish, and then consecutively into other languages from your timeline. Dear reader, if you had been with us it may have been a most nostalgic experience! French is a particular favourite of mine. I think my Inspector herself has French ancestry somewhere along the line. It isn't clear, but evident. Mimics are not meant to clarify, but to cleanse and to be cleansed. We embody the perfection humans can never achieve in themselves. Mimics are clean.

I did not receive a human finger in during noon feeding this time. The dust may have been a darker sheen of silver but nothing equally or as spectacular as an appendage. I keep it beside my slates, which are stored in a compartment fitted under my resting platform. I am sure it would not be so easily discovered there, as it is a place rarely visited by Inspectors and left untouched by Cleaners. Mimics are generally hygienic and sterile, but there have been unfortunate incidents in the past when a system had...malfunctioned.

I do not suppose any human part has ever been fed to a Mimic assembly, as it is neither a violation of law or an offence to be in possession of a finger. I have checked. Though I have not had the motivation to ask. It seems a shame to have to give away such rare evidence of human error, manifest in the flesh, crooked at the tip and gnarly, unlike the smooth plumpness of the humans I interact with daily. The Department is indeed a wondrous and vast place, and it is only a matter of time to my release. Release, with a capital "R" is how it is referred to. What it means is void. Oblivion. Destruction. Incineration. Reassembling. Creation. I will be improved upon to make a Mimic model better and more perfect, more clean. That is what I am to expect.

But this finger. It is truly fascinating. How strange.

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