Kissing the Lonely Boy


2. Party



The clock on Alysia’s matlepiece read ten past five by the time I got there. Which meant I was late. Very late.

When Alysia found me, she had the same expression on her face from earlier. “Where were you?” she asked. Monique and Chloe were at her shoulders.

“I took me a while to find…” I rummaged in my bag, “This!”

I pulled out a small, ribbon wrapped box. About the size of my palm, and handed it to her. Along with a glittery card.

She read the card, then opened my present. Inside were two Jade earings, with copper wound around them.

Alissa beamed and I laughed in relief. I’d spent many hours labouring away at my uncle’s pizza restaurant over summer. Saving to buy her something special. If she hadn’t liked them I don’t know what I’d do.

Alyssia hugged me, “Thanks bestie.”

I stood on my tippie-toes and whispered, “I’m sorry for being late.”

Her extra squeeze told me I was okay.

As Alyssa took me under her arm and showed me around, I began to realise just how big the party was, practically our whole year got invited… I looked around, Everyone! even Dustin, Alyssa’s Ex was there.

Shaking my head at how massive it was, I realised that there was just one person missing:


As Alysia introduced me to Fiona, her second cousin and Jasmine, who was somehow related, but not really related I found myself distracted, wondering what Tomas was up to.

As we ate dinner I imagined him eating all by himself in that great big mansion.

After that I was only half paying attention to the evening, even as we played spin the bottle and drank from a bottle of alcohol that Alysia’s cousin had bought.

The only time I managed to forget about him was when we were in the hot tub and Justin Marshall who I’d had a crush on for two years kissed me.

It was a good night, don’t get me wrong. But my mind was elsewhere.

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